Need to Know: Frankincense  - 35 Thousand

Need to Know: Frankincense 

  • Why this ancient Indian plant is a vital ingredient in the 35 Thousand skincare range
  • Why frankincense will help you achieve your best ever boss skin
  • How recent research into Frankincense shows that it can even help reduce redness caused by UV exposure.
What is it?

Frankincense is by no means a new ingredient. Used for centuries by Indian Ayurvedic medicine to counteract inflammation, frankincense is a dried resin taken from the Boswellia Serrata plant. Included as one of seven components in 35 Thousand’s unique OTG-7 complex, and collected via small cuts to the bark so that the plant’s life cycle is not disturbed, Frankincense features in all of our products, soothing stressed out skin, protecting it from ageing, enhancing smoothness and basically helping you achieve your best ever boss skin.

Here’s the science: packed with acids that deliver an anti-inflammatory effect on skin, studies of frankincense show that it can prevent the formation of 5-lipoxygenase, an iron-containing enzyme that transforms fatty acids in our body into leukotrienes – molecules scientists have identified as causing inflammation. In simple terms, Frankincense works by blocking pro-inflammatory enzymes in our body. While other plant resins can also block the 5-lipoxygenase enzyme, clinical analysis suggests that the acids in Frankincense are specific inhibitors of 5-lipoxygenase. In short, Frankincense is especially successful in combatting inflammation and since we at 35 Thousand have used a phytosome form of the ingredient, it is most bioavailable to the skin, helping it to return to its most calm state.

Additionally, scientific evidence points to Frankincense’s ability to significantly increase skin elasticity and decrease wrinkle depth. Again, the active works by inhibiting specific enzymes linked with cell damage, supporting the improvement of the skin’s texture. And that’s not the end to its benefits – clinical trials have even proven that Frankincense can make skin less sensitive to UV radiation, reducing redness caused by UV exposure.

With a soft, calming, gentle scent known to ground our senses, we have also used a touch of Frankincense instead of a complex fragrance in our products.

Why your skin will thank you for it

You may know Frankincense as a herbal medication. Due to its anti-inflammatory effects, it is often taken in pill form to fight conditions such as arthritis. However, used in 35 Thousand’s OTG-7 Complex it helps to soothe even the most stressed-out complexion. So whether yours is irritated, jet-lagged, suffering from redness or generally feel a bit angry, the Frankincense used in 35 Thousand’s products will help promote a clearer, smoother, calmer and softer complexion with a more even tone.

Where you can find Frankincense

Frankincense features as a key active in 35 Thousand’s OTG-7 complex and is therefore present in every product. So whether you are cleansing your skin with our Clever Cleansing Balm or nourishing skin with the Really Radiant Cream you are safe in the knowledge that it is constantly working to achieve your best complexion yet.

To shop the 35 Thousand skincare range click here or discover more ingredients within our OTG-7 Complex such as the Red Algae Extract here

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