Need to Know: Wild Indigo extract - 35 Thousand

Need to Know: Wild Indigo extract

Wild indigo extract is a key ingredient in 35 Thousand’s OTG-7 Complex because studies have shown it is an essential ingredient for counteracting the damaging effects of stress on the skin. Here’s why we wouldn’t have made our products without it.

What is it?

Extracted from the seeds of Native Indian Wild Indigo flowers, this stress-relieving and soothing botanical has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic skincare traditions.

In a nutshell, Wild Indigo has the ability to reduce the impact of cortisol on the skin. Each day, our skin and brain are in constant communication with each other to coordinate internal and external danger signs. They do this through sending electrical impulses and the release of hormones like cortisol that we now know to be detrimental to the appearance of the skin.

Stressful situations that might provoke the release of cortisol are pollution, lack of sleep and exposure to UV light. Over time, continuous production of cortisol – caused by prolonged exposure to stress – can result in damage to skin’s internal equilibrium which can lead to breakouts, redness, inflammation and visibly tired-looking skin.

Thankfully, Wild Indigo Extract helps to break down the production of cortisol in skin cells which can prevent disruptive influences on the skin and stimulate a healthier looking complexion. Not only that but Wild Indigo is reputed to activate the release of endorphins in our cells which can help our skin manage stressful conditions and return to optimum balance.

Why your skin will thank you for it

Wild Indigo Extract is clinically proven to enhance skin luminosity and tone in an impressively short amount of time. In tests it’s been shown to be especially effective in rapidly improving colour around the eye (the most sensitive part of our skin) by significantly reducing redness and signs of fatigue like dark circles. A fast-acting skin de-stresser this plant extract works in harmony with the skin and is perfect for tackling the damage caused by hectic schedules and modern living.

Where you can find it

A key ingredient in the 35 Thousand OTG 7 which lies at the heart of all our 35 Thousand products, Wild Indigo extract will stimulate the revival of dull or lacklustre skin, leaving it with a healthy glow. Because when your skin is happier, you will be happier too.

You can learn more about the 35 Thousand products and their ingredients here

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