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About 35 Thousand

We ship within the US and the UK. Amazon and other retail partners may ship to other locations subject to their policies.

All products have been dermatologically tested for sensitive skin and are formulated to be gentle on the skin by avoiding harsh detergents and essential oils.

Our products are not fragrance-free, but we do not use any synthetic fragrances or essential oils that can trigger acne, eczema or irritation for sensitive skin. Only natural vanilla and frankincense extracts are in our products.

No, but we do avoid comedogenic oils that are known to cause breakouts.

No, we do not test any of our products on animals and all of our products are certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny.

Yes, by most retailer standards, our products would be classified as 'clean'. Whilst we approached our formulations with an extensive list of excluded ingredients, we prefer to avoid the term ‘clean’ due to the lack of standardization and clarity around the definition.

We've avoided ingredients that are commonly associated with reactions, as well as controversial ingredients where the jury is still out on safety or potential risk to the skin.

More importantly, every single ingredient used in our products (yes, even water) can be found in our glossary of ingredients, which includes the source of the ingredient and the purpose it serves in our products to help customers make informed decisions.

Our bottles are made from sugarcane-based bioplastic that can be recycled at home; nozzles, however, must first be removed and disposed of.

The 35 Thousand range is manufactured in Dallas, TX.

All-In Day Serum

All-In Day Serum has a sheer, warm-toned tint that works well as a standalone product and replacement for light coverage foundation for fair to light brown skin tones. For very fair and dark skin tones, we recommend wearing as a perfecting primer underneath colour cosmetics.

Our products have no synthetic fragrance or fragrance from essential oils. We have added natural frankincense and vanilla extracts (most people tell us it smells like baked goods or cocoa).

For daytime UV protection and perfecting, apply as the final step in skincare, after cleansing, treatments and moisturiser. All-In Day Serum wears beautifully as a primer under foundation or can be used as a standalone light coverage cc cream.

For dry skin types, we recommend applying moisturiser before All-In Day Serum.
For combination to oily skin, we suggest trying it on its own as it may provide enough lasting moisture.

To achieve SPF 30 coverage, use 3 pumps for everyday/low sun exposure days (indoors), and 5 pumps for higher exposure days (outdoors in sun) - reapply every 2 hours throughout the day to ensure coverage is fresh.

If applying 3 pumps per day, one bottle will last approximately 90 days.

All of our products have been tested for efficacy and stability for 9 months after opening.

Clever Cleansing Balm

If applying 3 pumps, twice a day, one bottle will last approximately 45 days.

All of our products have been tested for efficacy and stability for 9 months after opening.

We recommend using 2-3 pumps for cleansing and 3-5 pumps if applying as a hydration mask.

Whilst many cleansers use powerful cleansing/foaming agents that work for a quick cleanse with a thorough rinse, they often cause irritation if left on the skin. Clever Cleansing Balm is different, though, because of the usage of sugar esters as a primary ingredient. Sugar esters work as a natural, gentle cleanser that also hydrates by binding water and oil to effortlessly remove impurities. The fatty acid-rich sugar ester is non-irritating and helps reduce sensitivity whilst enhancing the absorption of other ingredients into your skin, making it ideal for a multipurpose product like our cleansing balm.

Refresh & Revive Mist

If applying 3 pumps per cleanse twice a day, one bottle will last approximately 45 days.

Really Radiant Cream

Really Radiant Cream is ideal for the delicate eye area: It's enriched with a powerful xymenic Acid-derived active ingredient that effectively addresses puffiness and dark circles. It also contains Korean bush clover to further enhance skin resilience, and repairs by synchronising skin circadian rhythms and optimizing renewal.

Note: Because the skin around the eyes is incredibly delicate, we strongly advise testing any product in a small area before using it around or under the eyes extensively.

If applying 3 pumps per day, one bottle will last approximately 90 days.