Need to Know: Prebiotic chicory root - 35 Thousand

Need to Know: Prebiotic chicory root

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What is it?

Chicory root is key to our unique OTG-7 Complex – an essential component you’ll find in 35 Thousand skincare formulas. This natural extract helps maintain the delicate balance of our skin flora, preserving it, protecting it and maintaining the microbiome.

The microbiome refers to the microorganisms which live on our skin. This microbial layer is our skin’s first and outermost defense against unsafe external elements such as pollution and UV exposure. The different microorganisms within the microbial layer co-exist happily, ensuring stability for our skin. However, factors like stress and diet, as well as some beauty products, can all disturb the equilibrium, resulting in disruption of the skin’s barrier and increased sensitivity. This can lead to skin conditions like acne, eczema and rosacea.

Chicory root works by optimizing the skin flora naturally by encouraging the ideal balance of microbes. As a prebiotic – a skin friendly food consumed by good microorganisms only – it discourages harmful bacteria from settling on the skin. It actively puts our microbiome on a healthier diet as it were, purifying and balancing our skin in the process, while helping the microbial layer to thrive and strengthen the skin barrier, too. In effect, chicory root ensures that the good microorganisms on our skin can keep doing their day job, defending against any damaging effects to keep our skin balanced, healthy and strong.

Why your skin will thank you for it

Aside from its prebiotic nourishment, chicory root is well also known for its high-performance conditioning properties. It has a deeply nourishing effect that leaves skin feeling silky smooth. Perfect for parched complexions, it reinforces the skin’s protective barrier, while reducing sensitivity, inflammation and irritation.

Where you can find chicory root

We’ve chosen to include chicory root as one of the core actives in our OTG-7 Complex, which is at the heart of all the 35 Thousand products. Combining seven carefully chosen ingredients that work in synergy, this intelligent, multitasking blend supports skin on the go, both at home and when away.

Shop the 35 Thousand skincare range here or learn more about the OTG-7 Complex here

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