Need to know: Pea Protein extract - 35 Thousand

Need to know: Pea Protein extract

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  • Why Pea Protein is a skin preparing, protecting and repairing powerhouse
  • Extracted from one of the most radiation resistant organisms there is
  • The ultimate multitasker – pea protein reduces and prevents dark spots, and minimises wrinkles and lines
What is it?

Think of Pea Protein extract like an invisible suit of armour for your skin. A key active in 35 Thousand’s scientifically formulated OTG-7 complex, it is clinically proven to counteract and reduce damage caused to skin by harmful UV rays, infrared rays and blue light from our screens.

So how does it work? Research has shown that a group of proteins called ‘opsins’ play an important role in our perception of light. When activated, opsins can trigger adaptive responses, therefore protecting our skin from the harmful effects of solar and artificially produced blue light. Pea Protein activates these opsins, stimulating our skin’s defence against light-induced damage.

It has been proven that Pea Protein is no pushover when it comes guarding our skin. Obtained from one of the most radiation-resistant microorganisms using state-of-the-art biotechnology. These powerhouse organisms are so resistant in fact, they’ve been proven to successfully withstand extreme doses of radiation, like those found in outer space.

Not just highly effective, pea protein also has enviable eco creds. The process used to isolate and extract these microorganisms has been thoughtfully devised to reduce negative environmental impact and ensure natural materials aren’t unnecessarily harvested. This commitment to protecting the planet was recognised by the beauty industry in 2019, with Pea Protein extract being awarded Silver in the Green Ingredients category by the prestigious Paris-based In-Cosmetics Global Awards.

Why your skin will thank you for it

With its powerful radiation-resisting qualities, Pea Protein extract is a key ingredient in the fight against premature ageing – a process intensified by our daily exposure to the sun and to digital light from tech devices. Essentially, Pea Protein has been shown to be hugely effective in guarding skin against the major signs of ageing, by preparing, protecting and repairing. Her Majesty of multitaskers, it visibly decreases pre-existing brown spots caused by UV exposure, while simultaneously protecting against the appearance of future spots. Pea protein can also reduce the appearance of wrinkles and roughness, leading to a rejuvenated, healthy and all-round more even and luminous complexion.

Where you can find Pea Protein extract…

Pea Protein extract is one of seven active ingredients in our OTG-7 complex – a potent blend created by world-leading skincare experts to boost stressed-out skin on the go. You’ll find the OTG-7 complex in all of the 35 Thousand products. So, home or away, sky high or feet firmly on the ground, you can be assured that this wonder ingredient is working hard to shield your skin from the hazards of indoor and outdoor light. The result? A radiant, younger-looking complexion without the need for a complicated skincare regime.

To shop the 35 Thousand skincare range click here. If you enjoyed learning about this ingredient then you will enjoy reading about red Algae Extract (also in the 35 Thousand OTG 7Complex which acts a little like a personal trainer for your skin. Read all about it here

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