Standing up for black lives - 35 Thousand

Standing up for black lives

A statement from our founder, Misty Reich

The past weeks have given us all a chance to consider where we stand. 35 Thousand was born out of a desire to support women progressing in their careers. ALL women. As a brand we cannot be who we are setting out to be unless we step forward and step up to help level the field when we see that the path is blocked for some on their journey. For too long certain groups of people have been held back by prejudicial and unjust systems as well as complacency by those of us who have wished for, but not actively worked for it to be different. This is therefore our statement in support of Black Lives Matter.

We stand with our black sisters and brothers and we accept the accountability to move from passive support to proactive advocacy. Our journey as a brand has only just begun which means that it is 100% within our gift to build a business that walks the talk in the opportunities we give, the partners we give business to, the way we represent beauty and community and the way we represent women. No excuses, it is time for lasting change.

We are grateful to have you on this journey with us and hope we will look back to this moment as the point in time where we collectively fought for justice and won.

As we commit to change we will share our ideas and actions for your review and commentary and – we hope – support.

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