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About 35 Thousand

Every day around the world hundreds of thousands of women wake up and take to the road. We’re en route to important meetings, client pitches, job interviews and conferences. We need to look and feel great, to be at our best. We need to perform.

But at times the grit and grind of modern travel act like sandpaper filing down our edge, taking away some of the shine and sharpness just when we need it most. Business travel can be one of the very best parts of a career but it can equally be both physically and mentally draining.

35 Thousand is a brand inspired by my experiences as an executive on the road, with more than 2 million air miles and heaven only knows how many logged in cars and trains. Travel has been a wonderful and challenging constant throughout my career which has spanned more than 23 years working for large global multinational companies in HR and General Management.

The aim with 35 Thousand is to create a brand that serves us, women on the go, who need to, and want to, juggle all the things from big jobs to family, complex and fulfilling lives outside of work and lots of travel. A brand that doesn’t assume we want a pink flower butterfly bag just because we don’t want the man bag and that understands that great skincare, good hair days and clothes we feel good in are not matters of vanity but inextricably linked to how we show up and perform.

We aspire to create beautiful and innovative travel solutions, inspiring content and supportive networks for women on the go: useful tools, tips, supplements and hacks from us and the best experts we know that address the practical and psychological challenges of travel, the day-to-day juggle and career.

We are building a community where we can share all of our hacks and frustrations with those who ‘get it’, to be a ‘go to’ resource for inspiring and helpful content delivered through the lens of a life on the go and we want to create products that are designed with us in mind to make travel more effortless and beautiful.

I am super happy that you are here and look forward to sharing all our advice for making your journey better and to learning from you because even after all the years and miles I still struggle to close my bag more times than not.

Travel Beautifully,



35Thousand. Beauty, Wellness and Inspiration for women on the go.


Misty Reich, Founder

A few of Misty’s favourite things are Jack Johnson, her dogs Jake and Lekka, her gold arm candy, L’eau D’Ambre Extreme by L’Artisan Parfumeur and a yearly purchase of a new red lipstick

Misty Reich is the Founder and CEO of 35 Thousand. Her career as an executive in the wireless telecom and global food retail industries spans over 20 years. Passionate about the power of culture to drive results, she also works as an independent business advisor, board member and executive coach with extensive expertise in human resources and global retail management.

After 10 years with AT&T Wireless in various senior leadership roles, Misty joined YUM brands in 2005 and held many senior positions in Human Resources. She then moved to become Managing Director of one of YUM’s largest brands overseeing Central and Eastern Europe where she led a UK-based team to grow the brand across 23 countries.

Outside of 35 Thousand, Misty’s work today is split between her executive coaching practice and board work in the UK where she serves as an Advisory Board member to Imperial College Business School Weekend MBA program, JMA Group Limited and as a Non-Executive Director on the board at Gousto.

Misty and her family divide their time between their home in London and their ranch outside of Austin, Texas where they raise Texas Longhorn cattle.

How Misty carries on…

Q: What’s in your handbag that gives you joy?
A: “My AirPods! Never not listening to podcasts and audible books:)”

Q: Top tips for managing the life juggle?
A: “Let go of perfectionism and get help!”

Q: Tell us something people don’t know about you
A: “I met my husband when we were 12 yrs old, in 7th-grade pre-algebra.”

Follow Misty @mistyreich

Susannah Taylor, Content Director

Susannah Taylor
Some of Susannah’s favourite things are 60’s and 70’s music, Lizzie Fortunato jewellery (all gold jewellery tbh), her Kaweco fountain pen, Kure nail varnishes and illustrating nature. You will often find her in activewear especially her Sweaty Betty leggings

Susannah Taylor is an editor, journalist and stylist with over 20 years of experience. She began her career as beauty and health editor on the launch of Conde Nast’s Glamour magazine before moving to Vogue and then founded the award-winning beauty and health platform Getthegloss.com. She has a wellbeing column in YOU magazine and has written for many other publications including Grazia, The Times and The Telegraph. She lives in Oxfordshire with her husband and three children, regularly swapping her wellies for her Gucci loafers and commuting into London for work.

How Susannah Carries on…

Q: What’s on your handbag that gives you joy?
A: “My Hourglass Extreme Lash Mascara, my Kaweco fountain pen, Guerlain bronzer, Zan Zan sunglasses.”

Q: Top tips for managing the life juggle?
A: “Just breathe. Move often. Music. Understand that health is a necessity, not a luxury. Don’t get sucked into doomscrolling. Enjoy the juggle. Do what you love. Manage your mind. Rest is key. If all else fails drink Tequila cocktails and laugh with friends until it hurts.”

Q: Tell us something people don’t know about you
A: “Aside from editing and writing I am also an illustrator and artist – see @thesuperdraw – I have recently illustrated a children’s range for Bramley products. I also like to sing. In fact, I sing all the time – in the car, in the shower…my children often tell me to shh!”

Follow her @susannahtaylor_

Claire Bristow, product development Director

Claire Bristow
Claire loves dazzling sunsets and walking her dog (preferably together), the Westman Atelier Lip Palette, reading, perfume (here, Frederic Malle, but she has about 8 on the go), essential oil sleep blends, her kids’ artwork and huge blousy peonies

Claire has been in new product development for over 20 years and has always been fascinated with beauty and how the right product can make a bad day better.

She worked as head of NPD for Dr. Nick Lowe & before that as a Senior Manager at the Body Shop before heading out into the world of consultancy to launch a number of successful celebrity fragrances and premium skincare brands.

Having launched over 400 successful products during her career, she’s just as passionate as ever about finding (and developing) the next big thing and loves to stay hands-on, spending her days knee-deep in samples of packaging, textures, fragrances, and design possibilities.

Driven by a desire to think differently and deliver new beauty experiences, she feels lucky every day to do what she loves, and be paid for it!

How Claire carries on…

Q. What’s in your handbag that gives you joy?
A: “Tatacha lip balm – the best – I bite my lips when I think…”

Q: Top tips for managing the life juggle?
A: Laugh if you can when things go wrong. Work with people you really like and trust.”

Q: Tell us something that people don’t know about you
A: “I grew up wanting to write for a living. The desire has never gone away.”

Follow Claire @claireinkingston

Elise Vinnik, Digital Marketing director

Elise has a soft spot for the musical Singin’ in the Rain, never grows tired of listening to Third Eye Blind’s ‘Motorcycle Drive By”, and loves watching her son toddle around their backyard.

Elise has spent the last decade in advertising helping brands across a number of different industries define and refine their social media and digital strategies and create award-winning content, working with brands like Huggies, Minute Maid, Allstate, and Auntie Anne’s Pretzels. It was her time working as a Clinique consultant in college, though, that fueled her appreciation and passion for skincare and inspired her dream to one day transfer that passion into a professional setting. When she’s not working, you can find her bopping around Austin, TX where she resides with her husband and young son.

Q: What’s in your handbag that gives you joy?
A: “Some Aesop hand balm, my handy-dandy Five Two reusable straw, and a leather locket keychain with a picture of my son.”

Q: Top tips for managing the life juggle?
A: “Acknowledge when things are hard, and remember that you’ve already made it this far. Cry it out when you need to and never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep.”

Q: Tell us something people don’t know about you
A: “I’ve always had a pretty strong work ethic and had 8 jobs by the time I was 20”

Follow Elise @schenksalot

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