Welcome to 35 Thousand - 35 Thousand

Welcome to 35 Thousand

We asked 35 Thousand founder Misty Reich about herself, this website and what else lies in store.

Tell us about yourself in a few sentences…

“I’m a Texan living in London, a Town and Country girl. I’m a wife, mom, Christian, animal lover. I’m a coach, CEO/Entrepreneur and board member.”

Tell us about 35 Thousand…

“35 Thousand is about the intersection of women building careers and fulfilling lives and travelling. Juggling all of those things is so hard, and when it works, it is so so rewarding.

We also aim to support women on their journey to juggle all of this by developing products that make it all easier and more beautiful, and create a community where we can share the ups and downs and all the tricks to make it work.”

How did you come up with the idea for the brand?

“I realised that I am not the only one struggling with life on the road, career and life outside of work. Throughout my career I have spoken with so many women who are so talented but not going for the big jobs because it all looks too daunting- they don’t see how their personal aspirations can gel with their career goals so career gets sacrificed and I don’t think that is right.

If we can collectively share our hacks and improve the tools and resources available to women who are out there trying to make it happen I believe we can make a difference in terms of women staying and climbing higher on the ladder. Ultimately we want to see more women fulfil their potential, in career and beyond.”

35 thousand misty reich
Misty Reich (Image by Annalisa Burello)
What role will the website play in this aspiration?

“We love a lot of different things: Beauty, Wellness, Career Inspo, and travel, and there are loads of great resources out there for each of those things but there’s not a place where all of them come together with us (career gals) in mind.

Our hope is that the website becomes a destination for all of us to find stories of women who have made it to where we want to go, and understand some of the detail behind how they did it. 35 Thousand is a lifestyle/travel/beauty/career mash up that we have been looking for.”

What can we discover on the site?

Inspirational stories of women who are juggling all the things and insight into how exactly they are doing it.

Information to help you navigate more successfully, safely and beautifully

Product recommendations that are tested and proven by gals on the road.”

What for you is a must-read?

“The ‘How She Carries On’ section – I will never tire of learning from other women.”

Who’s in your team?

“We have a small but mighty team and some of the agency best partners in the business

  • Susannah Taylor is our Editorial Director and chief content guru and has a great vision for 35thousand.com and our social channels.
  • Claire Bristow is our Director of Product Development and is researching and developing products that we will bring to you in the future that you are going to absolutely love.
  • Brandstand Communications does a lot of our heavy lifting on social media and works tirelessly to plan out how our little brand can be found by all of you
  • Distil Studios has partnered with us from day 1 around the brand development- they have brought to life our logo, colour palette and a whole lot of other pieces around product that we will bedazzle you with later.”
You’re a business coach – what’s the best piece of advice you could ever give?

“I don’t know if it is the best single piece of advice but something people would probably say they hear a lot from me:

You are good. You have opportunities, weaknesses and challenges, but get in line behind the rest of us because we all do! The trick is to figure out the best coping mechanisms to keep your opportunity areas/weaknesses from derailing you, put them in place and then move on. Stop obsessing about what you aren’t good at and go spend all of your energy building your strengths into towering strengths.”

What is next to come from the brand?

“We have been working since October 2017 to research a very special set of products that will make our experience as women on the road more beautiful and effortless. Watch this space!”

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