35 Thousand 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

The 35 Thousand 2023 Gift Guide

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There are to-do lists, and then there are holiday to-do lists. And as much as we love the festive season, nailing down thoughtful gifts for the people we care about during one of the busiest times of the year can add to the overwhelm. That's why we're bringing you our own curated gift guide with unique holiday gifting ideas that are not only sure to delight and impress, but will also help you whittle down your gift-giving list so that you have more time for joy and merriment this holiday season.

Personalised Cookbook 

35 Thousand 2023 Holiday Gift Guide Etsy Custom Editable Recipe Cookbook Printable Template

We LOVE this idea: Gather up your special family recipes (you know the ones that get devoured first at holidays) and use this gorgeous digital download template to turn it into a chef’s dream. Good colour printing on cardstock paper and hole-punched in a binder is all it takes to finish the job. Or, if you have an “in” at your local printer, have it bound for real, and whilst you're there, have them re-print your biz card to add “published author” to your title. 😉

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Cordless Bum & Back Warmer

35 Thousand 2023 Holiday Gift Guide Stoov Big Hug Wooly Infrared Cordless Soft Heating Pad

Whilst we haven’t yet tested this little ditty, we want so badly for it to be the warm back-hug that our office chair isn’t. The added bonus: No more scrambling to hide cords when the facilities manager passes, as the cushion is USB-rechargeable.

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Brightening Vitamin C Serum

35 Thousand 2023 Holiday Gift Guide_Timeless Vitamin C Ferulic Acid L-ascorbic acid brightening skincare

Vitamin C, in the form of L-ascorbic acid, is one of the best-researched skincare actives and a powerhouse antioxidant that brightens and evens skin tone. Timeless is our Vitamin C serum of choice because it has the right PH level for efficacy and is packaged in an opaque bottle to increase shelf life. Giving this as a gift says, “I am all about boosting your glow”, and if that isn’t a gift someone would love to receive, we don’t know what is.

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Leather Magnetised Pen Holder

35 Thousand 2023 Holiday Gift Guide Le Loop Leather Magnetic penholder

You're either a stationary sort of person or you aren’t. For those who are, there's no end to the joy that a beautifully crafted accessory like this can bring. The powerful magnet attachment will keep your best pen firmly attached to your book or journal, ready and waiting for you when inspo strikes!

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Glam Acupressure Ear Seeds

35 Thousand 2023 Holiday Gift Guide Vie Healing The Foundations Kit Ear Seeding 24k gold

Don’t knock it til you try it. We were sceptical but wowza, did we notice a difference from these ear seeds. Simply stick on to the spots on your ears that coordinate to the areas of your body or mind you want to treat (using the handy graphic in the box) and gently massage according to instructions (NB we went with more of a constant massaging approach but recommend following directions of course). We can report an improvement in neck and back pain, and even if it's just a placebo, we loved the look of the subtle no-piercing sparkle, so it's all good.

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Packable Hats

35 Thousand 2023 Holiday Gift Guide Le Hat Rose Travel Hat Handwoven Italian Frayed Brim Lightweight Packable

A gift for those who like to travel fashionably, care about protecting their skin and have a head. These hats are très chic, and we’re not just saying that because they used “Le” in the name. We love that they come in a travel pouch and have beautiful designs and colours ways to choose from. As we would say (if we spoke a word of French), Le Hat is “un beau cadeau.”

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A Season-At-A-View Calendar

35 Thousand 2023 Holiday Gift Guide_The Essential Calendar Organization Hanging Wall Busiest Time Ever Calendar

Life is complicated, simple gifts are priceless. This three-month-at-a-glance essential planning calendar is as simple as it gets and, well, essential. The crafty amongst you will make it beautiful, a work of art even, whilst the rest of us will write in pencil, but all of us will be better for having it. Pull it together with some of the accessories and you have a lovely gift that (ever so subtly) says, “I see in you as someone who has the potential to have their shit together”, and that, dear friends, is a gift guaranteed to be treasured.

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Swoon-Worthy Board Games

35 Thousand 2023 Holiday Gift Guide PrintWorks Aesthetic Board Games

We want them all! And then we want to re-decorate our entire house to match them. Besides the incredible aesthetic, we just love the idea of keeping games out and accessible to encourage less TV and more game night family fun. 😊

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Fresh Morning Breath (Without the Dry Mouth)

35 Thousand 2023 Holiday Gift Guide OraCoat XyliMelts For Dry Mouth

This may seem about as fun as getting pencils instead of candy at Halloween, but trust us when we say that whether or not dry mouth is a common issue for your recipients, EVERYONE loves the idea of waking up with fresh breath. The specific shape of XyliMelt-brand mints allows them to adhere to your gums or cheek (our preferred method) where they stay and slowly dissolve as you slumber.

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Custom Ice Cube Stamp Mould

35 Thousand 2023 Holiday Gift Guide Stamp Mold/Mould Custom Ice Plate

We didn't know that ice could be chic or fun, but now we wonder how our vodka tonic could even be enjoyed without a beautifully monogrammed cube of ice! We'll be gifting this up and down our entire list: College kids, newlyweds, Martha Stewart wannabes - we can't really think of anyone who wouldn’t love it.

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The Perfect Hydrating Gloss

35 Thousand 2023 Holiday Gift Guide Maybelline Lifter Gloss Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating

Are you sick of us talking about this lipgloss yet? It's our top makeup item of 2023. It hydrates thanks to hyaluronic acid, has the perfect glide-on/non-sticky texture, and comes in a myriad of shades (if we had to choose just one it would be 003 Moon).

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Fun Refillable Travel Pouches

35 Thousand 2023 Holiday Gift Guide Kitsch Liquid Travel Containers Leak Proof Refillable Squeeze Set

We LOVE these chic, refillable pouches for securely stashing all of our various hair lotions and potions, as well as our body SPF whilst we're on the go. They're easy to fill and easy to pack inside our 35 Thousand clear bag, and we think they're a fab stocking stuffer for any traveller in your life.

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Cashmere Arm Warmers

35 Thousand 2023 Holiday Gift Guide Baby Alpaca Wool Cashmere Fingerless Mittens Arm Warmers

Know a gal who runs hot and cold? We aren’t talking about emotional swings, but the sort of body temp fluctuations that have her bringing a small wheely bag of wardrobe layers everywhere she goes. For her, we're pleased to present the magic that is a cashmere arm warmer. Pull them all the way up and convert your short sleeves to long in a snap, or scrunch them down for a cool girl wrist-warming moment. They're especially good in flight when you don’t want a bulky jacket but need to protect against that aggressive & inescapable jet of cold air from the vent above your seat. These tick all the boxes AND already come packaged in a gift box.

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The Ultimate Travel Journal

35 Thousand 2023 Holiday Gift Guide The Adventure Book Ultimate Traveler's Edition Travel Journal

This is a fab gift for anyone on your list who has a touch of wanderlust or is setting off on travel adventures. The book is beautifully bound in linen, comes in a gift-worthy box, and has pages to capture memories from 264 countries and territories around the world- that's a heck of a memory keeper!

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For The Wine Lover

35 Thousand 2023 Holiday Gift Guide Wine Puzzles

We love this gift idea for the wine connoisseur in your life: Puzzles of the major wine regions of the world crafted by genuine sommeliers. Pair it with a bottle from the region and we predict this might be the most coveted gift at your holiday gift exchange.

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The Portable & Adorable Humidifier  

35 Thousand 2023 Holiday Gift Guide Hey Dewy Portable Wireless Rechargeable Cool Mist Humidifier

Travel beauty gadgets can be hit and miss, but this little gem is worth the pack. USB rechargeable and 8-hour run time means it can even serve as a hotel bedside companion for overnight hydration on the road.

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The Nothing Else Needed Skincare Set

35 Thousand All the Radiance Travel Set with Clear Travel Bag, Clever Cleansing Balm, Refresh & Revive Mist, All-In Day Serum mineral SPF 30, Really Radiant Cream

Whether you're gifting your niece or your grandma, your brother or your husband, the All The Radiance Kit from 35 Thousand is suitable for all skin types and ages. Containing our four full-size signature products, Clever Cleansing Balm, Refresh & Revive Mist, Really Radiant Cream and All-In Day Serum SPF 30, it comes in our Signature Clear Travel Bag with a bamboo washcloth, making glow on the glow a possibility for everyone.

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The Tasteful Thumb Ring

35 Thousand 2023 Holiday Gift Guide_Sarah Hickey Skinny Thumb Ring Sterling Silver Yellow Gold Rose Gold White Gold

Thumb rings can be polarising, most are awkward and uncomfortable or give too much of a “I wish I rode a motorcycle” vibe, but these thin, hammered bands are just so so good. Go super subtle with one, or raise the stakes and stack multiple- you will not find them cumbersome or annoying, unless of course you're bothered by excessive admiration of your thumb.

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Personalisation Through Engraving

35 Thousand 2023 Holiday Gift Guide Culiau Customizer Engraving Pen Cordless Portable Beginner Friendly

A bit of a left-fielder, but go with us: This tool will be a secret weapon for anyone who enjoys thoughtful gifting. Heading to a dinner party and need to take something for the host that's a bit more special than JUST a bottle of wine or spirits, but no time to shop? No problem! Grab that bottle of wine and engrave it with a fitting quote, or simply etch it with a breezy “Thanks for a lovely night.” Instant gift elevation!

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Personally-Curated Spotify Playlist

Gonna date ourselves and flashback to the beauty of a mix tape from a special someone. Maybe it takes you back to the skating rink or Friday nights at the mall, but the point is, a personally-crafted playlist of songs is about as special as it gets, and Spotify is primed to fill that mix tape gifting hole in your life. Bonus - you don’t have to have that boom box with the dual tape deck, your iPhone will do the trick! 

Hand-Selected Shared iPhone Photo Album

You tell us what grandparent wouldn’t cry tears of holiday gift joy to receive a loaded album and the promise of weekly refreshes of little Dillon's face over the next year. Priceless, really.


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