Our Mighty Mantras for 2022

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We at 35 Thousand don’t approve of new year resolutions but we do believe in the manifesting powers of new year mantras – words we can believe in that set an intention for the year ahead. We asked some of the most inspirational women we met in the last year (see their interviews in our How She Carries On section) which words they’d choose to live their life by in 2022.

Now you write down yours…..

Misty Reich, founder of 35 Thousand

Misty Reich

Discover more about 35 Thousand skincare here


Dr Sam Bunting, dermatologist and founder of Dr Sam’s product range

Dr Sam Bunting

Visit Dr Sam Bunting’s website here


Holly Mckinlay, Senior Director of Communications at the World Worldlife Fund

Holy McKinlay

Visit the WWF here


Paula Floyd, CEO Headkount

Paula Floyd

Visit Headkount here


Terri Bryant, Founder of Guide Beauty

Terri Bryant

Visit Guide Beauty here


Amanda McIntosh, Founder of Take my Face Off

Amanda Mcintosh

Visit Take my Face Off here


Ara Katz, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Seed

Ara Katz

Visit Seed here


Rochelle Jacobs, co-founder Naturally Serious

Rochelle Jacobs

Visit Naturally Serious here


Mary Schulman CEO. Co-founder PYTbeauty.com

Mary Schulman

Visit PYT Beauty here


Beth Bassil, Co-founder b.good PR

Beth Bassil

Visit B Good pr here

Discover more about many of these amazing women and how they manage the daily juggle in the How She Carries on Section of 35 Thousand here

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