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How She Carries On with Daisy Jing

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  • Daisy on the parts of her job that drain her
  • She sheds light on being an entrepreneur with ADHD
  • Why Daisy is working on meditation and letting go of perfectionism

Daisy Jing is the Founder of Banish – an organic skincare range that fades dark spots and acne scars. She talks to 35 Thousand about being an entrepreneur with ADHD and the realities of working remotely.

Describe yourself in 3 words…

“Determined, curious and thoughtful.”

Tell us about your work… Do you work in a spare room, skyscraper, or other?

“I work everywhere and anywhere. I don’t like working in the same place all the time. I get inspired by working in new areas.”

What parts of your work give you energy?

“Anything creative and anything that looks towards the future.”

What parts of your work drain you?

“Anything operational or mundane such as detail oriented tasks, filing a bunch of notices or registrations with state and government, sales tax/taxes in general, workers compensation, insurance, etc. – all the stuff you need to do for your business.”

Most pivotal point of your career so far?

“When I started my business, I just went out and did it. I learned how to delegate and manage when I brought on the first hire..”

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Best piece of advice you received that you now pass on to others?

“So many people can give you advice on what to do, but no one is absolutely right 100% of the time, even the most famed business coaches. Ultimately the decision comes down to you.”

What event or situation is funny now but wasn’t at the time. Please expand!

“I called my bank Wells Fargo and the lady at customer service asked me if I made skincare videos on YouTube because she recognized my voice. I was so embarrassed and didn’t know what to say!”

Pets, hobbies, external commitments?

“I have a 16 month old daughter and a labradoodle. I love to exercise and try to do it at least once a day. I’m obsessed with fitness classes and great instructors.”

Describe your pre-pandemic day-to-day…

“Wake up, coffee, workout class, shower, then get to work. Usually work entails meetings or calls. Then I grab lunch somewhere – I try to do intermittent fasting- then meetings until 5 or so. Then I have a few hours of downtime and finish up work from 8-11. I have found my most creative time is late at night.”

How has your daily life changed, what’s your new normal?

“Now I have a daughter so my schedule revolves around her. I’m much more focused with my ‘free time’ and I try not to put work off because I’m not sure when I’ll get a chance to finish something up. Also with Banish, we were remote from the beginning and always did Zoom calls so in actuality our work didn’t change too much with the pandemic.”

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Has the Corona crisis impacted you personally and professionally? How?

“I have ADHD so staying at home is terrible for me. It was really hard for me to be at home with a newborn. I’ve learned I need a lot of variety to stay engaged. Covid has also made things more efficient; for example, doing Zoom meetings instead of in person meetings, getting items delivered instead of going out, and staying in the home more. If there is a silver lining in all this craziness, we’ve spent a lot more time with family!”

What, if anything, keeps you up at night?

“Everything I can’t control, which is a lot.”

Did 2020 change your outlook on life in any way?

“2020 shifted my thinking and outlook on life in many different ways, but most importantly recognizing the importance of living in the moment and appreciating all that is good. To me, the silver lining in 2020 was being able to slow down a bit and recognize that each day is a gift.”

What have been your best coping strategies over the past year? Do you have any objects, routines or tools that you found particularly uplifting? Gin or Gym?

“I’m starting transcendental meditation and try to let go of perfectionism. I bought a professional spin bike so I can do my cycling classes at home. Also it’s important for me to know that we can take safety precautions (getting vaxxed, taking Covid tests) so we can hang out with friends etc. which helps our mental health. I never used to drink before, but now after having my daughter, I like the occasional glass of wine when she goes to bed. I’m that parent!”

What has kept you sane? And kept your family sane?

“Great question. I started doing therapy via Zoom, which has helped. I didn’t realize my insurance covered therapy. What was I missing out on? Learning how to set boundaries with family is important. Learning how not to take on other people’s problems as my own (codependency). I used to want to ‘fix’ everything for other people, but it got too overwhelming and unbearable. So now I’ve learned how to set boundaries for myself.”

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Did 2020 change your outlook on life in any way?

“It has made me appreciate the little things. A great cup of coffee, getting a package in the mail, vacuuming the floors, having hot laundry come out of the dryer are what life is about. It’s all about the little thing!”

Are you travel ready? Where do you want to go, with who or would you rather stay home?

“Effortless – I love travel. Travel helps my creativity and I’m always so inspired while traveling. I’ve been to over 40+ countries. I also love traveling on my own. I’m planning to go to Sardinia with a few friends on a chartered yacht. We are all vaccinated and will be Covid tested so we’re taking all precautions. I’m so excited!”

Finish this sentence “If you look in my handbag at any time you will ALWAYS find….”

“Mask? Hand sanitizer? I don’t actually carry a purse, I use my phone case to store all my credit cards and use my car as my purse, which I keep everything in. However if anything, I always have an external iphone battery because I have major phone battery anxiety!”

What are your work from home saviours?

“Good, powerful internet! It’s actually surprising how many places don’t have good internet and you find this out when you’re on a Zoom call 🙂 I also need a hot water boiler/dispenser and water nearby. Additionally, I love mini coffee makers, Celsius and V8 energy drinks. Also can’t forget about my Vitamin C Beauty Elixir to spritz my face throughout the day!”

Describe your style?

“95% of what I wear is Lululemon. I’m an addict. I love how practical their clothing is and it’s cute. Basically I am in athleisure all the time. If it has buttons or zips it’s not for me on the daily. It also helps encourage me to workout if I’m already in workout clothes. If I do need to dress up I usually go for a long maxi dress and a jean jacket. Comfort is key.”

Name your 5 essential items of clothing?

“Lululemon Align leggings and shorts, Lululemon jacket in align material, Jean jacket, Lululemon swiftly long sleeve tee and Lululemon studio jacket.”

How do you see your business or career in two years from now?

“I would love to have a team of content creators creating all things acne content for us!”

What’s something you haven’t conquered yet but really want to?

“A few years ago I’d say having a baby and giving birth, but I did that in 2020 🙂 I would love to have a home in NYC and be bi-coastal.”

What could you say to your 20 year old self that would help her the most?

“Only you can make yourself happy. Once I realized this, I took full responsibility for my feelings and realized happiness is something you need to work at constantly.”

Do you have a life motto or mantra that really resonates with you?

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

Take a look at the Banish website here.

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