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The Journey Starts here...

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As an executive coach, board member and former Fortune 500 global HR executive I can confidently say that I know a thing or two about ‘the juggle.’ Over the course of my 23 year career I have clocked more than 2 million air miles, had my passport stamped in 57 countries and commuted by car, train, plane and foot. I know all too well the joys and challenges of managing travel, work and family life on the go and I fully sympathise with trying to decant my entire ‘best skin day’ products into those mini bottles or compromising with drug store minis that would wreck my skin.

Misty Reich, founder of 35 Thousand
The Why

Having suffered from cystic acne most of my adult life, the 35 Thousand product range has been born out of my never ending mission to keep my skin healthy and happy on the go. It’s taken 4 years of research, thousands of product samples, and pulling through a global pandemic, but we have finally arrived with a beautiful, highly effective set of products to boost even the most stressed out or busy skin.

We are launching with five luxury skincare products for use at home and away
The science

In case you missed it in my bio, I’m no cosmetic scientist, but I worked with the best of the best to formulate a highly effective complex – the OTG-7 – which is made up of 7 powerhouse ingredients and is central to every product in our range. From boosting skin’s energy to calming irritation, protecting from blue light, reducing the effects of cortisol and restoring circadian rhythms, think of the OTG-7 as your skin’s invisible force field.

Misty Reich (right) with Content Director Susannah Taylor (left) and Product Development Director Claire Bristow (centre)


The products

With multitasking at their core, all five of our products have been carefully developed to give you instant impact as well as long term results and are thoughtfully packaged to be your go-to good skin day saviours whether you are chilling at home, commuting on a Tuesday or jetting off on a big adventure.

The products will hit our digital shelves right here on later this summer. For the latest launch updates, access to special offers, and a regular dose of on-the-go inspo be sure to sign up for our ‘Brief and Brilliant’ newsletter here.

We cannot wait to share it all with you.

Happy juggling!”




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