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ALL THE RADIANCE - 35 Thousand

All great journeys start with a spark, and that’s how 35 Thousand began. The brand is inspired by founder Misty Reich’s life as an executive on the road. Over the course of her 23-year career Misty clocked 2 million air miles, had her passport stamped in 57 countries, and knows all too well the joys and challenges of balancing travel, work and family life on the go. Plus a few skin issues…

lifes to busy to lose sleep over skincare

Having suffered with cystic acne since she was a teen, Misty searched endlessly for a high-performing, carry-on friendly product range that would keep her skin from breaking out as she juggled flights, board meetings and school runs. She never found it.

35 Thousand was born out of her tireless mission to keep her skin healthy and happy on the go. It took 4 years of extensive research, thousands of product samples, and surviving a global pandemic, but the end result is a highly effective, multitasking skincare system designed for those who no longer want to compromise between traveling light and traveling beautifully.

ALL THE RADIANCE - 35 Thousand

Inspired by the rigors of flight, designed for the demands of everyday life

Air travel is an extremely intense environment for skin, so we conducted our own 3-month clinical study of 28 long haul flight attendants and tapped into research from Harvard and JAMA to understand the effects of flying on skin. We identified seven environmental skin exposures present in both air travel and daily life:

  • Disrupted circadian rhythms
  • Dehydration
  • Cortisol spikes
  • Inflammation
  • Bacterial exposure
  • Radiation exposure
  • Slow cell turnover

And so, we developed the OTG-7 Complex: A powerful cocktail of plant-based active ingredients formulated by world-leading skincare experts that lies at the core of each product and is designed to address these environmental skin stressors, reviving, restoring and protecting stressed-out skin—even at altitude. Because if it works up there, it’ll work anywhere.

Our mission: To help you travel beautifully

Misty's goal was to create a product line scientifically formulated by skincare experts that would keep her skin happy on the road while allowing her to travel light. The products needed to:

  • Serve multiple purposes
  • Deliver both an immediate and long-term skin payoff
  • Have textures that were never sticky and wouldn't pill under makeup
  • Be free from common allergens and irritants
  • Live in packaging that was light-weight and environmentally friendly.
Like you, our products multitask

Each has been designed to work overtime: the Clever Cleansing Balm doubles as a nourishing mask; the Refresh and Revive Mist turns from refreshing rinse to revitalizing toner; the Really Radiant Cream ramps up hydration and glow on the face and eye area, and the All-In Day Serum shields skin from damaging rays while perfectly priming it for makeup.

Go anywhere skincare

Our products are designed to be skincare travel companions you can throw in a handbag, your glovebox, hand-luggage or backpack. We therefore used lightweight sugarcane packaging and ensured that each product is full size yet travel-ready.