Our story

Welcome to 35 Thousand

All great journeys start with a spark, and that’s how 35 Thousand began. The brand is inspired by my life as an executive on the road. Over the course of my 23 year career I have clocked 2 million air miles, had my passport stamped in 57 countries, and commuted by car, train, plane and foot. I know only too well the joys and challenges of managing travel, work and family life on the go.

The why

Having suffered from cystic acne since I was a teen, 35 Thousand has been born out of my tireless mission to keep my skin healthy and happy on the go. It’s taken 4 years of extensive research, thousands of product samples, and surviving a global pandemic, but we have arrived with a highly effective, luxury product line for women on the go.

The products

Formulated by world-class skincare experts, the 35 Thousand range contains a unique complex, The OTG 7, which has been formulated with stressed-out skin in mind. With multitasking at its core, this range is as hardworking as you are. The Clever Cleansing Balm doubles as a nourishing mask, the Refresh and Revive Mist turns from a refreshing rinse expert into a revitalising toner and the All-In Day Serum SPF 30 protects and improves skin like a Jedi master on the inside too. Based on the research of 28 flight attendants showing the effects of flying on skin, the range has all been designed to perform on board at altitude yet remain equally as smart in the boardroom. We figured if it works up there it will work anywhere.

The website

As someone who is truly passionate about supporting other women, our website is packed with expert advice on beauty, wellbeing, self-development and careers to keep you travelling beautifully through work, family life and the world. Diving into everything from hotel room HIIT, to nutrition on the road, style from a suitcase, personal development and career advice, it is the virtual big sister I wished I’d had at the height of my corporate career. Meanwhile our How She Carries On series gives us a sneak peek into professional women’s lives, their hacks and the way they somehow make it all work.

35 Thousand is everything you need to keep your skin glowing and keep you personally growing, wherever you are. Happy juggling!

Misty Reich