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If you are busy and into Fitness, you Need One of These

If you are busy and into Fitness, you Need One of These - 35 Thousand

Until someone invents a pair of leggings that can successfully house a phone, a snack, some keys and a credit card , we are using a training fit belt.

We still find it baffling as to why leggings brands don’t create a pocket that you can actually fit a phone in, a credit card, and perhaps a snack and some keys. Obviously we don’t want to don’t want to rattle if we leave our hotel room to go for a run, but what do we do with our essentials if we are travelling alone or have no one to let us back into our hotel room? Or perhaps we are at work and head out for a run at lunchtime but need to buy lunch on the way back? At times we have been known to keep our phones and keys in our sports bras (and men their socks) which is hardly conducive to an enjoyable exercise experience is it?

However there is a solution out there – the ‘fit belt’ or ‘training belt’ as we like to call it. This is a rather unassuming stretch jersey band that fits around your waist which you can squeeze anything you like in. Flatter and more discreet than a bum bag they can also be used generally when travelling or getting around to store epi pens, or to carry money, credit cards or even passports if big enough.

These are our favourite fit belt brands:

Nathan Unisex Sports The Hipster

This low-profile hipster fit belt is made of soft stretch jersey that you step into and it fits snugly around your waist. With multiple pockets all the way round, it fits most smartphones, and the individually separated pockets keep your essentials in place. Super discreet it lies flat on the body and therefore could even be worn under your leggings if you found yourself in an area where you need to be extra cautious.

fit belt nathan hipster belt
The Nathan Hipster Belt has separated pockets that keep essentials in place

Flip belt Classic Premium Running Belt

The Flipbelt has quite a following, for good reason. A very simple, minimalist design, it is made of machine-washable Spandex/ Lycra, and has an internal pocket system which is accessible from the four openings around the belt’s exterior. Here you can tuck in your phone, headphones, snacks, keys and then when you flip the belt over, they are all locked in. There are no clasps or buttons, you pull it on like a pair of knickers, and it doesn’t bounce when you do.

The FlipBelt is an ingenious system that locks all your items in once flipped over
The FlipBelt is an ingenious system that locks all your items in once flipped over

The Flo Fitness Utility Waist Belt

The Flo fitness belt is slightly different from the ones above because it has a Velcro strap at the back for tightening around your waist. With two quick access point at the front, one pocket is big enough (9”) to hold even the biggest phone or even a passport, whilst the other smaller pocket contains a small clip which you can attach rings or jewellery to. The Velcro at the back also ensures a non-slip experience even throughout the toughest HIIT class.

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