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8 pick-me-up self care favourites

It’s the small things that count at the moment (and a little bit of self-gifting). From hemp infused skin patches to Ice Globe facial massaging tools and the latest lipstick, here are our latest feel-good beauty and wellbeing finds that will help you glow inside and out.

The Natural Boost – The Good Patch

Described as ‘plant based wellness patches for when the struggle is real’, the Good Patch was created in 2017 offering mood-boosting patches you stick on your skin infused with plant based ingredients and organically farmed industrial Hemp. Working steadily over an 8-12 hour period, you just remove the backs of the sticker and attach it inside your wrist. Whether you are frazzled, wired, need a pick-me-up, or a ‘put-to-bed’ there’s a patch for you.

www.thegoodpatch.com and www.cultbeauty.com

The Good Patch
The Zoom Refresh – Chanel’s Rouge Allure Laque

If you’re as fed up as we are of looking at your own face on Zoom/ Teams/ Facetime, then may we suggest spicing things up with a new lip colour? We can’t wear lipstick under our masks right now so we might as well wear them at home. Chanel’s new Rouge Allure Laque is a lip product that imprints lips with shine and colour and lasts all day so you won’t need to reapply between video calls. Non-drying and in a huge variety of shades from luminous beige to raspberry pink, cherry red and brown, there’s one for everyone. Who said it’s all about the eyes right now?

Chanel’s Rouge Allure Laque lipstick
Chanel’s Rouge Allure Laque lipstick
Nail it – Kure Bazaar nails

One of our favourite nail varnish brands at 35 Thousand is Kure Bazaar (worldwide delivery at lovelula.com). Why? We love the win-win combination of their eco formula combined with an incredibly chic and fashion forward colour palette. If you’re feeling a little low right now, I can definitely recommend painting your nails to add a bit of joy into all that work on the laptop. Our favourite positivity shades? Cherise (shown here – a cherry red) which instills us with confidence, Lily Rose (a dusty pink) when you need to be kind to yourself, and Bacio, (a soft red/ orange) which is bringing all the happy vibes right now.

Kure Bazaar Nail Varnish in Cherise


The Atmosphere Changer – Heloise o’ Hagan candles

There are candles, and then there are Heloise o’ Hagan candles. This British interior designer turned candle maker has created a product called The Perpetual Candle which is a beautiful hexagonal, bone china vessel which you can buy refills for. Not only do they look incredibly sophisticated, they smell it too. Our favourites are No.4 Frankincense for some indulgent relaxation after a long day Zooming, and No.1 Neroli, Lavender and Rosemary which is fresh, vibrant and uplifting for daytime.

(Delivery worldwide heloiseohagan.com)


The Heloise O’ Hagan Candle


The body booster – Hermosa protein powder

There’s no point in all those at-home workouts if you aren’t fuelling your body correctly. Enter Hermosa, a new protein powder that is shaking off (excuse the pun) images of muscle competitions in favour of a protein powder that supports an active and modern lifestyle. Hermosa’s creators have been on a mission to create the best tasting and smoothest protein powder there is, using non GMO and responsibly sourced ingredients. In chocolate and vanilla flavours. Most importantly they taste amazing without any of the nose-holding graininess of other powders.

Worldwide delivery at www.livehermosa.com

Hermosa Protein Powder


The skin saviour – Frâicheur Paris

Fraicheur Paris Ice Globes look set to be the next big thing in facial massage. A glass stem with a liquid-filled ball on the end that you store in the freezer, the idea is that you massage your face with them to help invigorate tired Zoom’d out eyes, boost dull skin and help serums and creams absorb faster. Deliciously cold and soothing on skin and eyeballs, the way they work is that they constrict blood vessels so blood is taken away from the skin’s surface. After a while blood floods back to the skin with extra nutrients providing an amazing glow that over time helps the skin appear more youthful too.

Shipping worldwide from www.faceiceglobes.com and www.cultbeauty.com

Fraicheur Paris Ice Globe facial massagers


Glow from the Inside Out – The Beauty Chef

Carla Oates, the Australian founder of The Beauty Chef first discovered the life changing powers of probiotics when she used them to fix her family’s skin problems. Using probiotic and lacto-fermented food, many of her friends would also ask her what made her own skin that glowy. Realising the gut-skin connection, Carla created the Inner Beauty Powder which has developed into a range of bio-fermented, probiotic-rich, wholefood supplements created by microbiologists, nutritionists and naturopaths. Our favourite is the Glow Powder, containing 18 certified organic wholefoods which you add to water daily.

Available worldwide www.thebeautychef.com

The Beauty Chef Inner Beauty Powder
The Beauty Chef Inner Beauty Powder


The Cult of Collagen Powder – Bamford

There’s a big beauty buzz about collagen powders at the moment, with many new brands launching onto the market. There is also a lot of debate as to whether all of them actually work. The one collagen that has been proven by dermatologists to make a difference to our skin is high grade marine collagen. The latest we’ve been trying out is from Bamford whose new supplement range is exceptional. The Beauty Blend contains purified hydrolysed collagen extracted from sustainably sourced wild fish off the coast of France. It also contains Camu Camu powder, hyaluronic acid for skin hydration and Acai powder. Since using it our skin looks like it’s had a spa break (in our dreams).

Shipping worldwide from www.bamford.com

Bamford Beauty Blend capsules

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