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15 ways to Travel Beautifully in 2023

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Along with the many things that 2022 taught us, we learned a great deal about how to travel in style. Wherever you’re heading in 2023, here are our top travel tips on making it a beautiful ride.


Be beauty prepped

Airplanes are actually one of the harshest environments for skin, as our research with Newcastle University’s dermatology department shows. Some of our most important tips for protecting skin while traveling are as follows:

Travel tip #1 Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Humidity levels are at an all-time low during a flight, so maximum hydration is key. Here at 35 Thousand we’ve used ingredients like high weight hyaluronic acid and Kahai nut oil in our Really Radiant Cream for maximum hydration and skin plumping, as well as deeply nourishing squalane in our Clever Cleansing Balm (below) which doubles up as a mask and leaves skin deeply nourished without irritation.

Travel tip #2 Get strict with sky high SPF

Did you realize that your skin maybe exposed to the same amount of UVA radiation next to a window on a plane as a tanning bed? Research conducted by JAMA Dermatology found that pilots who spent 56 minutes cruising at altitude received the same amount of UVA carcinogenic effective radiation that a 20 minute tanning bed session would produce. Our tip? Apply SPF before or upon take-off.

Travel tip #3 Learn the waterless cleanse

We beg of you not to use the tap water in the rest room on a plane.  Why? Well, the water sits there in a tank and who knows how long it has sat in tank before it got there (days, weeks, years?). However if you need to look presentable on landing or need a wakeup call for your skin after a long flight we suggest packing a waterless cleanser such as our Clever Cleansing Balm - just massage into skin and remove with a soft tissue.  Follow up with a spritz of the Refresh & Revive Mist for clean and hydrated, not stripped skin. No water required.


Use your phone for travel hacks

One thing we learned in 2022 is that there are a variety of travel life-savers already installed in our phones. Our favorites have been :

Travel tip #4 The travel tracking text

Previously unbeknown to us, you can track your flight quickly on your iPhone by texting your flight number to yourself. All you have to do is then tap the flight number and it will bring up all the details of your trip.

Travel tip #5 The bag measure module

You know what it’s like – you grab that bag down out of the loft before you travel but panic that it’s too big for the overhead bins. Instead of rummaging around for your kids’ ruler, open the measure app on your iPhone.  Tap the Plus sign and move the dotted white line along the length of your case to get its size.


Streamline your carry on

Now we may not know how to cook the perfect lasagna or how to create a pair of curtains on the sewing machine, but we do know a thing or two about travel essentials. These are some of our all-time favorite go-to’s to make high flying a breeze.

Travel tip #6 Get a Memo bottle  

This super clever slimline, book-shaped bottle fits neatly into bags, airplane seat pockets and arms full of books, making staying hydrated a little easier on the go.

Travel tip #7 Slip on some slippers

Standing in a puddle in the airplane restroom with socks on is never necessary. Remember to pack some hard soled slippers instead. Those free ones you get in spas were made for this.

Travel tip #8 Buy joggers that give you joy

Jogging pants no longer have to be the bulky, unflattering ones that take up your entire bag. One of our favorites is the  Performance Jogger from Vuori (below). Designed with their super soft ‘Dream Knit’ they’re lightweight, slim fitting, come in beautiful muted shades and are cool enough for when you touch down in a hot country but warm enough when the AC leaves you freezing.

Vuori Performance Joggers

Travel tip #9  Take a travel tech case

Are you over getting your tech in a tangle? Can you never find your charger when you need it? May we suggest a dedicated ‘tech case’ where you can store all of your digital accessories  - from adaptors to leads and chargers  - in one easy-to-grab place. We like the Away Travel Tech Case.


Get serious about sustainable travel

We’re committed to sourcing sustainable ingredients and use environmentally friendly packaging. But there are other ways you can be more sustainable when you travel. Here are our favorites:

Travel tip #10  Use a shampoo bar

Reject the temptation to buy any beauty minis at the airport in 2023. One way to lighten your environmental load is to buy a shampoo bar. There are many on the market but one of our favorites is HiBar. With a solid shampoo and conditioner for many different hair types, it leaves our hair swinging, super soft and subtly fragranced.

Travel tip 11 Opt for a reef-safe sunscreen

Sadly some of the world’s most beautiful and biologically diverse marine areas are under threat and chemical sunscreens have been connected to coral reef deterioration. According to savethereef.org it’s key that you use an SPF that uses a mineral sunscreen with physical UVA and UVB filters. It’s also important to choose a non-nano mineral sunscreen as these small particles can be toxic in small concentrations. Our All-In Day Serum SPF 30 uses non-nano Zinc Oxide to form a barrier against UVA and UVB rays and leaves no ghostly white cast.

Travel tip #12 Keep a spare tote stash

We’re never without a fold-up tote in our bag for impromptu grocery and shopping splurges. The key is to find one that folds up really small yet is sturdy enough to hold a few bottles of wine without breaking. One of our trusty favourites is Baggu.

Travel tip #13 Use toothpaste tablets

In 2022 we made the shift to using toothpaste tablets and we’re not looking back. According to research, 20 billion toothpaste tubes go into landfill every year, each one taking 500-700 years each to dissolve. Toothpaste tabs such as Parla (below) are an eco friendly option that packs one dose of dehydrated toothpaste into one pill-sized capsule that dissolves in your mouth ready to brush.

 Parla toothpaste tabs

Make your hotel feel like home  

Traveling alone can often be a lonely journey. Hopping on a train or jumping on a flight might seem glamorous to some, but the reality is that it often involves strange hotel rooms, language barriers and feeling a long way from home. Here are a few tips to help you feel happy on the go.

35 Thousand Ceramic Stone Diffuser

Travel tip #14   Scent your stay

Scent is an enormously important for our sense of wellbeing. Connected to our limbic system which controls our mood and memory, it’s no wonder that scent has the power to lift our spirits or help us to emotionally travel elsewhere. This is why we created our Limited Edition 35 Thousand  Ceramic Stone Diffuser which will elevate your space wherever you are. Just spritz, drop or drizzle with your favourite perfume and place it by your bed, in your luggage or in a drawer to bring instant familiarity and comfort.


Blissy silk pillowcase

Travel tip #15 Pack your own pillow case

We have a bit of a thing about hotel pillows, and always travel with our own pillow case. Not just because we get a bit freaked out thinking of all the other people who have used it (apologies for putting that idea in your head), but a scratchy pillow doesn’t equal a good night’s sleep. We’re a big fan of the Blissy Silk Pillowcases which use natural fibres, are bug resistant, hypoallergenic and we swear stave off wrinkles. But most of all they are silky soft and luxurious to touch, which is always a joy when you are faced with a strange hotel bed with bed linen that has seen better days.

 To find out more about our travel-friendly skincare read here

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