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Travel Bag with Bamboo Washcloth


A bio plastic, zip-up pouch for skincare at a glance

– Made from biodegradable TPU (Thermaplastic Polyurethane)
– Durable, waterproof and recyclable
– Biodegradable in 3-5 years
– Houses all 35 Thousand products
– Contains a bamboo washcloth

Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 2 in

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What's to Love

Made from biodegradable TPU, this pouch will biodegrade in 3-5 years

Fits the full range of 35 Thousand products, and some…

Please note: With security rules changing constantly, we cannot guarantee our bag is compliant with airline and airport liquid carriage regulations

How to use

Use for easy access to your 35 Thousand products at all times, or stuff with all your other handbag must-haves. Fully transparent (like us), it makes rummaging a thing of the past

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