Travel Beautifully · Perform Confidently
Travel Beautifully · Perform Confidently

Welcome to 35 Thousand

We asked 35 Thousand founder Misty Reich about herself, this website and what else lies in store.

Tell us about yourself in a few sentences…

“I’m a Texan living in London, a Town and Country girl. I’m a wife, mom, Christian, animal lover. I’m a coach, CEO/Entrepreneur and board member.”

Tell us about 35 Thousand…

“35 Thousand is about the intersection of women building careers and fulfilling lives and travelling.  Juggling all of those things is so hard, and when it works, it is so so rewarding.

We also aim to support women on their journey to juggle all of this by developing products that make it all easier and more beautiful, and create a community where we can share the ups and downs and all the tricks to make it work.”

How did you come up with the idea for the brand?

“I realised that I am not the only one struggling with life on the road, career and life outside of work.  Throughout my career I have spoken with so many women who are so talented but not going for the big jobs because it all looks too daunting- they don’t see how their personal aspirations can gel with their career goals so career gets sacrificed and I don’t think that is right. 

If we can collectively share our hacks and improve the tools and resources available to women who are out there trying to make it happen I believe we can make a difference in terms of women staying and climbing higher on the ladder. Ultimately we want to see more women fulfil their potential, in career and beyond.”

35 thousand misty reich
Misty Reich (Image by Annalisa Burello)
What role will the website play in this aspiration?

“We love a lot of different things: Beauty, Wellness, Career Inspo, and travel, and there are loads of great resources out there for each of those things but there’s not a place where all of them come together with us (career gals) in mind.

Our hope is that the website becomes a destination for all of us to find stories of women who have made it to where we want to go, and understand some of the detail behind how they did it.  35 Thousand is a lifestyle/travel/beauty/career mash up that we have been looking for.”

What can we discover on the site?

Inspirational stories of women who are juggling all the things and insight into how exactly they are doing it.

Information to help you navigate more successfully, safely and beautifully

Product recommendations that are tested and proven by gals on the road.”

What for you is a must-read?

“The ‘How She Carries On’ section – I will never tire of learning from other women.”

Who’s in your team?

“We have a small but mighty team and some of the agency best partners in the business

  • Susannah Taylor is our Editorial Director and chief content guru and has a great vision for and our social channels.
  • Claire Bristow is our Director of Product Development and is researching and developing products that we will bring to you in the future that you are going to absolutely love.
  • Brandstand Communications does a lot of our heavy lifting on social media and works tirelessly to plan out how our little brand can be found by all of you
  • Distil Studios has partnered with us from day 1 around the brand development- they have brought to life our logo, colour palette and a whole lot of other pieces around product that we will bedazzle you with later.”
You’re a business coach – what’s the best piece of advice you could ever give?

“I don’t know if it is the best single piece of advice but something people would probably say they hear a lot from me:

You are good. You have opportunities, weaknesses and challenges, but get in line behind the rest of us because we all do!  The trick is to figure out the best coping mechanisms to keep your opportunity areas/weaknesses from derailing you, put them in place and then move on. Stop obsessing about what you aren’t good at and go spend all of your energy building your strengths into towering strengths.”

What is next to come from the brand?

“We have been working since October 2017 to research a very special set of products that will make our experience as women on the road more beautiful and effortless.  Watch this space!”

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How She Carries On: Rosemary Ferguson, nutritional therapist

Rosemary Ferguson is a model, author and nutritional therapist. Here, she talks us through how she manages life on the go.


What luggage do you travel with?  

“I use an Eastpak holdall and a vintage Louis Vuitton suitcase. It’s a mix of functionality and being chic(ish)” 

What do you use for hand luggage?  

“I use either a Nike rucksack or my Smythson tote bag. I can fit everything in there – travel documents, liquids, blanket, socks, you name it!” 

What’s in your carry-on/ hand luggage that you never leave home without? 

“I can’t leave without my wide range of tinctures, face oils, serums and bag of hydrating beauty. Some of which include a lovely Contour Lift Effect, Dewy Glow Botanical Oil by Orveda $225.00. I also love Penny Frances Apothecary who has a lovely Rose Geranium and Hibiscus flower Botanical mist $29 which is perfect for instant hydration. I am also a big fan of Augustinus Bader‘s The Rich Cream.” 

rosemary ferguson is a big fan of augustinus bader's the rich cream
Rosemary is a big fan of Augustinus Bader’s The Rich Cream, $265

What’s your approach to eating on travel day?  

“Depending on the time of travel, I make sure food leading up to my flight is hydrating, full of fibre to keep things moving and rich in protein, fats and vegetables as opposed to carbs. I think this is really important as travelling is quite sedentary.” 

What’s your approach to skincare when travelling and flying? 

“HYDRATE. Drink plenty of water throughout the flight. I always take a hydrating serum and face oil especially on long haul and apply that to keep my skin hydrated and feeling fresh, before I land.” 

How do you approach your wardrobe on the road?  

“I’m not the sort of person who has new outfits every day. I always plan what I’m going to wear but make sure that shoes can be worn with a few outfits, and that also goes for jumpers, vests and T-shirts. I always  take jewellery to accessorize.” 

What do you wear to travel? 

“I tend to always wear a good pair of jeans and a classic black t-shirt or vest and some black ballet pumps. I also always take some silk pyjama bottoms or cashmere joggers on the plane and change.” 

Do you have any in-flight routines? 

“I always change into pyjamas when flying long haul and I also take a massage ball to roll with my feet whilst seated to promote blood flow. I also try to stick with the time zone I’m going to, so if it’s night time where I’m heading, then I’ll try and sleep or I’ll read and rest. This game plan doesn’t always work but it does help at the other end.” 

Plane food or own-food? 

“I eat plane food but always opt for a gluten free vegan meal as it’s less irritating to the gut.” 

Do you carry snacks with you when travelling and if so what? 

“I always take my own snacks like nuts, seeds, protein balls, crudité and hummus so I have something healthy at hand.” 

What do you read, listen to and/or watch in flight? 

“I love podcasts, which changes depending on what the theme is that month. I’m a big fan of Dr Mark Hyman ‘The Doctor’s Farmacy’ which I’ll usually download before a flight. I also like a good series on the plane or a comedy like The Big Bang Theory.” 

What is your seat preference and why?  

“Window seat always as it feels like I have more room.” 

Do you have any safety measures when travelling? 

“Not really. I just like to ensure there is always enough time to reduce any possible stress.” 

If you are a nervous flier, how do you cope? 

“Through all the years of travelling with modelling I’ve never been a nervous flier. However Rescue Remedy $11.37 is a great thing to have on hand if you are. Another would be CBD oil.” 

Is there anything you take onboard to feel ready on touch-down?  

“I always change back into my jeans and I feel naked without perfume. A spritz of Penhaligons Malabah or Dior Rose Gipsy $220 and I’m good to go.” 

Rosemary feels naked without a spritz of fragrance and loves Rose Gipsy by Christian Dior
Rosemary feels naked without a spritz of fragrance and loves Rose Gipsy by Christian Dior ,£200


What is the best experience you have had travelling for work and where was it? 

“It’s really hard to pick one. I’ve been super lucky and been to some amazing places – The Bolivian salt planes were pretty amazing. More recently I went to Elsewhere in Goa, where I did a yoga retreat at Ashiyana and learnt about Ayurvedic methods. It left me feeling amazing and so inspired.” 

What was a terrible travel experience that wasn’t funny then, but is now? 

“Driving from London to Deia in Majorca. To sum up, there were forest fires everywhere, all the main highways were closed and we opted for a cross country route which resulted in a completely shredded tyre on top of a deserted mountain at night time. Then we missed the ferry. Oh and we had 3 kids and 3 dogs in the back of the car.” 

What do you do before a trip to ensure life at home runs smoothly whilst you are away? 

“I make a thousand lists and make sure everything is scheduled and completed before I go. I also have a little team that run things whilst I’m gone. “ 

How do you keep connected to loved ones whilst on the road? 

“Facetime, Whatsapp groups, emails…” 

What situations related to travel do you find hard? 

“Delayed flights are never good as you plan everything around reaching your destination at a certain time” 

How do you make your hotel room feel like home? 

“I love to have all my skincare products out in the bathroom with my straighteners laid out by the mirror. Also I make sure I have great lounge wear to put on if I’m ever in the room relaxing.” 

How do you manage your wellbeing when away?  

“When I’m away I always try to meditate in the morning for about 5 minutes and do some form of exercise whether that’s a run, walk, hike, dog walk, or yoga. I also always take my supplements wherever I go to which keeps me feeling well.” 

Do you have any do’s and don’ts about nutrition and food when travelling? 

“Eat plenty of fibre, good fats, hydrate a lot and take in as much green veg as and when you can. Avoid processed food and sugar as they will only make you feel worse and irritate the balance in your gut.” 

How do you manage your mindset if you feel overwhelmed when away from home? 

“I’ll make a call home, talk to my kids, husband and our little sausage dog. Or I arrange to do something nice like a massage, go for lunch or take a Yoga class.” 

Is there any outsourcing that you do to ease the burden? 

“I have the most amazing team and a sensational PA and they help with a lot of planning and logistics.”  

What are your tips for combating jet lag physically, mentally and facially? 

“Hydration – it’s so simple but so crucial. Next , take a probiotic to help your gut plus a fibre supplement to get things moving and maybe 4000mg of vitamin C to keep your immune system up. Make sure you get as much natural sunlight as possible after travelling to help reset your body clock.

Facially I would say always have a great hydrating sheet mask to hand… I like the Decorte and Verso ones.”

Jen Rubio, Co-Founder of Away

The luggage entrepreneur talks in-flight facials, the benefits of aisle seats, and jet lag breakfasts.With Jen Rubio, Co-founder and Chief Brand Officer, Away

The luggage entrepreneur talks inflight facials, creativity in the air and jet lag breakfasts.


What luggage and hand luggage do you travel with? Why do you like it?

“I’m usually reaching for Away’s Bigger Carry-On in Navy paired with The Everywhere Bag in Black Leather. I avoid checking my bags whenever possible, so this is the perfect duo. I’m able to pack for nearly two weeks of travel and comfortably carry everything I need.”

jen rubio away luggage
The Away Bigger Carry-on in Navy, $245
What’s your approach to skincare when travelling and flying? Which beauty products do you take?

“Packing the skin care products I love eliminates some of the stress that inevitably comes along with shaking up my routine while on the road, so I always pack travel-sized minis of my must-haves. My favorites are Aesop’s Fabulous Face Cleanser, $49.00, Glycelene Seatox Face Mist $70, IGK Dry Shampoo, and Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum $216.37.

I also always have a reusable water bottle—hydration is always crucial, but even more so when you’re travelling.”

How do you approach your wardrobe on the road?

“I’m usually traveling for both business and fun out of one carry-on, so I tend to gravitate towards items that are comfortable and versatile, can easily be dressed up or down, and in neutral tones that I can easily mix and match.

For me, that’s a black slip dress, my Chanel loafers, stretchy yet tailored trousers, woven tops and sweaters that won’t wrinkle in transit, and a vintage leather jacket. I keep accessories to a minimum so that they’re one less thing to think about, and only bring my most cherished jewellery.”

What’s in your carry-on / hand luggage that you never leave home without?

“I never fly without my noise-cancelling headphones and a Slip silk eye mask. They’re the two things that guarantee I can comfortably get some rest on long flights.”

jen rubio slip silk eye mask
Jen is never without her Slip Eyemask, $61.82
Do you have any in-flight routines? Are you a nervous flier?

“Luckily, I’ve never been a nervous flier. I actually enjoy my time in the air the most – it’s when I’m completely unplugged from the world that I’m able to do some of my most creative and concentrated thinking.”

What do you read, listen to and/or watch in flight?

“Usually I’ll use flights to catch up on my favorite podcasts or journal about some of the ideas my team and I have for Away.”

“I also love doing a mini inflight facial—I’ve gotten some strange looks while wearing a facial mask on the plane, but the air inside the cabin is so dehydrating so I’ll sacrifice some dignity if it means I can land with skin that’s glowing. Lately I’ve been loving the Estee Lauder Concentrated Recovery PowerFoil Mask $85.”

What is your seat preference and why? 

“I’m always in the aisle seat. I like to be able to get up and stretch my legs during a long flight to keep the circulation going without disturbing my seatmates, so you’ll rarely catch me with a window seat.”


What is the best experience you have had travelling for work and where was it?

“We recently launched Away in Australia, and to introduce the brand, we hosted Origin: Away, a campaign and experiential pop-up in Sydney to celebrate the country’s love of travel and its entrepreneurial spirit. It was all about highlighting local entrepreneurs whose travels had led them to build successful businesses abroad, and we brought them back home to Sydney to share their stories with the local community. I always love hearing how travel has transformed the way people live their lives, so it was such an incredible and fulfilling experience.”

What was a terrible travel experience that wasn’t funny then, but is now?

“It’s so ironic because it was awful at the time but it’s also what sparked the genesis of Away – my suitcase broke at the airport while I was traveling, and I literally had to use duct tape to get it back together before my flight. My clothes were everywhere. It was so embarrassing.

I was determined to find the perfect suitcase so that something like that would never happen again, but it turns out the perfect suitcase didn’t exist, so we created it.”

What do you do before a trip to ensure life at home runs smoothly whilst you are away?

“I’m on the road more often than I’m home these days, so I start by embracing the things won’t always run smoothly and I can’t control the inevitable bumps that will come up. Instead, I try to focus on the fact that everything will be okay.”

“I have a packing routine that makes last-minute trips feel less daunting, and an incredibly talented team that I trust to make great decisions for Away and our community while I’m not in the office. I know the company is in great hands even when I’m traveling or completely off the grid.”

How do you keep connected to loved ones whilst on the road?

“I make it a point to call at least one person I love before I go to bed. It’s a little routine I adopted years ago when I started traveling more often, and it’s something small that makes me feel grounded after a long day, and grateful for all the great people in my life.”

How do you make your hotel room feel like home?

“I travel with a few items from home that make any hotel or Airbnb instantly feel familiar and warm—that’s usually a sound machine to drown out any unfamiliar noises and help me fall (and stay!) asleep, and a travel-size candle in the same scent that I burn at home (Cire Trudon’s Balmoral is my favorite).”

hotel room candle cire trudon
How do you manage your wellbeing when away? 

I use apps like Glo so I can take a yoga class no matter where I am in the world, and I try to go for lots of walks to explore and unwind while I’m traveling rather than opting for a car. They’re small, easy ways for me to carve out time for myself that also keep me active and in the mindset for being truly present.”

“I’m also really mindful about eating nutritious meals when I’m travelling. Sometimes I find myself working straight through lunch, so I’ll make sure I have a big breakfast, like porridge with bananas and almonds, or eggs on avocado toast.”

“Being on-the-go can wreak havoc on your immune system, but staying active and eating well are things you can control.”

What are your tips for combating jet lag?

“Keep moving and eat breakfast. Once I arrive at my hotel, I’ll head outside for a walk or do a short yoga session at the hotel – something to keep my energy going before I can properly rest. And eating breakfast (or whatever meal is associated with the local time when you land) is a small but effective way to signal to your body that you’re shifting to a new time zone.”