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The makeup artist and cosmetics entrepreneur Trish Mcevoy talks to 35 Thousand about how she’s maintaining her business and managing her health in these turbulent times

Tell us about your work…

“I am the founder and CEO of Trish McEvoy Beauty. I started my career in New York City as a makeup artist, launching my own line of skincare, makeup, and brushes in 1975. To this day, I run my business out of our New York office on East 57th Street where I work with my fabulous team; some of whom have been with me for 35+ years.

My favorite part about my work is the way that I am able to interact with people and make them feel good. My brand’s mission is to help demystify beauty in order to help women and men feel their most confident. Being able to help others in that way has truly been a blessing.”

trish mcevoy
What’s your context outside of work (do you have family, pets, where do you live, hobbies, and commitments)?

“Despite living in Manhattan for so many years, it will never lose its magic touch for me. I spend much of my time outside of work continuing to explore the city. I love walking my dogs in Central Park and catching up with friends over dinner at local restaurants, both new and old. Outside of New York, I love to travel. London is among one of my favorite cities. I can’t wait to go back.”

What is your normal day-to-day life like?

“No two days are alike, however if I had to describe it, I’d say it starts with a scroll through Instagram. I absolutely love using Instagram for inspiration. People share the most amazing things and I love being able to share what I find with my team. We meet daily at 9 am to review any and all inspiration for the day before diving into upcoming tasks, meetings and events. After a busy day of meetings and calls, I unwind by staying active. Whether it be a walk with the dogs or a run on the treadmill, I find it helps me to clear my head.”

What’s your day-to day life like now currently during COVID-19?

“I am so fortunate to say that it hasn’t changed much, aside from the fact that I now do everything from my apartment. Our team has quickly adapted to Zoom meetings and we still kick the day off with inspirational pieces, whether it be a post from Instagram or a song to help lift our spirits.

In terms of staying active, that’s gone virtual, too! I do virtual workout classes with 305 Fitness and Bandier.

The Trish McEvoy Power of Makeup makeup planner is the perfect companion for busy women
The Trish McEvoy Power of Makeup makeup planner is the perfect companion for busy women
How has it impacted you personally and professionally? What are you finding challenging?

“There isn’t one person in the world that this hasn’t effected both personally and professionally. I feel so blessed to have my health, family, friends, and business, but there certainly have been obstacles.

As I mentioned earlier, I love the human interaction of my job. While Zoom is a fabulous way to stay in touch with friends and colleagues, it isn’t quite the same, as I’m sure so many can relate.”

Where are you finding hope and optimism?

“As I mentioned, I love the sense of community that Instagram brings. I’ve found countless people—such as Kirsty Godso and Tanya Zuckerbrot via Instagram who bring such positivity and light to a dark situation. Having this time at home has also helped me find new music, which truly helps to set the mood. I absolutely adore Dua Lipa. Her song “Physical” is my go-to for an instant pick-me-up. I love to run on the treadmill while I listen! I’m also a fan of Maluma, a Colombian singer a friend of mine introduced me to.”

What do you miss about life before COVID-19 that you never thought you would?

“Truthfully, I’m not shocked by what I miss. I miss it all and can’t wait to be out exploring the world again.”

How are you getting through?

“When faced with uncertainty, my biggest piece of advice is to recognize how you are feeling and allow yourself to feel that way. Even if what you are feeling is uncomfortable, it’s important to take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to relax into that feeling.

Once I allow for that to happen, I sit down, write out my plan for the day to give myself some structure. Then, I have my sense of purpose for the day and can physically cross things off my list, which truly allows for a sense of peace. When I need to go deeper, I will write out what I am feeling in my journal or FaceTime someone that will uplift the mood that I’m in. It’s so important to remember we are all in this together, and more often than not, others close to you are feeling the same.”

What is your mindset about how to use your time at home (Hustle harder with newfound time, be still and soak up the gift of time, dive into unexplored creative pursuits?)

“It’s made me stay motivated. I work with my team tirelessly to brainstorm new ways to engage with our community and to think of ways that we can help be their source of hope and optimism.”


Whether you’re travelling, burning the candle at both ends, or juggling young children and working life, your eyes are first to give away the signs of fatigue. Here, top makeup artist and co-host of podcast Life and Lipstick Lisa Potter-Dixon shares how to hide tired eyes. Lisa tells us her secrets to looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed fast. 

Mask it 

Lisa loves an eye mask for keeping the skin around the eyes hydrated, ‘In fact,’ she says, “If I’m travelling I tend to do a whole skincare routine on a plane. Your eyes can become super puffy under flying conditions so applying hydrating eye masks every 5 hours will prevent this.” Her all-time favourites are 111 Skin Celestial Black Diamond Eye Masks, $14.84 for 1 and the Elemis Pro Collagen Hydra Gel Eye Masks $62.44 for 6. “Both are super hydrating and cooling, and will keep your eye area looking refreshed and smooth,” she says.  

The red eye antidote 

Lisa always carries eyedrops with her to help with red eyes. One of her favourites is Optrex Blood Shot Eye Drops, $6.91.  “If the rim of your eye tends to get red, use a nude coloured liner in the waterline,” she says, “ Benefit’s Eye Bright Liner, $34.90 is perfect for this,” she says “It will cover the red and your eyes will look brighter instantly.” 

how to hide tired eyes optrex Lisa is a fan of these Optrex eyedrops for reducing red eyes
Lisa is a fan of these Optrex eyedrops for reducing red eyes
For wide awake eyes 

Tired eyes will always look smaller than usual if you have broken or not enough sleep. Lisa has a few handy hints for helping them look bigger. “Using a liner on the top lid will help make eyes look brighter, as will a really good mascara.  Go for one in jet black and really layer it on, then turn the wand vertically to flick the corner lashes out.” She also suggests a a touch of highlighter in the inner corner of the eye which, she says, will not only make them look bigger but brighter too. Try Tom Ford’s Sheer Highlighting Duo, $78 . 

Handbag essentials 

As well as the eye masks above, Lisa will also always have a hydrating eye cream stashed in her handbag. One of her favourites is Glossier’s Bubble Wrap $28.44 , a protective eye and lip cream. She will also carry a quad eyeshadow palette for simple definition such as Charlotte Tilbury’s Exagger-eyes $64.23.

There will also always be a mascara and the eye brightening pencil mentioned above, and of course, some eyeshadow brushes for application. 

Glossier's Bubble Wrap is a two-in one hydrator for eyes and lips
Glossier’s Bubble Wrap is a two-in one hydrator for eyes and lips
From darkness into light 

Many people suffer with dark rings under their eyes which can look pronounced after a flight or after a broken night’s sleep. Lisa suggests the following to counteract their appearance. “Start with an eye cream to hydrate the area, but don’t apply too much as this can cause your mascara to transfer. Then it’s onto your concealer –  Nars Radiant creamy concealer $48.41 and Bourjois’ Healthy Mix Anti-Fatigue Concealer $11.12  are two of my faves –  both have a colour correcting undertone that works for your skin colour and both brighten and conceal brilliantly.” Lisa suggests applying from the inner corner of the eye, down to the upper cheek bone and back up to the outer corner of the eye, patting it in with either your fingers, a brush or a beauty blender. “Blend up towards the lower lash line and also over the eye lid,” she says “The skin around the eye is 40% thinner than anywhere else on the face, so it’s important to conceal the area surrounding the eyes too if you want an even finish.” 

Brow know-how 

We all know how eyebrows frame our faces, but when we are tired they become even more important because, according to Lisa, they can create an instant eyelift. “Using just a fibre gel can make a huge difference,” she says. Her favourites are Benefit’s Gimme Brow, $24 and Laura Mercier’s Brow Dimension fibre gel $23.49 which really fill and define the brows. Follow her trick for maximum effect: “Brush the product through the brow the wrong way at first,” she says, “Before brushing them back the way the hair falls. This will add real volume and colour to the brows” 

Follow Lisa @lisapotterdixon and lisapotterdixon.com 

This hugely successful fashion, beauty and red carpet makeup artist, Cher Webb, explains which products make the plastic bag cull


What luggage do you travel with?

Away cases are my luggage of choice because they are lightweight, durable, they look great and have the added bonus of a built-in charger.”

What do you use for hand luggage?

My hand luggage is usually an Away Carry-on case $225, or a medium sized leather holdall. Something that is easy to access, never too heavy and fits all the carry-on essentials.

What’s in your carry-on/ hand luggage that you never leave home without?

“My skincare/makeup bag,  Bose Headphones, eye mask, comfy socks and a good book.”

Cher webb always travels with her Bose Noise Cancelling headphones
Cher always travels with her Bose Noise Cancelling headphones $432.68
What’s your approach to eating on travel day?

“I always aim to eat at the airport and have a nice meal. I also try to avoid the aeroplane food but I am quite partial to breakfast when on a red eye flight.”

What’s your approach to skincare when travelling and flying?

“It’s a huge factor for me, firstly I never wear makeup on a flight and I top up my skin every 1-2 hours with my long haul favourites. I see a noticeable difference when I put a skin routine in place on the flight.

I take travel size editions of my haircare and fragrances but when it comes to looking after my skin I always take the full size in my luggage.”

How do you approach your wardrobe on the road?

“I like to take a mix to be prepared for any eventuality. I generally will treat myself to a couple of new additions to the wardrobe before I travel (panic buys DO happen!).

For me, a good mix of comfy and smart is key. When it comes to packing I have discovered the joy of packing cubes that I divide and separate my clothes in to to. They instantly give the illusion of being organised!

I tend to always wear the same staple pieces of jewellery such as my engagement ring, locket necklace and a couple of silver bangles. I don’t often wear costume jewellery unless it’s for a big occasion such as weddings or red-carpet events.”

What do you wear to travel?

“Comfort is my main priority, especially when flying. I tend to wear leggings, sneakers, a t-shirt and hoody as there’s nothing worse than restrictive clothing and being cold on a flight.”

Do you have any in-flight routines?

“First thing I tend to do on a flight is my skincare routine which involves a quick cleanse, a generous application of Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum and some lip balm. I always plan what movie I’m going to watch but I generally prioritise up on the things I don’t get enough of at home, such as sleep and admin.”

Cher webb is never without Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair in her carry-on
Cher is never without Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair, $64.54 in her carry-on
Plane food or own-food?

“I always treat myself to something sweet for the flight from the airport (normally Mini-Eggs or aGalaxy Smooth) but I usually eat before I fly so I don’t have to rely on plane food.”

Do you carry snacks with you when travelling?

“I’ve always got a Smart Water and a selection of nuts and crackers in my bag.”

What do you read, listen to and/or watch in-flight?

“I always buy a couple of magazines at the airport, usually Grazia or Harpers Bazaar, I download podcasts pre flight and I’ve usually got a book with me that hasn’t ever been opened.

Instead I tend to watch classic movies on a flight that I’ve seen a thousand times.”

What is your seat preference and why?

Always a window seat (much to my fiancé’s distain), then give me a travel pillow and I’m out for the count (after my admin and a couple of Baileys of course).”

Do you have any safety measures when travelling?

“I always keep my seat belt on during the flight.”

Which beauty products make the plastic bag cull?

Elemis Superfood Kefir Tea Mist $32.15 , Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair $64.54, Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial $66.77, Aurelia Probiotic Aromatic Repair and Brighten Hand Cream $35.24 and Bobbi Brown Tinted Lip Balm $32.15.

If you are a nervous flier, how do you cope?

“Not at all, I get excited more than anything else!

Is there anything you take onboard to feel ready on touch-down?

“Toothpaste, mouthwash, my skin care routine, a light make-up application and spritz of my favourite fragrance.”

Follow Cher on instagram @cherwebbmakeup



What is the best experience you have had travelling for work?

“As a makeup artist I’ve had the privilege of travelling the world with my job. Fashion weeks globally for over 15 years have given me so many amazing memories, although the European Film Awards really stands out for me as I applied makeup for Helen Mirren and Piers Brosnan.”

What was a terrible travel experience that wasn’t funny then, but is now?

“There have been a few disasters along the way: turning up at the wrong airport, leaving my passport in the hotel safe and only realizing when I got to the check-in counter and more recently leaving my phone on the roof of a rental car and getting all the way through security before realising.”

What do you do before a trip to ensure life at home runs smoothly whilst you are away?

“My plants are a huge part of my home so ensuring they’re fed and watered makes me feel at ease.”

How do you keep connected to loved ones whilst on the road?

“Video calling is an absolute blessing, a lot of my work is through social media so I generally feel more connected to home than I used to with the various platforms out there.”

What situations related to travel do you find hard?

“Changing time zones and having to deal with the jetlag is the biggest one for me. “

How do you make your hotel room feel like home?

“I unpack straight away, all my clothes get hung up and my products are laid out next to the sink. It’s like home from home.”

How do you manage your wellbeing when away?

“I try to eat well while I’m away, always starting the day with a healthy breakfast. I’m active too and prefer to walk around where I can, I love getting to know a new neighborhood and discovering hidden gems.”

How do you manage your mindset if you feel overwhelmed when away from home?

“I check in with loved ones when I can. If I’m away for long periods I’ll catch up with my life coach from time to time which helps me to reset and re-energize.”

What are your tips for combatting jet lag physically, mentally and facially?

“Try to get your body into a new routine as soon as possible when it comes to eating and sleeping, you have to be strict with yourself on the first day and the rest will fall into place.

“I sometimes like to workout on the day I arrive as this is part of my daily routine at home.”


Top makeup artist Ruby Hammer knows a thing or two about reviving a jet lagged, partied out or simply exhausted face . Here, she spills her makeup secrets for the times you need to look fresh, polished and Zoom-ready incredibly fast (like when you’ve overslept.)

Avoid Hydration Drainers

Having travelled the world for shoots and top fashion campaigns, Ruby knows a thing or two about reviving tired skin. Whether you are travelling or literally walking downstairs to your ‘office’ her no-no is alcohol , “If you really want to look fabulous , then do not have an alcoholic drink,” she says “Especially in the air, because it will make dehydration so much worse which will make you look worse.”

And her advice (for when we start flying again) is not to reach for the salty snacks. “Try not to have too much sodium or salt as it puffs you up in the ankles and the face,” she warns. This may mean you think about carrying your own healthier versions with you.

ruby hammer fresh faced beauty
Ruby Hammer is the queen of fresh faced beauty
How to de-puff your face

If you find that you are prone to puffiness when you wake up, then Ruby suggests using a Jade roller, “I think these are fabulous,” she says, “You can roll the skin and under the eyes with it and using this means you then need to use less product.” One of our favourites is the Hayo’u Beauty Restorer , $46.98 a moulded piece of polished Jade which releases puffiness and re-boots cabin-suffocated skin. It stays cold too so is immensely refreshing on a fatigued face.

The Flash Facial

When you’re tired, Ruby is a big fan of applying light, fresh-looking makeup rather than caking it on, which she says won’t make you look more awake and could actually achieve the opposite.

Whether you are on a long haul flight or are waking in the night with young children , she suggests giving yourself a mini facial to revive skin. She suggests cleaning your face, then applying a dry sheet mask such as  Charlotte Tilbury’s Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask, $29.66. or Trish McEvoy’s Instant Solutions Reusable Dry Sheet Mask, $22 both of which are very handy on the go if you don’t like the feel or the mess of the wet gloopy ones. if you’re at home, apply one of these whilst you’re drying your hair – even five minutes will help boost your skin.

Charlotte Tilbury's Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask is a miraculous mask to give facial results with no gloop
Charlotte Tilbury’s Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask is a miraculous mask to give facial results with no gloop

Ruby is also a big fan of Sisley’s Express Flower Gel Mask, $92.14 which really plumps up skin in just 3 minutes, “If your skin looks lovely and hydrated,” she says, “You only need a touch of moisturiser afterwards.”

She always travels with a product such as Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream, $24.73 which is an all-purpose multitasking ointment you can use on cuticles, stray eyebrows or dry lips. “It’s important to make sure your lips don’t look cracked and malnourished if you need to look polished,” she says.

Bright Eyes

We don’t know a makeup artist who is not a fan of eyedrops for their ability to brighten red, scratchy eyes. ‘You definitely need some killer eye drops,” says Ruby, “When I’m in Italy I stock up on a brand called Imidazyl, and when I’m in the US I buy Lumify Eye Drops from Bausch and Lomb. I absolutely swear by them  – they are a specialist eye care company and nearly every makeup artist I know uses them. They instantly relieve redness and make eyes sparkle  – if you can bring your eyes back to life you’re half way there.”

Lumify Eye Drops are a makeup artist favourite for brightening re or bloodshot eyes
Lumify Eye Drops are a makeup artist favourite for brightening re or bloodshot eyes
Touching Base

Ruby stresses the importance of not applying a heavy base of makeup unless you really need it because it can actually make tired skin look even more fatigued. ‘You don’t need to do full foundation, what you need is a really great concealer’ she says. Ruby is a huge fan of the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, $29.67 which she suggests using in place of base, but where you really need it – around the eyes, the nose, the chin and to cover any blemishes.

Face masks can leave your skin shiny so she then suggests taking the shine off with a blot proof paper or a powder. One of our favourites is Fenty’s Invisimatte Blotting Paper, $16, which comes on a roller dispenser you can refill.

Go for Glow

No glow? No problem. It’s easy to fake one with a touch of cream blush. Ruby loves using Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rouge $39.65,  (which you can also apply to lips) or Jillian Dempsey’s Cheek Tint, $32.76. Alternatively she loves Trish McEvoy’s Beauty Booster Lip and Cheek Balm, $37. If you aren’t a fan of cream blushers, Ruby says you can beat a powder blusher for control and staying power. 

Brighter Eyes

You don’t need to pile on thick, heavy eye makeup to brighten tired eyes, “You need to look clean and crisp, not like you’re going out to a nightclub,’ says Ruby. However what she does recommend is a lick of mascara and a neutral or mink-coloured eyeshadow. Ruby suggests Bobbi Brown’s Eye Shadows, $35.86 which come in many shades of neutral but also Maybelline’s The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette, $14.82 which is amazing value for money. Dust lightly over the upper eyelid with Ruby’s Magnetic Brush Set, $34.62 which cleverly contains three brushes in with different shaped tips.

ruby hammer magnetic brush set
Ruby’s Magnetic Brush set a set of brushes in one wand with 3 different brushes that slot together

‘Go for a mascara that gives volume and definition, not flakiness and clogging,’ says Ruby who loves the Hourglass Extreme Caution Lash Mascara, $51.29, a beauty editor favourite.

Lip Tricks

Continuing the fresh-faced look, Ruby suggests skipping lip liner and full blown lipstick in favour of a sheer, coloured balm. One of her absolute favourites is the Tom Ford Beauty Sheer Lip Color which comes in various shades, $55.

tom ford sheer lip colour nudiste
Tom Ford’s Sheer Lip Colour in Nudiste, $55 is both hydrating and face brightening

Finally, Ruby suggests having an aromatherapy oil roller ball on hand such as the Revive Morning Rollerball from Aromatherapy Associates, $22.26, which not only will smell incredible but it can lift your mood. ‘Inhale deeply a few times,” she says, “And you’re good to go.”

Ruby’s Magnetic Brush Set is available at rubyhammer.com