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We will never tire of our quest for longer, thicker doe-eyed lashes. However our desire for that perfect flutter may, in fact, be putting our lashes under undue stress. Mascara application for example can leave them dry and brittle, as can harsher eye makeup removers or overzealous scrubbing with washcloths to remover stubborn makeup. Meanwhile eyelash curlers can weaken the lashes by bending them at the base. The same goes for extensions which can cause stress at the base – particularly if you have a penchant for pulling them all out once they get a bit sparse.

A few eyelash facts

You may not have put too much thought into your lashes’ life cycle before but here are a few facts from a study carried out by the National Centre for Biotechnology Information in the US:

About lash serums

Eyelash growth serums have become hugely popular in the last few years. Designed for daily use, they contain ingredients that actively promote growth. Then there are lash conditioners which help prevent brittleness and breakage which can lead the the illusion of thickness.

The former (lash growth serums) aren’t without controversy – some (not all) started out life for use as medical treatments (some for treating glaucoma patients), where a side effect was increased eyelash growth. Other occasional side effects include eyelid pigmentation and irritation or redness. Since this is the very sensitive eye area we advise you to choose carefully.

We asked the 35thousand team for their tried and tested recommendations…


About the product

Latisse is an ophthalmic solution (eyedrops) created by Allergen who also create Botox and fillers. In 2001 Allergan created some medicated eyedrops that were to treat intraocular pressure. Containing Bimatoprost, the side effects were longer, fuller and darker lashes. This led them to create Latisse which, after clinical trials was approved by the FDA in 2008. The products is only currently available in the US.


“What I look for is the double effect of lengthening and thickness. Latisse is the most consistently effective in terms of proving the robustness and length of my lashes and works beautifully on my brows. It’s a little dropper (like an eyedropper bottle) and I put it on the roots of my lashes – initially every day and now once or twice a week. There’s a week or two that your lashes are amazing because what it does is extend the life of your lashes – you are basically keeping your lashes from falling out. I would say it’s two weeks before you see any results. You notice it subtley when you put mascara on.” Misty Reich

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Plantifique Eyelash GrowtH serum, $32.90

About the product

Plantifique prides itself on creating ‘superfood’ based skincare that is free from ingredients such as mineral oil, phthalates, and silicone sulphate. Containing non irritating ingredients, it is rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids and contains no gluten, colours or artificial fragrances. Clinically proven to improve the length of lashes, for optimum results they recommend using the serum twice a day for at least 3 months.

Plantifique Superfood Serum

“I have super sensitive eyes, so finding an eyelash serum that didn’t cause irritation but didn’t compromise on results was key for me. The Plantifique Eyelash Growth Serum is hypoallergenic, so is super gentle on the eyes but still adds some major drama to the lashes. For the first month, the serum is applied twice a day and can be worn easily under makeup and then to maintain my luscious lashes, I apply every night. The eyeliner shaped wand makes the serum easy to apply and minimises wastage.

The serum is applied in a thin line along the lash line as opposed to brushed on like a mascara. What is fab about this product, is the paper measuring tool that comes with it which allows you to track the growth. Within a week, my lashes were already tickling my browbone and my colleagues had noticed a difference on Zoom! The price point, ingredients and results all mean that this serum has quickly become a staple in my makeup bag – a quick swipe of mascara in the morning and I’m ready to go.” Tilly Henshaw

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RevitalasH Advanced eyelash conditioner serum, $55

About the product

Revitalash is probably the original and best known eyelash enhancer of them all. Created by Dr. Brinkenhoff, a physician and opthalmologist. The original formula was created for his wife when she was battling cancer to help her grow her lashes. The Advanced Serum uses scientifically advanced technology and a Biopeptin complex to help grow healthier-looking, more luscious lashes (and brows). You only have to read the reviews on their website www.revitalash.com to know that it has dedicated fan base.

Revitalash has a cult following

“I’m a Revitalash fan – but I don’t use it on my lashes. I’m trying to replace the brows I had in the 90s before Kate Moss inspired us all with those thin arches that looked so good back then. An over-enthusiastic makeup artist, keen to move me out of the 70s and into the 90s (I had really big Brooke Shields brows) pinned me down and tweezed away. I loved the way the brows looked, but with age, and changing styles, I missed my bushier brows. And if you pluck them consistently, they just don’t grow back. Unless you use a lash or brow serum, to help things along.

I like Revitalash because it is easy – just brush it over clean skin where you want to encourage growth, best done at night time, and wait for the results. I have to say, the best results are evident on existing brows – they grow long which is great for lashes but less so for brows, so you have to make sure you are painting with the little brush in the right area. What I have noticed over many years of use though, is a gradual increase in brow hair coverage so that my brow bones look less naked than they did. This is one of those beauty treatments that you have to really stick at and it’s not a one-off solution – consistent use pays off.” Anna-Marie Solowij

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Naissance Cold Pressed Castor oil, $11.99

About the product

This ethically sourced castor oil is packed with essential fatty acids. With a thick, honey-like consistency, it has long been used by its fans for conditioning lashes and helping give them a healthy, lustrous appearance. Extracted in India using a cold pressed method, this means that there’s been no heat processing involved which may alter its effectiveness.

Naissance Castor oil- many believe in its lustre giving benefits
The review

“As someone with a sensitive eye area, I’m always on the hunt for natural skincare and beauty products which are less likely to cause irritation. For eyelashes, I’ve been using the Naissance cold pressed castor oil. High in Ricinoleic acid, castor oil is known for being super conditioning and giving hair (and lashes) a hydrated, lustrous sheen. Although there’s no current scientific evidence to suggest the oil actively promotes hair growth, studies show it may help prevent breakage, leaving lashes nourished and looking fuller. 

I apply castor oil to my lashes as part of my nightly skincare routine. Since even cold pressed varieties can be fairly viscous, I usually combine it with a couple of drops of coconut oil (another natural moisturiser). Then, taking a clean eyeshadow brush I sweep the mix across my top and lower lash lines. Although naturally sticky, the oil feels lightweight once applied and can be easily washed away in the morning. To notice any significant change, you’ll need to consistently use the product for 3-6 months – with regular application, I’ve found that my lashes appear healthier and thicker.” Aasiyah Dana

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Rapidlash EyeLash Enhancing Serum,$31.95

About the product

Created by International Research Laboratories, this award-winning serum has sold over 3 million units world-wide. Opthalmologist-tested and clinically proven to be safe, it contains a scientific cocktail of ingredients from biotin to polypeptides and panthenon. Recommended for use just once a day, users report brilliant results.

Rapidlash is very effective for many people
The review

“If you’re looking for the results of Revitalash without the Revitalash pricetag, Rapidlash is a great alternative and widely available. Results take a little longer to become visible but after about 4 weeks my lashes really started to pack a punch and were earning me many a compliment in the office. They also felt a lot longer and softer. I had to stop using the serum in the end as my eyes became quite sensitive and the bags under my eyes were darkening in colour but if you don’t have sensitive eyes, this is a great mid-range option that definitely helps your eyelashes look more luscious.” Tilly Henshaw

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Whether you’re travelling, burning the candle at both ends, or juggling young children and working life, your eyes are first to give away the signs of fatigue. Here, top makeup artist and co-host of podcast Life and Lipstick Lisa Potter-Dixon shares how to hide tired eyes. Lisa tells us her secrets to looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed fast. 

Mask it 

Lisa loves an eye mask for keeping the skin around the eyes hydrated, ‘In fact,’ she says, “If I’m travelling I tend to do a whole skincare routine on a plane. Your eyes can become super puffy under flying conditions so applying hydrating eye masks every 5 hours will prevent this.” Her all-time favourites are 111 Skin Celestial Black Diamond Eye Masks, $14.84 for 1 and the Elemis Pro Collagen Hydra Gel Eye Masks $62.44 for 6. “Both are super hydrating and cooling, and will keep your eye area looking refreshed and smooth,” she says.  

The red eye antidote 

Lisa always carries eyedrops with her to help with red eyes. One of her favourites is Optrex Blood Shot Eye Drops, $6.91.  “If the rim of your eye tends to get red, use a nude coloured liner in the waterline,” she says, “ Benefit’s Eye Bright Liner, $34.90 is perfect for this,” she says “It will cover the red and your eyes will look brighter instantly.” 

how to hide tired eyes optrex Lisa is a fan of these Optrex eyedrops for reducing red eyes
Lisa is a fan of these Optrex eyedrops for reducing red eyes
For wide awake eyes 

Tired eyes will always look smaller than usual if you have broken or not enough sleep. Lisa has a few handy hints for helping them look bigger. “Using a liner on the top lid will help make eyes look brighter, as will a really good mascara.  Go for one in jet black and really layer it on, then turn the wand vertically to flick the corner lashes out.” She also suggests a a touch of highlighter in the inner corner of the eye which, she says, will not only make them look bigger but brighter too. Try Tom Ford’s Sheer Highlighting Duo, $78 . 

Handbag essentials 

As well as the eye masks above, Lisa will also always have a hydrating eye cream stashed in her handbag. One of her favourites is Glossier’s Bubble Wrap $28.44 , a protective eye and lip cream. She will also carry a quad eyeshadow palette for simple definition such as Charlotte Tilbury’s Exagger-eyes $64.23.

There will also always be a mascara and the eye brightening pencil mentioned above, and of course, some eyeshadow brushes for application. 

Glossier's Bubble Wrap is a two-in one hydrator for eyes and lips
Glossier’s Bubble Wrap is a two-in one hydrator for eyes and lips
From darkness into light 

Many people suffer with dark rings under their eyes which can look pronounced after a flight or after a broken night’s sleep. Lisa suggests the following to counteract their appearance. “Start with an eye cream to hydrate the area, but don’t apply too much as this can cause your mascara to transfer. Then it’s onto your concealer –  Nars Radiant creamy concealer $48.41 and Bourjois’ Healthy Mix Anti-Fatigue Concealer $11.12  are two of my faves –  both have a colour correcting undertone that works for your skin colour and both brighten and conceal brilliantly.” Lisa suggests applying from the inner corner of the eye, down to the upper cheek bone and back up to the outer corner of the eye, patting it in with either your fingers, a brush or a beauty blender. “Blend up towards the lower lash line and also over the eye lid,” she says “The skin around the eye is 40% thinner than anywhere else on the face, so it’s important to conceal the area surrounding the eyes too if you want an even finish.” 

Brow know-how 

We all know how eyebrows frame our faces, but when we are tired they become even more important because, according to Lisa, they can create an instant eyelift. “Using just a fibre gel can make a huge difference,” she says. Her favourites are Benefit’s Gimme Brow, $24 and Laura Mercier’s Brow Dimension fibre gel $23.49 which really fill and define the brows. Follow her trick for maximum effect: “Brush the product through the brow the wrong way at first,” she says, “Before brushing them back the way the hair falls. This will add real volume and colour to the brows” 

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Top makeup artist Ruby Hammer knows a thing or two about reviving a jet lagged, partied out or simply exhausted face . Here, she spills her makeup secrets for the times you need to look fresh, polished and Zoom-ready incredibly fast (like when you’ve overslept.)

Avoid Hydration Drainers

Having travelled the world for shoots and top fashion campaigns, Ruby knows a thing or two about reviving tired skin. Whether you are travelling or literally walking downstairs to your ‘office’ her no-no is alcohol , “If you really want to look fabulous , then do not have an alcoholic drink,” she says “Especially in the air, because it will make dehydration so much worse which will make you look worse.”

And her advice (for when we start flying again) is not to reach for the salty snacks. “Try not to have too much sodium or salt as it puffs you up in the ankles and the face,” she warns. This may mean you think about carrying your own healthier versions with you.

ruby hammer fresh faced beauty
Ruby Hammer is the queen of fresh faced beauty
How to de-puff your face

If you find that you are prone to puffiness when you wake up, then Ruby suggests using a Jade roller, “I think these are fabulous,” she says, “You can roll the skin and under the eyes with it and using this means you then need to use less product.” One of our favourites is the Hayo’u Beauty Restorer , $46.98 a moulded piece of polished Jade which releases puffiness and re-boots cabin-suffocated skin. It stays cold too so is immensely refreshing on a fatigued face.

The Flash Facial

When you’re tired, Ruby is a big fan of applying light, fresh-looking makeup rather than caking it on, which she says won’t make you look more awake and could actually achieve the opposite.

Whether you are on a long haul flight or are waking in the night with young children , she suggests giving yourself a mini facial to revive skin. She suggests cleaning your face, then applying a dry sheet mask such as  Charlotte Tilbury’s Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask, $29.66. or Trish McEvoy’s Instant Solutions Reusable Dry Sheet Mask, $22 both of which are very handy on the go if you don’t like the feel or the mess of the wet gloopy ones. if you’re at home, apply one of these whilst you’re drying your hair – even five minutes will help boost your skin.

Charlotte Tilbury's Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask is a miraculous mask to give facial results with no gloop
Charlotte Tilbury’s Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask is a miraculous mask to give facial results with no gloop

Ruby is also a big fan of Sisley’s Express Flower Gel Mask, $92.14 which really plumps up skin in just 3 minutes, “If your skin looks lovely and hydrated,” she says, “You only need a touch of moisturiser afterwards.”

She always travels with a product such as Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream, $24.73 which is an all-purpose multitasking ointment you can use on cuticles, stray eyebrows or dry lips. “It’s important to make sure your lips don’t look cracked and malnourished if you need to look polished,” she says.

Bright Eyes

We don’t know a makeup artist who is not a fan of eyedrops for their ability to brighten red, scratchy eyes. ‘You definitely need some killer eye drops,” says Ruby, “When I’m in Italy I stock up on a brand called Imidazyl, and when I’m in the US I buy Lumify Eye Drops from Bausch and Lomb. I absolutely swear by them  – they are a specialist eye care company and nearly every makeup artist I know uses them. They instantly relieve redness and make eyes sparkle  – if you can bring your eyes back to life you’re half way there.”

Lumify Eye Drops are a makeup artist favourite for brightening re or bloodshot eyes
Lumify Eye Drops are a makeup artist favourite for brightening re or bloodshot eyes
Touching Base

Ruby stresses the importance of not applying a heavy base of makeup unless you really need it because it can actually make tired skin look even more fatigued. ‘You don’t need to do full foundation, what you need is a really great concealer’ she says. Ruby is a huge fan of the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, $29.67 which she suggests using in place of base, but where you really need it – around the eyes, the nose, the chin and to cover any blemishes.

Face masks can leave your skin shiny so she then suggests taking the shine off with a blot proof paper or a powder. One of our favourites is Fenty’s Invisimatte Blotting Paper, $16, which comes on a roller dispenser you can refill.

Go for Glow

No glow? No problem. It’s easy to fake one with a touch of cream blush. Ruby loves using Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rouge $39.65,  (which you can also apply to lips) or Jillian Dempsey’s Cheek Tint, $32.76. Alternatively she loves Trish McEvoy’s Beauty Booster Lip and Cheek Balm, $37. If you aren’t a fan of cream blushers, Ruby says you can beat a powder blusher for control and staying power. 

Brighter Eyes

You don’t need to pile on thick, heavy eye makeup to brighten tired eyes, “You need to look clean and crisp, not like you’re going out to a nightclub,’ says Ruby. However what she does recommend is a lick of mascara and a neutral or mink-coloured eyeshadow. Ruby suggests Bobbi Brown’s Eye Shadows, $35.86 which come in many shades of neutral but also Maybelline’s The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette, $14.82 which is amazing value for money. Dust lightly over the upper eyelid with Ruby’s Magnetic Brush Set, $34.62 which cleverly contains three brushes in with different shaped tips.

ruby hammer magnetic brush set
Ruby’s Magnetic Brush set a set of brushes in one wand with 3 different brushes that slot together

‘Go for a mascara that gives volume and definition, not flakiness and clogging,’ says Ruby who loves the Hourglass Extreme Caution Lash Mascara, $51.29, a beauty editor favourite.

Lip Tricks

Continuing the fresh-faced look, Ruby suggests skipping lip liner and full blown lipstick in favour of a sheer, coloured balm. One of her absolute favourites is the Tom Ford Beauty Sheer Lip Color which comes in various shades, $55.

tom ford sheer lip colour nudiste
Tom Ford’s Sheer Lip Colour in Nudiste, $55 is both hydrating and face brightening

Finally, Ruby suggests having an aromatherapy oil roller ball on hand such as the Revive Morning Rollerball from Aromatherapy Associates, $22.26, which not only will smell incredible but it can lift your mood. ‘Inhale deeply a few times,” she says, “And you’re good to go.”

Ruby’s Magnetic Brush Set is available at rubyhammer.com

We don’t know about you, but we’re not a pretty sight right now. We set out at the beginning of the Corona crisis with the best of intentions beauty-wise, but have since let it all slip. What happens, when you need to look half decent for an important Zoom call (or God forbid a real life meeting or a date) when you have spent the last few months channeling your inner scarecrow? We asked Hannah Martin, Professional Make Up artist, and co-host of the Life & Lipstick podcast , for her mega-boosting skin and makeup tricks.


SOS skincare

You may have been stuck inside with nothing but a computer for company over the last three months, and if so your skin will look brighter and more rejuvenated if it is well hydrated – often fine lines can be reduced and glow enhanced just by upping skin’s moisture levels. Hannah is a fan of Drunk Elephant B Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum $49.46 which she also uses on flights when hydration levels are really low. “For an extra boost or if skin is really dry I apply a light layer of face cream on top,” she says “My favourites are Shiseido’s Benefiance  Nutri Perfect range and Beauty Pie’s Super Healthy Skin.” If her skin needs some intense nourishing she uses Votary oils who use natural plant-based oils to nourish the skin gently.” She tells us she always has Clarins Lip Perfector lip balms, $22.87 with her at all times to keep her lips soft and supple and add a hint of colour (without looking overdone.)

hide signs of jetlag nourish lips
Clarins Lip Protector Balms add a hint of colour and nourish the lips at the same time
For a Zoom-ready glow…

If you have a special meeting, a date or you just fancy giving your skin a treat, try a super hydrating sheet mask – preferably one that is packed with Hyaluronic acid – a key ingredient which can hold up 1000 times its weight in water. Hannah suggests applying to clean skin and allowing all the goodness to be absorbed for a good 10 minutes (great to wear while you sip your coffee), before you apply your makeup. “This will instantly plump up any of those surface dehydration lines and ensure makeup sits smoothly” Hannah says. One of her favourites is the Seoulista Gold Glow Instant Facial $17.31.

Good to Glow

If your skin hasn’t see the light of day since the beginning of lockdown, Hannah suggests packing a Vitamin C serum for brightening skin – she is a fan of Drunk Elephant C Firma Day Serum, $82.84 that she applies to cleansed skin every morning. If she’s particularly tired or jet-lagged from travelling (pre Corona) she also uses a Hyaluronic acid to plump up tired looking skin and does a little face massage to encourage lymphatic drainage and reduce puffiness. You don’t have to be an expert she says “Simply tapping your face in upwards motions using the tips of your fingers really gets the blood circulating, helping you look fresh.”

hide signs of jetlag vitamin c glowing skin
Drunk Elephant’s C Firma Day Serum is packed with vitamin C and antioxidants
Bright Eyed

If you spend a lot of your day at your computer, or your eyes are red and sore then rehydrate them with eye drops. Hannah suggests Optrex Eye Drops, $18.53 which not only refresh your eyes, but they can illuminate and reduce that scratchy feeling. If your eyes feel a little puffy then the Chantecaille Gold Energising Eye Recovery Masks $195 for 8 pairs can be great to apply to rehydrate the skin around the eyes. “They may not drastically reduce the appearance of bags but they feel wonderfully refreshing,” she says.


Back to Base

If your skin is on the dry side Hannah says she avoids a silicone based foundation as it tends to absorb moisture and make her skin look even more parched. Some of her favourite hydrating skin saviours are Trinny’s BFF Skin Perfector, $46.50 or Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturiser, $43.27.

If your skin needs more coverage however, Hannah likes IT Cosmetics Illuminating CC cream, $39.50 which, she says, will make your skin look bright and fresh whilst evening your squinting. She is also a big fan of Ciate London’s Matchmaker blush, $27.20 which she uses on all skin tones to bring life and glow back to sallow cheeks.

hide signs of jetlag tinted moisturiser flawless glow
Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturiser is a makeup artist favourite for delivering a flawless glow
Eye lift

Eyes can be a real fatigue giveaway. To put the sparkle back into yours, Hannah firstly suggests grooming your brows upwards with the Blink Brow Bar Brow build, $25.96 which will frame your eyes and immediately create a more polished look.  She then suggests lining the eyes (whether smudged, winged, subtle or strong) which is essential for making eyes look more awake. She loves Nars Long Wear Liner, $23.49 and adds a few coats of Hourglass Caution Mascara $29 onto curled lashes (she swears by Tweezerman lash curlers, $21.02).  She finishes with her favorite Clarins Lip Perfector (no 7 is her favourite, a toffee pink.).

On-the-go toolkit

You don’t have to buy lots of tools to create flawless skin, but Hannah suggests the following for an on-the-go perfected look: a foundation brush or sponge so you don’t make a mess or get lots of makeup on your hands; a powder brush that you can use for powder, blush and bronzer, and a simple shadow brush for eyes.

Finishing touches

Hannah says that hydrated lips can make a tired face look fresh, whilst dry, cracked lips can make your face seem less youthful. She always uses lip balm so her lips are ready for any lipstick. Finally, she has a tip for when we go out into the world again ,  “If at any point your makeup looks tired, carry a tiny bottle of facial oil and dab the smallest amount on cheekbones to bring your skin back to life.” We love Lixirskin’s Night Switch Essential Lipids, $29.67 which can be used as a treatment or as a travel-friendly boost for parched skin.

Hannah is a professional makeup artist and the co-host of the Life & Lipstick podcast @hannahmartinmakeup.