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Since we haven’t been able to visit the hair salon that much lately, we’ve been breaking in some home hair styling tools instead with some pretty professional results. Here, the 35 Thousand team give their verdict on the best at-home hair gadgetry.

The Revlon one-step hairdryer and volumizer Hot Air Brush

Review by Tilly Doody-Henshaw

“This was totally a Tiktok enabled purchase, and this brush has truly changed the game!  I’ve tried and failed to blowdry my hair at home for years and this looked like it was going to solve all my problems. In no time it leaves my hair super sleek, smooth and shiny.  I just rough dry it, split into three sections and dry downwards, tucking the ends in or flicking backwards. It takes me 10-15 minutes from start to dry and I just sleep with my hair clipped in a loose bun to keep the shape. For someone who doesn’t like spending lots of time on their hair (I’m very lazy with it), this has really upgraded my hair game. The barrel is huge so I don’t think it would work for shorter hair, but mine falls just under my shoulders. It is also oval shaped, so it stops any ‘Dolly Parton’-esque bounce.” 

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Revlon One-step Hair dryer and Volumiser

Self grip rollers

Review by Misty Reich

“Any large Velcro rollers will do but I love these High Tops Self Grip rollers from Dry Bar. In my opinion, the larger the better for smooth, voluminous hair. Smaller ones will give waves and even curl, but for the blow dry hack, large ones are the trick.

I use them to cheat my way to a salon calibre blow out- even if I am working with a crappy hotel hair dryer.  Here’s how I style my hair

1) Rough dry  – I do mine upside down, because, more volume is always better   

2) Roll Hair –  When hair is still hot from drying, section off and brush bundles of hair and roll- I do a row down middle part of my head from forehead to nape of neck and I use 4 large rollers for that.  I then do 3 on each side of that row of rollers so my whole head is rolled.  

For an even smoother effect you can use a roller brush to blow dry each piece that will go around a roller so individual sections are heated and smoothed before being wrapped around roller.”

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GHD Glide Hot Brush

Review by Susannah Taylor

“This Glide Hot Brush is particularly useful for smoothing frizz, post workout flyaways, and second day hair fluffiness.   A straightening/ smoothing tool in the form of a hairbrush, the brush heats up to 185 degrees and has hard bristles. The multi-level bristles are brilliant for gripping onto hair and  managing even the most unruly of locks (eg mine) and it’s particularly useful for me at the moment because I’m inbetween Brazilian blowouts and therefore have frizzy roots! I use the Glide after blowdrying my hair (note: not to be used on wet hair) and it makes makes light work of my curly wurly bits, smoothing them flat. The only downside is that it‘s not that easy to wave the ends with this tool, so if the super straight look is your thing then it’s definitely worth the splurge.”

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The GHD Glide Hotbrush

T3 Twirl convertible styling wand 

Review by Susannah Taylor

“In my humble opinion this is the queen of styling wands. On its own, this bigger sized wand creates modern, beachy, naturally soft waves rather than tighter curls. With a tourmaline infused ceramic finish that heats up to 410 degrees almost immediately, it also eliminates static and smooths cuticles so the waves look smooth and luxurious. However what’s also exciting about this gadget is that the barrel is interchangeable so you can then buy others that you lock in to create different finishes. Choose from the Tousled waves Tapered styling wand for more surfy curls to the Polished Curls Barrel which has a clip to keep hair in place whilst you wave it. Genius.”

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The T3 Twirl Convertible styling wand

Babyliss 9000 cordless Straightener

“Babyliss describe this product as a ‘high performance cordless straightener’ which it is because it heats up to nearly the temperature of their plugin version with temperatures of 160, 180 and 200 degrees. Whilst the straightener is ready to use almost straight away, you need to charge it for 3 hours to last for 30 minutes cordlessly. With ceramic plates that won’t pull or frazzle your hair, it also has a curved body if you want to curl or flick the ends as I do. With an auto-safety function that turns them off automatically if left on, there is also a handy travel pouch that’s heat protected inside so you can throw them in your hand luggage and go. The only downside to these straighteners is that they are quite heavy so you may not want to be carrying them to work everyday. However they are brilliant for keeping in the car, for post gym frizz smoothing or even for a pre touch-down touch-up on a flight.”

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The Cloud Nine AirShot Pro

Cloud Nine Air Shot Pro

If Apple were to design a hairdryer then this would be it. The Cloud Nine Air shot Pro not only looks super sleek, is lightweight, but its technology is state-of-the-art too. It’s eco precision motor means that velocity of airflow is optimised at a lower wattage meaning hair dries faster and is left super shiney (even no my frizzy locks.). With a cool shot button and even weight distribution, this powerful hairdryer doesn’t feel like the usual kettle bell weight salon hairdryer we’ve had to use in the past.”

Buy here

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Once upon a time I had to lug my beloved Parlux hairdryer with me whenever I went away from home which would double the weight of my bag instantly (I have thick, frizzy, just-electrocuted hair in its natural state that requires a lot of smoothing. ) It was either that or risk those pathetic hairdryers that were attached to hotel bathroom walls which would take me half a day to dry my hair with.

Thankfully the hair tools of today are much lighter, leaner, sometimes wireless and more portable, meaning we can throw them in our handbag for after work drinks or in our hand luggage on a flight.

This is our tried and trusted edit of travel-friendly hair tools that make our lives (and hair) a lot more manageable

The Glide Hot Brush, GHD, $171.86

A favourite with influencers, this multitasking hair styling brush has firm long and short bristles and it also heats up, smoothing your hair quickly. Amazing for renewing second day hair and imparting a silky softness.

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Babyliss 9000 Cordless Straightener, $247.28

There have been a few cordless straighteners that have launched in the past, but they have never worked like the plug-in versions and never got hot enough. The recently launched Babyliss version, however, is an exception. Powered by lithium-ion, it comes with a magnetic charger that will give you 30 minutes use at maximum temperature, and with ceramic floating plates, it gives an exceptionally smooth glide. Does it smooth hair as well as the plug-in version? Yes, exactly the same. Absolutely brilliant – just don’t put them back in your handbag still hot.

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travel-friendly hair tools The Babyliss 9000 Cordless Straightener
The Babyliss 9000 Cordless Straightener
Thermoceramic rollers, Denman $4.02

If you want to fake the look of a salon blow-dry fast, blow-dry your hair smooth and then wrap the lengths around a set of Thermoceramic rollers from Denman. A genius invention, they are super lightweight, and use self-grip silver metallic thread so there’s no need for any grips or pins. Just roll into your hair, blast with a hairdryer and leave to cool for enviable waves.

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travel-friendly hair tools Denman Thermoceramic Velcro Rollers
Denman Thermoceramic Velcro Rollers
Ceramic and Boar Bristle brushes from Moroccanoil, from $13.60

Moroccanoil are not just famous for their cult defrizzing oil but they have an amazing professional range of hairbrushes too. One of my favourites is the Boar Bristle brush, $75.48 which smooths even the wildest hair (e.g. mine). Perfect to create your in-flight hairstyle.

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GHD flight travel hairdryer
The GHD Flight Travel Hairdryer
The GHD Flight Travel Hairdryer, $99

It used to be the case that the lighter the hairdryer was the less power it had. No more – this power tool from GHD is 50% lighter than their Air Hairdryer with 70% of the power. With two power settings, it folds up to reduce its size and there is dual voltage so you can rest assured it will work wherever you plug it in.

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The Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer, $399.99

The Dyson hairdryer is more lightweight than most professional hairdryers yet just as powerful. With special ion technology it helps to reduce static and is easy to use. With the motor in the handle (why did noone think of that before?) it makes this hairdryer small enough to pack in a suitcase.

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Well-travelled hair is often not happy hair. It’s normally been rolled around on, had some headphones knotted in it or squashed somewhere around a neck pillow and a rather nasty seat protector. But you don’t have to arrive at your destination in a tangle. Here’s our on-the-go guide to hair styling on the fly.

The In-flight Tousle

If you love the tousled look but can’t achieve it without your beloved hair tongs, then Jonathan Soons, Creative Ambassador for Headmasters salons, has the answer. For hair that’s below the shoulders, he suggests ‘the grown-up braid’ which he says, is a modern look that will also transform hair into soft waves on the go. The key he says, is “The bigger the braid, the better it is for creating waves, so you don’t get that crimping effect.” Jonathan suggests trying French braids or Heidi-esque braids as they’re comfortable on planes, trains and automobiles, and he explains, the messier they get, the better they tend to look.

With no need for styling tools or lots of product (just some clear elastics and some Kirby grips) you just need to know how to plait the hair.  Jonathan offers some help:

“For a Heidi braid, add a middle parting and then divide the hair into two equal sections. Secure each side into bunches behind the ear with a clear elastic.  Plait each bunch, then pull one of them over the top of the head an inch away from the hair line.  Secure the plait to the head by weaving pins underneath it and repeat on the other side.”

Twenty minutes before you are due to arrive at your destination, loosen your braids and brush through with your fingers or a Manta brush (which doesn’t damage the hair) for an undone wave.

On The Fly Hair Fixes

Different hair types react in different ways especially if you’re at 35 Thousand feet. Whilst some might stand on end, others lie down flat and refuse to perk up. Below are some tips for products you may want to stash in your carry-on.

If your hair is static

If your hair is prone to looking like it’s been electrocuted , then Jonathan Soons recommends using the Manta brush because it’s anti-static. He also suggests smoothing hair with a touch of serum to calm flyaways. One product we have discovered recently that is a hair travel essential is Hershesons Almost Everything Cream, $12.36  which you can use to style or tame hair, your choice. Hershesons.com

in-flight hairstyle almost everything cream
Hersheson’s Almost Everything Cream holds, defrizzes and gives shine to hair
If your hair is greasy

An early morning start, a stressful long day and a long journey or day in the city can leave your hair greasy and dirty-looking. Modern hair brand Living Proof do great travel-sized versions of their clever products. We are fans of their Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo, $14 which is designed to absorb sweat, oil and odour. Weightless with a time release fragrance it’s the next best thing to a wash. Spray at the roots of hair and style as you would normally.  (The Instant De-Frizzer $18.55 is also great for taming wild hair on the go.)

You have those annoying flyaways around the hairline

If you’ve had a baby in the last few years you will absolutely comprehend the strange new hair flyaways that grow through like a weird tufty fringe. Thankfully there are products at hand specifically to tame them like the John Frieda Full Repair Touch-up Flyaway Tamer, $47.45

If your hair is flat

If you have the type of hair that loses volume instantly after styling then it will probably lie flat before you reach maximum altitude.  Jonathan recommends stashing some L’Oréal Professionnel tecni.ART Super Volume & Texture Dust, $15.10 in your hand luggage which he says will help give height to hair. Sprinkle onto the roots and massage in slightly. 

If your hair is frizzy around the hairline 

If your hair is prone to springing into frizz around the hairline the minute it gets sweaty or damp, I have a tip I once learnt from legendary hair stylist Eugene Souleiman. Take the inflight toothbrush (obviously if you’re not using it on your teeth) or one you know longer need at home and spray its brush with hairspray. Comb firmly through your hairline to fix the frizzies. Try John Frieda Frizz Ease Moisture Barrier Hairspray, 75ml, $3.09 which is handbag sized. 

If you need to wash and go

If you can’t face decanting your shampoo bottle, or if you have a layover and need a handy option then pack a shampoo bar instead of a liquid version. We are big fans of Nutandnoggin.com shampoo bars which use natural ingredients and beer (yes beer!) to leave hair not only super clean but incredibly shiny. And it won’t get taken away at back check.

The No-mirror Up-Do

One no-heat, no tool technique that’s guaranteed to leave hair with body and  a blow-dry worthy wave is the ballerina bun technique. Tried and tested successfully by the 35Thousand team, the key is to wash and blowdry hair smooth before you leave home, using a product such as Morroccanoil $35.11 Amazon.com. Whilst it’s still warm, tie it in a bun at the crown of your head, leaving out the ends so they don’t kink under the band. “Take the hair down a few hours later or before the plane lands,” says Jonathan Soons,  “And shake from the root to help it fall properly and frame the face.”  

Switch Sides

As with most things, if it’s not working, try looking at it from different perspective. This is the case I find with hair – if your side parting isn’t working maybe try wearing it central for a change or switch it to the other side. If you usually wear your hair down, but its too flyway/ messy/ lank, then throw it up in a chignon for an instantly chic new look. You never know, it might even give you a new lease of life. Always keep a mini kit of see-through bands and some Kirby grips to hand just in case.

No Plug, No Problem

Who said not having a plug socket needs to hinder your hairstyle? Kiss goodbye to unaffective styling tools and say hello to the new wave of cordless power stylers. 

Babyliss 9000 Portable straightener $247.28 (babyliss.co.uk)

Once you’ve charged this new state of the art straightener, it will stay hot (properly hot) for 30 minutes. Full size, with ceramic plates, testers have reported it leaves hair just as mirror-like and smooth as their usual plug-in version.

in-flight hairstyle portable straightener
The recently launched Babyliss 9000 Portable straightener for frizz fighting on the fly
The Balmain Paris Hair Couture Universal Cordless Straightener, $375 (netaporter.com

This super stylish portable straightener is small enough to slip into your hand luggage but powerful enough to style the most difficult of hair. In white titanium it also doubles up as a curling iron when you want luscious waves. 

Sleep-in rollers, $3.71 Boots for 6

Ok, you may feel a little silly wearing rollers through Check In (and they may question you in passport control), but if you’re planning to sleep on a long haul flight you could do worse than to pop a few of these in cleanly washed hair and pass out. Expect to wake to soft, bouncy waves.

in-flight hairstyle accessories head band
Anthropologie’s Lorelia Head band is perfect for managing hair on the go or adding some flair on arrival

If all else fails, Accessorize

It’s worth stashing a few hair accessories in your hand luggage just in case your hair is past the point of no return.

Hair bands are still of the moment and look great whether you are attending a board meeting or are heading to New York’s hippest hangout. They also look great worn with hair scraped into a bun. You’ll find a great collection at Anthropologie and also Born in the Sun, both of which offer some very chic hair clips too which provide a great distraction for rebellious hair.  This Lorelia hair band is $34.62 and the hair clip in the main image are from Anthropologie.com