Travel Beautifully · Perform Confidently
Travel Beautifully · Perform Confidently

Clean Sheets

Whilst life in lockdown and the harsh reality of seeing ourselves staring back at us on a Zoom call has made us scrutinise our looks more than ever, none of us has been within ten feet of a facility for the past three months. So what to do as life goes back to ‘normal’ and you suddenly need to look presentable fast? Thankfully, however, help is at hand thanks to a host of intensive, hydration-packing, nutrient-rich sheet masks which are the quickest, handiest way we’ve found to revive the skin when it needs resuscitating fast.

Founder of 35Thousand Misty Reich says that the 5 things she looks for in a sheet mask are: effectiveness (specifically Misty is looking for glow, hydration and plumping); multi-usage and cost per use (Misty says they don’t advertise it but you can re-use most of them and whilst a pack can seem expensive they normally contain 3-5 masks); fit (she says her face is larger than most); their ability to stay on, and finally their gloop factor since you don’t want a mask dripping slime into your lap.

Here are our favourites…

SK-II Facial Treatment Mask, $144.21 for 10

Effectiveness: The original sheet face mask, this is still one of the best for hydration, glow and skin plumping

Multi-usage: It’s an expensive product, but the effect is worth it and Misty’s hack is to buy 20 when she’s at Duty Free which works out cheaper. She also uses each mask 2-3 times since there is so much serum in one sachet. She folds it back up afterwards and replaces it back in the sachet, into an airtight container or bag and keeps it in the fridge for a few days. Disclaimer – do not keep for a month.

Fit: Fits well even for a larger face

Gloop and stay factor: There is a lot of gloop, but Misty wrings the mask out into the sachet before applying

Anything Else? Misty says to ignore the instructions and leave on for up to an hour for maximum glow factor.

Buy here

Cle de Peau illuminating Concentrate Skincare set, $160 for 6

Effectiveness: Again one of Misty’s favourites, this skincare set contains six 3-step treatments that are perfect for reviving tired or jetlagged skin leaving it smooth and glowing.

Multi-usage: ‘I would say that this is my ‘event mask’ ‘says Misty, ‘Given the cost and effectiveness.’ A proper treatment, there is a toner and an essence that you apply before each mask. Misty gets 2 uses out of the liquids and mask, if not 3. ‘If you get 3 uses per mask you are at a more reasonable price,” she says.

Fit: The fit is great and adaptable because it comes in two separate pieces.

Gloop and stay factor: Stays well and is not drippy messy.

Anything Else? Misty leaves it on for an hour.

Buy here

sheet masks for travel cle de peau
Cle de Peau Illuminating Concentrate Skincare Set is one of founder Misty’s favourites

Trish McEvoy Correct and Brighten Weekly Peel, $126 for 12

Effectiveness: ‘This is such a great product’ says Misty, “It has been in my skincare arsenal and mask drawer for years and I’m never without it.’ It is a single cotton pad that you swipe all over your face, neck and décolletage , and it is a gentle yet effective overnight exfoliator and glow treatment, and I’m always amazed that I wake up and my skin looks good. It is the perfect non-liquid travel companion.’

Multi-usage: It is not cheap at £8 per use but it is for weekly or occasional use.’

Gloop  factor: This product is mess free

Anything else? Misty also uses any excess on elbows and heels. Great for use in flight.

Buy here

Dr Jart + Dermask Cheek and Eye Lift, $21.64 for 2

Effectiveness: A set of two individually packaged hydrogel patches, they are brightening, plumping and diminish the look of fine lines around the eyes.

Multi-use: They are not terribly expensive and Misty replaces the patches back on their paper backing to reuse a second time.

Fit: A second skin

Gloop and stay factor: Absolutely no mess and non-budging until peeled off.

Anything else? ‘I can blow dry my hair with this on and that is key for me’ says Misty.

Buy here

Sarah Chapman 3D Moisture Infusion Mask, $56.87 for 4

Effectiveness: Seriously skin quenching for particularly parched skin. This bio-cellulose mask, created by one of London’s top facialists, envelops the face like a second skin, instantly hydrating, plumping and soothing.

Multi-usage: 100% The mask is coated in a serum and we would definitely reuse it (although we would advise disposing of it after a few days)

Fit: It uses bio cellulose technology – different to fabric masks – it is made of tiny fibres that fall into every fold and pore of the skin

Gloop and stay factor: Like a second skin, and non-drip.

Anything else? There are clever flaps that can be pulled over eyelids if you plan to lie back and relax for a while, or they can be folded down if that’s not your thing. We also leave this on for an hour for maximum benefits.

Buy here

sheet masks for travel skinesis 3d moisture infusion
Star Skin VIP 7 Second Luxury All-Day mask, £9 for 5

Effectiveness: This is a super-fast, super-charged mask pad that delivers fresh, dewy skin in seconds. Ideal if you’re super busy or have no time for any other beautification. Massage the toner-soaked beaded side gently over clean skin to gently exfoliate and brighten the skin and then use the other ‘serum’ side to hydrate and smooth.

Multi-use: No because you are probably picking up skin debris with the exfoliating side, but at this price they are affordable.

Gloop factor: Skin feels quite wet when initially applied but this soon dries into the skin.

Anything else? Perfect weekly treatment for those who don’t have time for lengthy mask applications

Buy here

The Maskologist Rose Glowing potion, $115 for 4 masks

Effectiveness: A great, luxurious mask for parched, travelled-out skin. This hydrogel mask is much like a facial in a sachet and packs nutrients, hydration, minerals and antibacterial properties into the skin leaving it radiant.

Multi-use: No. You only get one and being of clear gel-like texture, it sticks to itself when pulled off but that’s because it is biodegradable. Is it worth the price? If you’re feeling flush then yes.

Fit: In two parts (one for the forehead and the other for the lower face), it locks onto the skin like second skin

Stay and Gloop factor:  It does slip slightly and requires some readjusting, but contains just the right amount of product that is absorbed well into skin afterwards

Anything else? It smells of a divine rose garden and ends up with a cooling sensation on the skin.

Buy here

Maskologist Rose Glowing Potion mask is an innovative hydrogel mask
The Maskologist Rose Glowing Potion mask is an innovative hydrogel mask

Image credits: Beats Solo Pro Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones, turquoise notebook from Noble Macmillan, and Hip Water Bottle

How to prioritise personal safety

The more we speak to women who have travelled for work, the more we hear tales of unexpected and often frightening events on the road, from credit card fraud to theft, and worse. We spoke to Simon Rowland, CEO of Veritas International (who offer security services to families and businesses) for his top ten solo travel safety tips for home and away.

We’re not into scaremongering, but as they say, forewarned is forearmed…

1. It’s all about preparation

Unless you’ve had a bad experience personally or you visit dangerous areas or countries frequently, you may not think twice about personal safety. However according to Rowland, self-protection is all about preparation. Before you head off on a trip, he suggests that you always prepare by taking ten minutes to ask yourself how you are going to deal different situations.  “It’s about how you are going to deal with potential scenarios or how to limit your exposure to them,” he says. “It’s all about asking yourself the ‘What-ifs’,” he says, “Thinking things through and finding a solution, so that you’ll be streets ahead of everyone else.”

Rowland also stresses that gender equality is not necessarily universal, and many cultures don’t share the same beliefs.   “I would say adopt a sceptical approach to everything,” he says. 

2. How to guard against a power cut

If you’ve ever been in a hotel in a power cut, you’ll know scary it is. Depending on their star rating, some hotels may have safety lights, but it’s best to be prepared just in case. Rowland says, first off, always look as to where the safety escape is. He says it also pays to work out how many doors down the corridor your room is until you find the escape stairwell.

Other advice? Always charge your phone in case you need to use it in the night, and we suggest making an exception to the rule of not having your phone by your bed. If we’re away from home we find comfort in having it right next to our pillow.

3. Prime your phone 

Depending on which country you’re visiting (it’s vastly different if you’re going to an underdeveloped country), Rowland advises you put the most important numbers on the speed dial in your phone. He also suggests adding in the number for the consulate or embassy, the country’s emergency number if they have one, a trusted contact in the country you are visiting and the number of a loved one. Make sure you know how to access speed dial if it’s not something you use regularly on your phone. His other suggestion is to make sure that ‘findmyiphone’ is switched on at all times. 

One of Rowland’s suggestions is to use an app called Life360 which his company use with their clients. The app can accurately track where colleagues or family are. It also has a panic button that will alert others in your ‘circle’ if you are in trouble. 

solo travel safety tips flip belt
4. Taxi talk

We all know the importance of getting into a registered taxi, but Rowland says, it’s also very important that you don’t share a taxi with anyone you don’t know. He says your gut instinct is very important (trust it) so if you do find yourself in a taxi with bad vibes, Rowland suggests sitting directly behind the driver where they can’t reach you and where you can make an easier getaway.  If you are staying at a hotel, he also suggests always getting your hotel to book you a taxi rather than hailing one off the street. 

5. Choose your hotel wisely

If your work are serious about looking after their employees, you should tell them that for safety reasons they need to put you up in a better standard of hotel. According to Rowland, the higher the hotel’s star, the more secure it will be, “Without a doubt, a higher standard of hotel will take security more seriously wherever you are in the world” he says. 

6. Leave valuables at home

If an airline has ever misplaced your luggage and it contained valuable clothes or jewellery, you will understand the importance of not travelling with pieces that mean the world to you.  Rowland concurs that in most hotels the duty manager can get into your safe, which may make you think twice about bringing valuables with you. 

When it comes to your passport, it’s advisable to take a photo or photocopy of the important pages, and to store them elsewhere so you can take them straight to the embassy if lost or stolen.

7. Pocketing money

Whilst most of us carry payment cards, it’s wise to carry some cash in case your card fails or it gets blocked abroad. But where should we keep cash that won’t get pick-pocketed or stolen? Rowland suggests keeping it in a discreet money belt, or a hidden compartment in a bag or purse. “It’s important to keep your ‘obvious pockets’ free so people can’t find anything,” he advises. We recommend using a Flip Belt which is reviewed here.

And if you find yourself in an area that makes you feel uncomfortable, Rowland actually suggests keeping ‘Muggers money’ on you,“Some cash that you have in a prearranged pocket that you could hand over if you had to. Something like the equivalent of £150 will normally be an incentive for a mugger to leave you alone” he says.

8. Trust your intuition

There is nothing like gut instinct to tell you that a situation isn’t right. We are firm believers that we all have a sixth sense that picks up on tiny details or bad energy and sends alarm signals when something feels wrong. “Even though you can’t put your finger on it,” says Rowland, “You should always trust it .”

9. Don’t pick your room at random

Rowland is a big advocate of choosing where you want your room and not allowing the hotel to book you in anywhere. If you’re unsure about the area you’re staying in then he suggests that you don’t book a room on the ground floor to avoid potential theft. Our founder Misty also recommends that you never book a hotel room higher than the 5th floor in case there was a fire and the ladders can’t reach any higher.

And if you really like to feel really secure in your room, or your door doesn’t have a lock, then Simon suggests travelling with a lightweight plastic door stop to put on the inside of your hotel room door (available on Amazon).

solo travel safety tips card protector slim wallet junkie
10. Guard your cards

It goes without saying that it’s important to keep your credit cards safe, but Rowland says it’s important to keep them in your sights at all times. Card thieves don’t need to actually swipe your cards or take it away nowadays, “Many now use a card reader,” says Rowland, “They just need to place the card on top of it to steal all your details.  If it’s covered up with a piece of paper, then you won’t even know they’ve done it.” He recommends you never, under any circumstances allow anyone to walk off with your card and if you go to a petrol station, pay at the pump if you can.

Rowland highly recommends travelling with a card protector in your wallet which will protect against RFID (radio frequency identification) and make ‘skimming, ’ as it’s known, impossible. He suggests

Main image by Annelisa Burro


From art galleries to picturesque lunch stops, and yoga classes by the sea, this is the insider’s guide to where to go, where to work and where to waste time well in the glorious city of Sydney.



Best for a bit of culture

“Visit the Art Gallery of NSW in the parklands overlooking Sydney Harbour. They have numerous amazing exhibitions throughout the year – our favourite being the Archibald Prize where hundreds of artists enter portraits either of themselves or famous Australians. The museum is also placed in the domain where you can wander through to the botanical gardens and harbour. If you can, visit the iconic Lady Macquarie’s Chair – it’s a sandstone chair carved out of the rock by convicts in 1810 and is said to be one of the best vantage points of Sydney Harbour.”

sydney local guide lady macquarie
Lady Macquarie’s chair overlooking Sydney Harbour
Top Shopping

“Visit Paddington and Queen Street in Woollahra for little one-off shops and high-end boutiques, then there’s the Queen Victoria Building in the City which is a building full of big brand and one-off designers. It’s worth a visit just to see the building. Then there’s Pitt Street Mall which has a large Westfield shopping centre for your top brands. We would also visit the Strand Arcade for more one-off shops.”

Must check out

“The Rocks down by the Harbour Bridge and the Royal Opera House is obviously a must for any tourist. It’s a vibrant pocket of cafes, shops, and weekend market stalls set against a backdrop of historic buildings and passageways.”

“The walk between Bondi and Bronte is also great especially when ‘Sculpture by the Sea’ is on.”

Jump in a cab to

“The Grounds of Alexandria, is a coffee house inspired inner city hub which offers breakfast and an all-day menu from Tuesday – Sunday. The doughnuts are an essential takeaway.”

“We would also make sure you get out of Sydney central and explore some of the outer suburbs such as Bondi Beach, Watsons Bay, Balmoral, Glebe and Rozelle which are all cute suburbs with something different to offer.”

sydney city guide alexandria cafe
The grounds of Alexandria Cafe
The secret find

Home on Darley in Mona Vale has been described as the ‘Best hidden gem’ in the Northern beaches with amazing homewares from all over the world.”

“If you are into jewellery (or you’re with someone who wants to buy you some), be sure to visit Matthew Ely in Woollahra for some incredible gems. Ask to see his pink diamond collection.”


Best brunch stop

“Make a beeline for Shelly beach in Manly which is a Sydney suburb. The Boathouse has really delicious, fresh food, is in a great picturesque setting and you can walk onto the gorgeous beach or, if you have kids with you, they can play there whilst you eat. Then you can walk off your food with a casual stroll back to Manly. Alternatively try their The Boathouse at Balmoral Beach located in the suburb of Mosman, which is just as picturesque with a dining room for something a little smarter. Note – they don’t take reservations so just tip up.”

Best lunch

“The Newport arms on the Northern beaches has a great vibe for lunch – it has a pub type feel with an array of different food options in a great outdoor setting. If you have kids, then the quirky oversized kids games will keep little ones occupied so you can find the time to enjoy your food.”

sydney the newport arms
The Newport Arms on the Northern Beaches

“For something smarter, try Cafe Sydney in Custom house or the Quay and Aria , which are both in Circular Quay and look out over the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House . they never fail to impress.”

Best dinner experience

“Sydney has got a ridiculous selection of incredible restaurants so it’s tough to pick the best but here are some pointers: Potts Point as a suburb has got an amazing selection of places great for dinner, Apollo is an amazing Greek restaurant, then there’s Cho Cho San or Bussshari for authentic Japanese food, Yellow for incredible vegetarian options, and Marta for amazing Italian food inspired by the streets of Rome.”

When you want a healthy takeout

Iku for plant based brilliance and tasty poke bowls and Rolld for delicious Vietnamese street food.”


The go-to eatery

Bambini restaurant has delicious food and the atmosphere is suitably smart. There’s a great wine menu and the staff are always welcoming.”

Best spot for a meeting

“Bambini (above) is great for a meeting too.”

Best hotel

QT hotel in the city is a trendy little boutique hotel with a great bar, restaurant and must-see architecture, which is a mix of Gothic, art Deco and Italianate.”

Best after-dinner cocktails
the growings bar and grill QT hotel
The Gowings Bar and Grill at the QT hotel

“If you want to leave the city central than The Roosevelt in Potts Point brings a bit of New York and Las Vegas to Sydney with amazing cocktails . Alternatively try the downstairs bar in the city called Charlie Parker which takes a food approach to cocktails using amazing fresh ingredients.”


When you need stylish work clothes

“Try Saba for stylish, simple and modern designs or the department store David Jones for everything from underwear to basics to contemporary workwear.”

When you need something for a special occasion

“Zimmerman for show stopping eveningwear and sensational beachwear.

Scanlan and Theodore for statement dresses.”

Off the beaten track recommendations

Spell and the Gypsy Collective from Byron Bay for amazing boho looks and Flannel in Mosman for contemporary feminine style.”

Best for shoes and accessories

“Department store David Jones has a great selection of shoes and accessories for varying budgets.”


Best hotel with wellness facilities

“With views over Sydney Harbour the Park Hyatt has unrivalled views and the spa has a wealth of amazing treatments for face and body. Try the Ginger Crush Body Treatment if you are suffering from jet lag.”

Best spa

“The Spa Q in the QT hotel has a fantastic reputation. Try one of their Spa packages to feel fully revived or the Mastery Massage to ease away travel and work tension.”

Where to go for a great yoga class

“There is an amazing class at the Andrew Boy Charlton Pool in Macquarie St for sunset and sunrise sessions looking over the harbour. (BTW there is no better place to swim than this 8 lane outdoor heated swimming pool, which is surrounded by botanical gardens and overlooks the harbour).”

Yoga and whale watching at the same time? Another must is Yoga By The Sea which holds outdoor lessons in various seaside incredible spots including Bondi, Manly, Bronte Tamarama.

yoga by the sea bondi beach
The view of Yoga by the Sea on Bondi Beach
Where to go to sweat

Join one of the group sessions in Rushcutters Bay Park to sweat with a view.


Best place for a fast, immaculate manicure

You can’t go wrong at Jocelyn Petroni in Woollahra which is the first official nail expert for Chanel Australia.

Best place for a blowdry

Renya Xydis at Valonz in Paddington for a modern undone blowdry.

Best facial in town

Head to Jocelyn Petroni in Woollahra (see above) or for a super luxe experience try Zen Facial in Bronte which is a face lift for body and soul.

Best for eyebrows

Sharon Lee in Woollahra who many say is one of the best brow shapers in the world.

This guide is compiled by Caroline Hill


From outdoor sculpture to the best gin bar, a must-see market and the best place for a facial, we have the city guide low-down on everything Seattle has to offer.



Best for a bit of culture

“Visit the Olympic Sculpture Park. It’s an amazing outdoor waterfront museum with contemporary sculptures and amazing views of the Puget Sound, Space Needle, and Olympic Mountains. What’s more it’s free to the public.”

Top shopping

“Hands down, Pike Place Market. There’s no better place to grab fresh farm produce, flowers, local artist trinkets, a tasty bite to eat, and to catch a glimpse of the famous fishmonger station.”

Must check out

“The Seattle Center – the architecture alone is eye-candy with an incredible legacy of buildings left from the 1962 World’s Fair from some of the foremost architects of the time. Be sure to see the US Science Pavilion and the Space Needle and to walk around to see all the view points.”

seattle centre sci-fi
The Seattle Centre Sci-fi Perspective
Jump in a cab to

“A neighbouring town like Ballard or Freemont. In both you’ll find quaint obscure shops, tasty restaurants and fabulous people watching. The Ballard Locks are one of Seattle’s biggest tourist attractions and you can spy the famous Troll Monument under the Aurora bridge in Freemont.”

Secret Finds

“Bars: In the evening check out the Bath Tub Gin, a speakeasy with prohibition style cocktails. In the daytime make a beeline for JarrBarr known as ‘The Best Little Bar in Seattle’ which has great drinks and small bites.

seattle city guide speakeasy bar
The Speakeasy bar Bath Tub Gin

“Bookshop: Elliot Bay Book Co. is a full service multi-level gem located in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle which has a killer café/bar called Odd Fellows.”

“Coffee Shop: The original Starbucks located in Pike Place Market.”

Best brunch stop

“Without a doubt try Portage Bay Café. Offering a range of many healthy options there is also an amazing waffle bar and six varieties of eggs benedict. Alternatively take a quick water taxi from downtown Seattle across the Puget Sound over to West Seattle where you will find Salty’s on Alki Beach, which is pricey but there’s an amazing display and variety of food on offer including an amazing selection of NW seafood. It also has the best view of Seattle.”

Best lunch stop

Il Corvo has the best pasta in the city. They are only open for lunch and when they sell out, they sell out. Prepare to stand in line and sit family-style in the dining room.”

Best dinner experience

“This has to be the very special Pink Door located in Pike Place. With Italian fare, burlesque shows, cabaret, music and trapeze (as well as many other surprises) it also has excellent food and unique décor.”

Where can you buy healthy takeaway food?

HeartBeet Organic Superfoods Café located in the Queen Anne area of Seattle has superfoods galore with plant-based soups, juices, salads and so on.”

The go-to eatery

Aqua by El Gaucho is unbeatable for fine seafood on an amazing waterfront pier. Alternatively try one of the many upscale (not stuffy) steakhouses like Daniels Broiler in the South Lake Union area of Seattle. Offering waterfront dining with amazing steaks, seafood and a piano bar. You can watch a sea plane or two taking off or landing during your dining experience.”

Best place for a meeting

“Head to the Goldfinch Tavern at the Four Seasons Hotel which has great views of Seattle waterfront. Classy and quiet with amazing fresh cuisine, it also has an excellent happy hour if your meeting runs into the evening.”

seattle city guide goldfinch tavern
Fresh fine food at the Goldfinch Tavern
Best hotel

“There are too many to choose from, but if you are creatively inclined, try the Hotel Max. Then The Sorrento, is a historic boutique hotel, the Fairmont Olympic Hotel is an elegant luxury destination and the Thompson Hotel, is a contemporary urban boutique hotel and landmark that attracts entrepreneurs and philanthropists from around the world.”

Best for after dinner cocktails

“During the summer months, or on a clear night head to M Bar a killer artsy rooftop bar where you can watch the sun set, or try The Nest at the Thompson Hotel which is another rooftop bar with stunning views and fun place to see and be seen.”


Best hotel for solo travellers

“The Hyatt Regency which is located directly in the heart of downtown won’t leave you feeling lonely. It is a convenient location for getting in and around the area with great amenities. Alternatively try the Inn at the Market which is a fun boutique hotel and the only one located in Pike Place Market. It has ocean views, a rooftop bar, and is walking distance to several of Seattle’s iconic attractions.”

Best restaurant for a solo diner

Millers Guild at the Hotel Max has a cozy, rustic, no fuss, relaxed vibe with live fire cooking and excellently friendly staff.”

Where to go for stylish work clothes

“Head downtown to Seattle Nordstrom for its extreme variety and knowledgeable, stylish staff who can advise (without being annoyingly pushy) and who will look and look until your perfect item has been found. Also great for shoes and accessories.”

Where to go for special occasion clothes

“Again, Nordstrom for all the same reasons, or Anthropologie for their uniquely special finds. If you’re looking for luxurious, one-of-a-kind, modernist fashion then head to Tokokaelo which is located in the Capitol Hill area with loads of other shops nearby.”

Best hotel with wellness facilities?

Fairmont Olympic Hotel, is a classic, luxury hotel in Seattle which seems to have it all. Home to the Penelope & Beauty Bar day spa there is also an amazing health club, including a pool and personal trainers upon request.”

Best spa

Penelope & The Beauty Bar (see above) is 3000+ square foot of spa which will accommodates all of your beauty and wellness needs from a mani/pedi to lash extensions, massages, sugaring, detoxifying treatments to make-up application and WAY beyond. Definitely worth a visit.”

seattle fairmont hotel
The Fairmont Hotel, Seattle
Where to get a great yoga class

Ritual House Yoga on 19th is locally owned and operated studio in Capitol Hill. Hugely popular, with incredible teachers, regulars say it is life changing.”

Where to do a great HIIT class

Orange Theory is a 1-hour heart rate based fitness class that has taken the US by storm. Expect to leave feeling like you can conquer the world – it’s fast paced, high intensity, coach driven, fun, has great music and encouraging members… an extremely well rounded and efficient workout.”

Best health food store

PCC Community Markets offer locally grown and organic groceries and goods. With knowledgeable and friendly staff there are several locations in and around the Seattle area.”



Best for exploring

If you have a day to kill and fancy an endorphin hit in the great outdoors then the Olympic National Park, which is 60miles from Seattle will not disappoint. A World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve, it spans over a million acres. With an abundance of mountain vistas, marine tide pools, cascading waterfalls, rugged beaches and hiking trails, it’s the perfect place to escape to when city life gets too much. The blog has put together a fantastic guide to exploring the park, with advice on when to go, what to see (rainforests, fishing, the rugged coast), as well as hikes to follow and lodges to stay in if you fancy making it a proper getaway.


Best place for a blowdry

Bowie Salon & Spa for a high standard of service in a laid back environment. Habitude in Ballard has a more earthy and natural vibe and has world class stylists as well as a spa.”

Best facial in town

Spruce Apothecary in West Seattle has an incredible shop with an array of holistic beauty, wellness and lifestyle brands. Their facials are also amazing. Also, Skin Spirit at University Village has excellent staff that administer a variety of medical grade facial options with a serene but welcoming atmosphere.”

spruce apothecary west seattle
The Spruce Apothecary in West Seattle
Best for eyebrows

“Look no further than BellaMetrics for microblading. Owned and operated by Ashley Cohen, her attention to precise detail and colour are incredible. For a brow wax in a quiet and comfortable atmosphere head to Waxing the City in Ballard who take their time to really work with the clients’ needs and wants.”


Deep Dive under the Amazon Spheres for incredible cocktails.

Ice Cream at the Kurtwood Farm Shop, and buy ALL his cheeses to take home.

The Fuji Bakery, an artisanal bakery in the International District.

Market Grill for fresh seafood at Pike Place Market.

Dinner at Bar Del Corso on Beacon Hill.

A show at Neumo’s on Capitol Hill, a funky Seattle staple night club.

Delicious bites at Tacos Chukis.

The Seattle Public Library.

In the nicer months, grab some beverages, pack a lunch and rent an electric boat to putt around on Lake Union.

Taking a stroll or a run around Green Lake. Roughly 2.8 miles. Loads of restaurants and bars surround the lake and it’s ALWAYS buzzing with people of all ages.

Check out the Pacific Science Center.

Shopfor amazing vintage finds at Red Light in the University District.

Buying a stash of donuts at Top Pot in the Denny Triangle before heading for the plane.”

City guide compiled by Hilary Lusk

Cape Town

From the Kirstenbosch gardens at the base of Table Mountain, to the must-visit Oranjezicht Market and unique African designers, we have the local down-low on the buzzing and beautiful city of Cape Town

Best for a bit of culture

“Visit Zeitz Mocaa Museum of Contemporary Art which has incredible architecture and some of the best exhibitions. Then we suggest you drive or walk through Bo-Kaap in the Cape Malay area, which is colourful and eclectic. If you are after something different in a beautiful setting then head to the Norval Foundation in Tokai which is an Art Museum and Centre for Cultural expression. And if you’re looking for something outdoorsy than the Kirstenbosch Gardens at the base of Table Mountain are a must – they are one of the greatest botanical gardens of the world.”

cape town guide kirstenbosch gardens
The Kirstenbosch Gardens
Top shopping

“For all the top recognisable brands, head to the V & A Waterfront in Table Bay Harbour where there is tonnes to see and do. If you’re looking for independent shops, then Bree Street is your place, which is officially one of the hippest streets in Cape Town with a gin bar, stylish boutiques, a barber and a shop entirely dedicated to cheese. If antiques and quirky vintage finds are your thing then head to Kalk Bay.”

Must check out

“Table Mountain – take the cable car but the best way is to walk up to earn that view and you can be up and down within 3hrs. Make sure you drive along Chapmans Peak which is between Noordhoek and Hout Bay for stunning views, and spend some time on Camps Bay Beach which is the closest beach to Cape Town with an incredible vibe and views of the Twelve Apostle Mountains.”

Jump in a cab to

“Woodstock, which lies between the docks of Table Bay and the lower slopes and Devil’s Peak. Don’t leave without visiting the Saturday market at The Old Biscuit Mill for fine local designs and incredible fresh food produce.

For wine-lovers, wine-tasting at Eagles Nest, Constantia is an absolute must.”

Secret Find

“You can’t leave Cape Town without a visit to the Oranjezicht City Market at Granger Bay on Saturday and Sunday mornings for fresh, artisan and hand-made food as well as beautiful fresh flowers.”

cape town guide must-see oraniezicht market
The Oranjezicht City Market is a must-see
Best brunch stop

“For great coffee and all-day breakfast head to Clarkes where you can choose from lots of fermented food options, cooked breakfast, home-baked bread, fresh juices as well as eggs and avocado on toast.”

Best Lunch

“Famous for its array of salads, ‘Love sandwiches’ and tasty treats, The Kitchen in Woodstock is a must and has the tastiest Vegan food.”

Best Dinner Experience

“If you love Indian food then you will love Thali at the Chef’s Warehouse in Beau Constantia, which offers delicious traditional Indian food cooked from scratch.”

When you want a healthy takeout

NU Health Food Cafe serves up the freshest healthy food using the finest local produce. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, gluten/ wheat/ dairy/ sugar free there are delicious salads, juices, smoothies, wraps and snacks to take away or eat in. There are 12 to visit throughout Cape Town.”


The go-to eatery

“The roof top of The Silo Hotel has the best view in town and great light lunches.”

silo hotel
The Silo Hotel towers above the V&A Waterfront
Best place for a meeting

“The Mount Nelson Hotel, set at the foot of Table Mountain was painted pink for peace in 1918. With old school charm it is perfect for meetings.”

Best all-round hotel

“A little off the beaten track but still only 30 mins from Cape Town city centre, the Tintswalo Atlantic Hotel is right on the sea and offers an almost wilderness feel whilst being near the city. If you’re looking for something very high end, try Ellerman House which has a boutique feel with an amazing private art collection.”

Best for after dinner cocktails

“Dinner at Chefs Warehouse at Beau Constantia. Best views and best food in Cape Town hands down. Get their early for sundowners.”

Best hotel for solo travellers

“The Dorp Hotel which has just opened its doors. Super quirky interior with a homely feel. Think Soho House but African style.”

dorp contemporary hotel
The new Dorp Hotel is contemporary cool with African flair
Best restaurant for a solo diners

Between Us on Bree Street which always houses a fun young crowd and its easy to make a few friends.”


When you need stylish work clothes

Country Road at the Woolworths V&A Shopping Centre is always classic and super stylish.”

When you’ve got a special occasion

“Head to KLuK CGDT which specialises in locally made bespoke options with brave uses of colour, pattern and fabric.”

Best for stylish basics

“From underwear to swimwear, kidswear and accessories, Woolworths has it all covered.”

Off the beaten track recommendations…

‘Merchants on Long’ which showcases the best in African style and unique designers.”

Best for shoes and accessories

Pichulik at the V&A Waterfront celebrates handcrafted African accessories and jewellery.”


Best hotel with wellness facilities

“The One & Only which not only has a tip notch wellness facility but it has the most amazing view of Table Mountain to boot.”

Best spa

“The Lanzerac Wine Estate Spa in Stellenbosch not only has fantastic facilities but it’s in the most beautiful setting. Have the TheraVine Face & Body Glow Experience – it’s incredible.”

lanzerac wine estate spa
The Lanzerac Wine Estate Spa
Where to go for a great Yoga class

Yoga Life has a great Power Yoga Class that will leave you buzzing and revived.”

Where to go to sweat

“Virgin Active at Wembley Square is where all the City folk go. With everything from weights to a pool and bootcamp classes, there’s something here for everyone.”

Best health food store

Organic Living Constantia is the best independent health food store we know with well-informed staff always willing to offer good advice.”


Best stop for a fast, immaculate manicure

Sorbet Nails on Kloof Street is convenient, quick and easy to park.”

Best place for a blowdry

Hand on Park Road do modern, beautiful hair.”

Best facial in town

Skin Renewal Constantia – Not only do they do one of the best facials they also offer advice on nutrition to help the skin.”

Best for eyebrows

“The Urban Beauty Lounge in Wembley Square specialise in brows, lashes and spray tanning, plus you can escape to your car unseen post treatment.”


“Lunch at Harbour House in Kalk Bay. Ask for a table right on the sea and you will more than likely see a dolphin or a whale.

“A day trip to Babylonstoren which are unique Cape Dutch farms with incredible gardens, restaurants and a spa.”

babylonstroren cape town must-see beautiful spots
A visit to Babylonstoren is unmissable

“A VERY refreshing (borderline freezing) swim at Llanduno beach where you can also watch the surfers.”

“On the first Thursday of the month, get a cab into town to Loop Street where all the art galleries are open late and the roads are pedestrianised. All the bars are open and people spill onto the streets so the vibe is really fun.”

This City Guide has been curated by Kate Kindersley founder of an interiors and style shop that celebrates the craftsmanship of African design.


From the best bakery in town to the chicest brunch stops, unbeatable, beautiful cultural musings, this is the non-tourist city guide to Paris.



Best for a bit of culture

“Visiting the Maison de Victor Hugo is always a favourite. Peeking into such a well-preserved private home is fascinating and the interiors are rich with books, art and furniture. It’s in the Place des Vosges so you can visit one of the many small cafes around the square and do some people watching afterwards. We also love the Foundation Louis Vuitton, the building was designed by Frank Gehry and is spectacular. The architecture is truly impressive and there are always good exhibitions on too.”

Top shopping

“For big brands head to the Champs Elysées as you just can’t beat the beauty of the Avenue. For smaller boutiques and designer vintage finds we can’t recommend enough that you get a bit lost wandering in the Marais.”

Must check out

Musee Marmottan Monet – a lovely townhouse with a sweet garden and the largest collection of beautiful Monet paintings.”

Jump in a cab to

“Le Place Vendome, an easy place to kill time. Glittering with jewellery shops, the most impressive gem in the octagonal square is of course the Ritz Paris where you can stop in for lunch.”

The secret find

“Check out Galerie Vivienne, a beautiful glass arcade with little bookshops and beautiful boutiques.”

Best brunch stop

La Réserve , with its old school classic French decor, this is a stunning hotel with an elegant breakfast menu. Also if you fancy a bit of classic American food in a beautiful setting, check out Ralph’s restaurant which is part of Ralph Lauren but has a stunning courtyard.”

paris city guide ralph's restaurant
Ralph’s restaurant
Best Lunch

Maison Plisson on the Boulevard Beaumarchais is our go-to for a healthy and fresh lunch. The food is truly exceptional, with a seasonal menu. There is a fresh produce market attached, as well as a delightful bakery. It’s the perfect spot to have lunch and then fill up your suitcase with cheese, chocolate and wines before hopping on the Eurostar.”

Best Dinner Experience

“Our go-to would be Restaurant Apicuis which has super sexy date night elegance with a cheese selection that will blow your mind.”

When you want a healthy takeout

“Whilst the Rose Bakery is famous for its cakes and tartes (there are four in Paris), it also sells incredibly tasty, fresh and healthy takeaway food.”

paris city guide eat rose bakery
There are four Rose Bakeries in Paris


The go-to eatery

Chez Julien because it’s a classic. The interior, staff and food are everything you want from a Parisian restaurant. With its comfortable, deep red banquettes, gilded panelling and candlelight reflecting off antiqued mirrors it is a totally chic experience and is sure to impress even the toughest client.”

Best hotel

“The Hotel de Crillon has old world glamour and grandeur perfected. Its restaurants and courtyards are perfect for intimate business meetings or lunches, and it is a hotel that never fails to impress.”

Best for after dinner cocktails

“The bar at the Hotel Costes serves amazing cocktails and provides excellent people watching, or if you’re looking for something a bit more low-key try the jazz café la Cave du 38 Riv.”


Best hotel for solo travellers

“I would recommend the Hotel Providence. It’s great for a solo traveller, has quirky rooms, is very comfortable and is well located. The room rates are generally very reasonable, and staff are excellent.”

Best restaurant for a solo diners

Josephine Chez Dumonet is perfect for the solo diner. A typical looking French bistro with incredible food, there are small intimate tables and you can get a half portion of anything on the menu. The food is delicious, however it’s extremely popular so remember to make a reservation well in advance.”


“Head to Bon Marche … the vibe here is classic with a twist, you’ll discover new designers as well as well-established ones and also brands that make pieces exclusive for Bon Marche. The shoe room is heaven too.”

When you need stylish work clothes

“Head to Rue Royale in the Marais and Place de la Madeleine for all the big brands and little boutiques.”

When you’ve got a special occassion

“Avenue Montaigne – for all the big-name brands.”

Best for stylish basics

Merci boutique on Boulevard Beaumarchais in Haut-Marais has a great selection of stylish basics as well as laid-back homeware.

paris shop at merci boutique
For stylish basics and laid-back homeware head to Merci boutique
Off the beaten track recommendations…

“We love the designer vintage store Thanx God I’m a V.I.P. Its very well curated and if you need to pick up something unique for a special dinner or event this is the place to come.”

Best for shoes and accessories

The Galeries Lafayette, the most famous Parisienne shopping centre of all.”

Best hotel with wellness facilities

“You can’t beat the Plaza Athenee and the Dior Institut for great massages and facials.”

Best spa

“Again the Plaza Athenee and don’t miss out on the Dior’s microdermabrasion facial which leaves your skin so clean and smooth.  If you prefer the holistic approach head to Hotel Lutetia whose Spa Akasha’s philosophy is based around the elements – earth, water, wind and fire. It also has a beautiful serene pool.”

The pool at the Akasha Spa in h Hotel Lutetia
Where to go for a great Pilates class

“For Pilates we would head to Reformation which has super stylish interiors, amazing instructors and they really know how to work you.  Prepare yourself for a tough workout.”

Where to go to sweat

“We would do the ‘Jump baby Jump’ cardio class at Reformation.”

Best health food store

“We love Rose Bakery Paris, which has great organic produce and a little café, as well as unhealthy but seriously delicious cakes.”

Best place for a blowdry

“Without a doubt Rishi at David Mallet is best hairdresser in Paris.”

Best facial in town

“We would head to Maison Sisley where they do incredible facials – we are big fans of their skin scanning equipment.”

The waiting area at Maison Sisley
Best for eyebrows

“We would recommend Atelier du Sourcil who have have several shops and offer brilliant, quick and careful treatments for lashes and brows.”


“The hidden gallery Musee National Eugene Delacroix, which is not one of Paris’s largest galleries but well worth a visit with over 1,300 artworks, paintings, drawings and manuscripts.”

This guide is compiled by Lucy Rigg founder of, a curation of the best people and places to visit around the world.




Best for a bit of Atlanta culture

“Head to the High Museum of Art and if there is time run across the street to MODA (Museum of Design Atlanta). The High Museum’s collection is world class with highlights from Georgia artists. Make sure to check out the extensive folk art collection featuring Georgia’s own Howard Finster.”

Top shopping

“Check out the Little Five Points neighbourhood for vintage and vinyl.”

Must check out

“Experience a show at the historic Fox Theater. Whether its Broadway or a major headliner, the theatre itself is the star of the show with its starry sky and amazing acoustics.”

Jump in a cab to

“Piedmont Park which is located in midtown. The 186 acre park provides plenty of space for meandering and checking out the locals. It hosts many festivals and concerts, so be sure to look at the schedule first.

The secret find

Check out the street art in Atlanta , and don’t miss the ever changing work in Krog Tunnel where you’ll probably run into an artist or two at work.”

When you’re craving tasty, healthy food

“Head to Upbeet in West Midtown for tasty bowls and salads made to order with only the freshest organic ingredients).

Best brunch stop

“For a taste of the south, check out Home Grown. It’s a cult favorite with all of the fixings you would expect from your southern grandma from fried green tomatoes to catfish. For a more traditional brunch, check out Ria’s Bluebird. The pancakes are the best around, but get there early because they don’t take reservations and the line grows quickly.”

Best lunch

“If you’re looking for variety, stop by Ponce City Market and check out the food hall with options for everyone. While you’re there make the trip up to the roof to the midway for one of the best views in Atlanta.”

Best dinner experience

“Head to Marcel in the Westside Provisions District. It’s a modern steak house with lots of options for everyone. Be sure to grab a pre or post dinner drink at Little Trouble and you’ll feel like you’ve walked into the movie Blade Runner.”

When you want a healthy takeout

Café Sunflower in Buckhead is not to be missed for the best vegan food in town.”

atlanta city guide eat at cafe sunflower
For healthy food head to Cafe Sunflower
The go-to eatery

“Empire State South – upscale southern food and a relaxed vibe make this a midtown staple. Order the “in jars” as an appetizer to start things off on the right foot.”

Best for a meeting

“Grab some space at The Elevator Factory for a relaxed creative vibe in Grant Park.”

Best hotel

“The Moxy where the little details are never missed and they keep it light with games in the lobby.”

Best for after-dinner cocktails

“Head to Establishment for a craft cocktail on the patio.”

Best hotel for solo travellers

Hotel Claremont is a boutique hotel with tons of personality where the mix of locals and business travellers will guarantee an interesting stay. Head upstairs to the rooftop bar for the best view in Atlanta and if you’re feeling very adventurous, you can go downstairs to meet Blondie at the Atlanta staple, Claremont Lounge – a jive bar and strip club.”

atlanta city guide eat at empire state south
Empire State South serves upscale southern food with a relaxed vibe
Best restaurant for solo diners

Kevin Rathbun’s Steak – Grab a seat at the bar to meet fellow travellers or better yet, grab a spot on the patio and watch Atlanta walk by on the beltline.”

When you need stylish work clothes

“Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza offer every shopping option you could desire including Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and Saks 5th Avenue. Be sure to check out Abbey Glass , an Atlanta designer that adds a little southern charm to her trendy designs.”

When you’ve got a special occasion to attend

“Head to Lenox for all the options for the ladies, and for the guys, make an appointment with Thomas Wages for the best in southern style.”

Best for stylish finds

“Check out Labels Resale for used high end fashion finds or Coco + Mischa for unique and beautiful vintage clothes.’

Best for shoes and accessories


Best hotel with wellness facilities

Loew’s Hotel on Peachtree is phenomenal. Check out Exhale for a premium spa and workout experience, including spin and yoga classes.”

atlanta city guide enjoy exhale premium spa
Exhale is a premium spa and wellness centre at the Loews Hotel
Best Spa

“Go to the spa at the Four Seasons and make sure you don’t miss the Spa Happy Hour.”

Where to go for yoga

Dancing Dogs Yoga on the Beltline will get you sweating with their Baptiste style yoga classes.

Where to go to sweat


Best health food store

Sevananda, with an unparalleled grocery store with all of the artificial-free wellness goodies you could ever want, this coop has it all – except for meat, fish and alcohol.”

When you need a fast, immaculate manicure

Passion Nails in Inman Park will have you in and out with superior nails in minutes.”

Best for a facial

Aviary Beauty salon has a great vibe in a warehouse style building just off the beltline.”

tiny doors project
Look out for the Tiny Doors Project along the BeltLine
Best for eyebrows

“Try Sweet & Lashful is an award winning spa with super friendly staff who will help you with everything from brows to lashes, dying to lifting and facial sculpting.”


“The Beltline – walk (or scoot) from Ponce City Market to Krog Market to get a real feel for Atlanta. Be sure to allow plenty of time to stop and look at the art, grab a drink or just enjoy the people watching. Make sure to look out for the tiny doors along the route thanks to the Tiny Door Project.

Pocket Aromatherapy

The therapeutic powers of essential oils on our physical and emotional wellbeing are well documented. In simple terms, Aromatherapy means ‘Treatment by aromas.’ Consisting of essential oils, they work by passing through our olfactory system which is linked to the limbic system of our brains, the area that controls survival instincts and emotions. Scent has become particularly important in these troubled times and almost acts like a sensorial balm to our senses.

With essential oils consisting of very small molecules that can pass into our bloodstream either by inhalation or topical use, different oils are said to have different benefits. Lavender oil, for example, is well-known for helping reduce stress and inducing sleep (it is a sign of the times that lavender-based beauty products have increased by an astronomical 552% from January-April in 2019 according to a study by the NPD group, it would be interesting to see the difference now during COVID-19.) Frankincense also has potential nerve-relaxing properties and rose is anti-inflammatory, which is soothing for skin and senses and also is said to balance out our hormones.

Whilst brands used to focus on bath oils and body products, they are now focussing on travel-size tinctures and roll-ons that you can keep in your pocket when working from home or stash in your handbag and pull out when you’re stressed at the traffic lights. Here are some of our favourites for different therapeutic uses – we have chosen the them because of their efficacy, potency and purity, all of which is incredibly important.

For the over-tired

The Anatome Essential Oil Elixir Energy and Strength, $27.11, is a blend you can use during exercise, but we also love it for boosting our body and brain when we’re tired or jetlagged. Blended with May Chang and Lemon, both used in aromatherapy to awaken the senses, it will brighten and focus your mood minus the coffee jitters.

For inner peace and confidence

The Ilapothecary Speak your Truth Roller, $38.92 is a rich, feminine scent which combines the Mothers of Aromatherapy – Rose for soothing and loving, and Sandalwood for light and joy. Together they should make you feel more centred and instil a deep inner peace. Perfect for gathering your thoughts pre Zoom calls.

aromatherapy for inner peace
The Ilapothecary Speak Your Truth Roller contains calming rose and sandalwood
For all your emotions

Our feelings shift all the time, which is why we love the Feelings Gift Set, $152.00, from amazing plant oil skincare brand Votary. It consists of 3 beautifully scented rollerball oils named Detach, Desire and Drift. The first is fresh, grassy and vibrant with rosemary and thyme, the second contains orange, rose and almond oil to help you feel reconnected and renewed, and the third contains lavender, Chamomile and English Rose if you feel in need of unwinding.

For emotional protection

Altitude Oil, $37.09 De Mamiel, has become a beauty editor’s cult favourite and was created by aromatherapist and founder Annee de Mamiel to help ward off bugs and help her feel clearer when she travelled. With Peppermint and Lemon Myrtle to provide a powerful lift, Pine and Eucalyptus to help clear a fuzzy head, and Patchouli to help you feel grounded, it’s one powerful SOS product for any occasion you want to feel more together.

aromatherapy in-flight
De Mamiel’s Cult Altitude Oil will clear your mind and ground your body
For the stressed out

Tata Harper’s products are well known for their use of high quality botanicals and dreamy scents. Her ‘aromatherapeutic’ Aromatic Irritability Treatment, $62.49 is a calming scent that eases an irritated spirit and helps dissipate negative feelings. Containing Meadowsweet, Lemon, Borage and Calendula flowers, her advice is to spray it onto hands or wrists, to inhale deeply and feel your shoulders drop.

For the terrified flier

Ginger Flight Therapy, $37.08 from Aesop is a pulse-point roll-on enhanced with Ginger Root, Lavender and Geranium. Soothing, but bolstering and confidence boosting it will assist and calm the flight phobic but can also be used generally in life when you feel nauseous, stressed or weary.

aromatherapy flight therapy aesop
Aesop’s Ginger Flight Therapy will calm and settle an anxious mind
For calming your nerves

Inner Light Calm Balm by Therapie by aromatherapist Michelle Roques O’Neil, $46.98 is a soulful, fragrant solid perfume that will cocoon and sooth frayed nerves in a spirit lifting scent. Containing Sweet Marjoram to promote happiness, Neroli to dismiss negativity, Sandalwood for grounding, and Bergamot for positivity it will calm and resettle feelings of unease or nervousness.

For when you are ill

Whether you are ill or feel you are coming down with something, the Support Roller Ball, $22.26 from Aromatherapy Associates will provide relief. With Pine, tea Tree and Eucalyptus, it will ease breathing whilst refreshing and sharpening the senses.

For working from home

We are very much in love with the Neom Organics Wellbeing Pod, from $123.64. This beautifully designed aromatherapy diffuser will fill the hair in your home or office with incredible essential oils. Choose from different oils for different moods: scents to Sleep, make you Happy, Destress, or Calm & Relax.

aromatherapy neom wellbeing pod
he Neom Wellbeing Pod
For difficult times

The Inner Strength oil by Aromatherapy Associates was created and explained to me by Geraldine Howard, the founder of Aromatherapy Associates who sadly passed away a few years ago. Created as she was going through cancer treatment, it is described as a ‘Coping mechanism in a bottle’. With anxiety-reducing Clary Sage, Sandalwood for grounding and Geranium to balance scattered emotions, it is both comforting and reassuring. The roller ball version is $22.26.

For a mood lift

If you are feeling down in the dumps, the Tisserand Happy Vibes Pulse Point Roller ball, $7.73 contains zesty Lemon Tea Tree, refreshing Bergamot and cheering Nutmeg and may just help you see the brighter side of things.

For when you want to go to sleep

Famous for the quality of their essential oils, Neal Yard’s Calming Temple Salve, $8.04 is easily absorbed and contains Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Lavender, and Camphor to create a cocooning aromatic blend. Apply to temples in a circular motion.

bamford essential oil blend
bamforbamford essThe Bamford Balasana Essential Oil Blend
For loneliness

Containing Chamomile, Lavender, Bergamot, this very gentle smelling Serenity Essential Oil Mood Oil, Ebo, $37.09 is like a warm hug in a bottle. Stash in your handbag or keep by the bed when travelling for moments you wake and feel wobbly or alone.

For Protection

The Balasana Essential Oil Blend, $30.91 from Bamford has been developed by Bamford’s amazing Yoga masters. A 100% organic blend of Cajuput, Frankincense and eucalyptus, it provides an aura of safety and protection. Apply to pulse points and inhale deeply.

The portable, pack-away gym

It’s a total myth that you need an entire gym – with hefty machines and monkey bars – to get fit. As the popularity of the Zoom workout has soared due to COVID-19 , many of us have also discovered that all you need is 1 metre by 2 metre space to lay a mat down (with a bit of room around it so you don’t kick anything over), perhaps a couple of small pieces of equipment and some great online instruction.

Fitness brands have become super savvy about creating simple, extremely lightweight portable exercise equipment that will fold up so small they could fit into your handbag or hand luggage so you can work out any time, any place, anywhere from your bedroom to hotel room.

Here are some of our favourite portable pieces of kit you can travel with or workout at home with and also pack away so they aren’t an eye-sore afterwards.


The packable yoga mat

Don’t listen to anyone that says a towel will suffice for a mat – it won’t. In fact I would say it’s probably the most important piece of fitness equipment you can own because a workout is transformed if you can grip on the floor. One of the best travel mats I’ve come across is the Manduka ProLite Yoga Mat, $89.02 which is light but amazingly grippy (and a yoga teacher favourite). Another favourite is the YOGO Ultralight Travel Yoga Mat , $71.71 Amazon which is made from eco friendly natural tree rubber and folds up small so can even go in your hand luggage.

A phone holder

Having spoken to a few people about their online workouts, the one bugbear that they have is that they can’t see their phone or tablet or that it keeps falling over mid workout. If this is you then you might want to invest in a phone holder. Some of our favourites are the Lamicall Gooseneck Flexible Arm Clip, $24.48 which will attach to a desk or chair and you can angle your phone however you wish. Alternatively if you prefer to put it in a flat surface then their Cell Phone Stand $16.95 will support your phone whilst you sweat.

The Lamicall phone holder
The full body gym (that fits in your handbag)

There is nothing new about the TRX. Created by a Navy Seal Squadron Commander, Randy Hetrick in 1997, he created the first version of TRX using only a Jiu Jitsu belt and parachute webbing which he rigged up wherever he was in order to keep fit away from home. In 2001 he then created a proper version, selling it out of the trunk of his car. Today the brand is known globally as a trusted training system and is even used by the US Marine Corps.

Why do we love it? Because it negates the use of big machines. Just one very strong strap with handles, you attach The TRX Suspension Trainer to either a door frame, a tree branch, a football post, a hook or a beam and you are ready to work out with just your body weight. With a downloadable app to take you through a series of guided workouts, it can improve fitness, strength, core stability, and is a great all-over full body blast wherever you are.

portable exercise equipment TRX suspension trainer
The TRX is a gym in one piece of equipment
The pocket PT

Stephen Pasternino (the P in P.Volve) is a personal trainer to Hollywood’s elite. The man behind many a Victoria Secret and celebrity body, Stephen has invented a unique way of working out, developed from years of training. “After years of study,” he says, “It was clear to me that other workouts were doing it wrong. They push muscles beyond their capabilities, whilst ignoring others, putting too much pressure on joints and creating pain and injury. You don’t need to hurt yourself to transform your body,” he says.

The result is a set of small, packable and almost weightless pieces of equipment – the P.Ball thigh toner which can be pumped up and deflated to save on space, P.Bands and the P.3 trainer which makes use of bands that attach to different limbs to increase resistance. It’s essential to follow the app in order to get the exercises right, but this is a whole-body workout designed to create a long, lean body. If it’s good enough for the Victoria Secret girls…

Go to to see a range of packages available.

portable exercise equipment Pvovle bands
PVolve is portable and very effective
The world’s smallest, lightest and cheapest exercise equipment

If you enter any gym these days or have a session with a personal trainer you will undoubtedly encounter the use of exercise bands. Originally used in physio rehabilitation, they are essentially very large elastic bands that you can use in a variety of ways to increase resistance and strength without the need for heavy weights.

The smallest, most portable, lightweight and inexpensive piece of exercise equipment there is, one of the most well-known is the, available on Amazon. Alternatively, the Wodskai resistant bands from $18.99 for 4 are a new type of band with added benefits. Coated in cotton they don’t pull, roll up or rub skin like some of the latex ones do, it is also made from environmentally friendly rubber and looks super stylish. Download the Virtual Trainer Resistance Band app for guided exercises.

The Wodskai band
The handbag trainers

Imagine a pair of trainers that are so light that you could roll them up and stash them in your handbag. There is such a thing – the Women’s Primus Lite Trainer Running Shoe from Vivo Barefoot, $140 is a hi-tech barefoot running experience that follows the natural shape of the foot without interfering with natural movement. With a recycled mesh upper that will keep feet cool and a rubber sole, they can also be rolled up almost to the size of a rolled sock. Yes really.

exercise on the go vivo primus running shoes
The Vivo Primus running show

The suitcase-friendly foam roller

If you exercise a lot then you may use a foam roller for ironing out knots in your fascia. When travelling, the Blackroll Duo Ball Foam Roller, $18.53 is perfect for stashing in your overnight bag, is virtually weightless and really helps to massage and release all over muscle tension.

portable exercise equipment Blackroll Duoball back foam roller
The Blackroll Duo Fall Foam Roller is virtually weightless but very effective at releasing muscle tension

Pocket Workouts

If you’re a bit lost when it comes to exercising on your own, then follow a tried and tested fitness app. Here are our favourites…
Best all-round fitness app

The Nike Training App is one of the best fitness apps out there. With 185 + workouts to choose from, the options in this app are endless.  You can exercise different areas of your body such as arms or abs; take fitness advice and follow videos from world class trainers and athletes; choose boxing, yoga, strength, or endurance work; use bodyweight only or light equipment, and you can tailor the exercises from beginner level to athlete . What’s more (and the best bit), is it’s free.

The Yoga app

Whether you want to do yoga to lose weight, build strength, help you sleep, help develop a spiritual practise, become more flexible or just go with the yoga flow, then Asana Rebel is the one for you. When you have zero time, there’s a 5 minute workout, and when you have more, you can boost your mindfulness as well as your body with ‘Music for Focus’ . With specific yoga for men as well as meditation sessions, it’s one app everyone can benefit from.

For new mothers

Created by Olympic Gold medallist and Commonwealth champion Jess Ennis-Hill, JENNIS consists of the highest quality exercise combinations that get big results, even when you’re short on time. With in-depth training plans, each set is only 30 minutes and there’s a video of Jess running you through each one so beginners are hand-held throughout. As a mother of two herself, Jess has also created incredibly thorough pre and postnatal plans with the help of her physio who was by her side during her own pregnancy and beyond.

Pilates that packs a punch

If you haven’t heard of Zero Gravity Pilates then you are missing an ab-firming trick. Set up by UK based Chris Richardson, a one-time trainer of Claudia Schiffer, his cheeky persona will have you hooked after one session.With a following that has risen by 40,000 to 80,000 during lockdown, he regularly has 10,000 attend per class from all around the world and many British celebrities often tune in, from football star Rio Ferdinand to TV presenter Rochelle Humes both of whom he has done a live workout with and whom he pokes fun at throughout.

This body changing workout works by isolating the muscle he wants to work, then activating it so that it fires up, fatiguing it with a high number of reps and then stretching and elongating that muscle. Classes are 45 minutes long, start at 10 am GMT every day and are for all abilities and ages. What’s even better is that a subscription is only £3.96 a month. Go to to find out more.

Other images credits: The Hip water bottle

Your Microbiome on the Move

You don’t need to be travelling to a third world country to upset your insides, even a trip to a country a few hours away can upend your system if you are eating foods that are foreign to your system. “Few activities are more disruptive to your body than travel,” says Ara Katz who is the Co-founder and Co-CEO of Seed which is a new state of the art synbiotic supplement (containing pro and prebiotics together).  “Large and sudden shifts in diet can alter the composition of your microbiome in as little as 24 hours,” she says. “Even small microbial tweaks, like introducing a new herb or spice or something else you are not used to, can result in noticeable delays in the transit time of food through the bowels.”

It’s not just the food you eat that will upset your insides, if you’re travelling further afield to somewhere that might cause jetlag this, too can be very disruptive for your body. Ara says, “Jet lag occurs when your body’s circadian rhythms are disturbed which can also impact the microbiome. Not many people know that your microbes have circadian clocks, just like you, which, when out of sync, can cause issues from reduced gut barrier integrity to a suppressed immune response.”

Gabriela Peacock a London-based nutritionist concurs, “Different bacterial populations fluctuate through the sleep/wake pattern, and so the microbial metabolites that can impact our own circadian rhythms. By disrupting our Microbiotas clock, this could lead to foods being differentially digested and gastrointestinal problems.”

So how can we support our guts on the go?

If you want to feel your best when you’re travelling, it’s hugely important that when you pack your passport and your toothbrush that you spare a minute for your microbial community too. If you are there for long enough, Gabriella suggests trying to gradually adjust your eating times to line up with your new time zone, a little each day. She also recommends undertaking a fast while crossing time zones in the air and for a period of time in your new destination, roughly 24hours in total (she stresses the importance of drinking plenty of fluids such as water and herbal tea throughout).  “If you do feel you need to have something whilst travelling,” she says, “Avoid salt-laden, sugar-rich plane meals and try taking your own high protein small snack/meal with you to have at a time that would be ‘normal’ meal time in the time zone you have just left.”

microbiome gut health whilst travelling tips seed daily synbiotic
Seed is a state-of-the-art symbiotic which are probiotics and probiotics combined
Should I take probiotics?

If you are worried about feeling unwell when abroad, or you’re heading somewhere that requires a lot of transport away from usual facilities, then Gabriella suggests taking a probiotic. “Fortunately, most travel-related disruptions to the microbiome will resolve themselves shortly after returning home. However, they can cause a lot of discomfort and hassle while you’re still on the road,” says Ara, which is where taking her Seed Daily Synbiotic can help.

What is the difference between a synbiotic and probiotic?

A probiotic contains ‘good’ bacteria that help our microbiome to work at its optimum. A prebiotic are particular foods that help the probiotics to thrive. Together they make a synbiotic.

How do probiotics work?

As transient microbes, probiotics travel through your colon, interacting with your immune cells, gut cells, dietary nutrients, and resident bacteria to directly and indirectly deliver benefits. Ara explains that it’s important to take your probiotic daily—like anything you ingest, they don’t stick around for very long. Seed, she explains, is a synbiotic that has been created with the help of scientists, doctors, innovators and entrepreneurs and it meets a new standard in efficacy and education.

 “One of the primary roles of the microbiome is something called ‘colonization resistance’,” She explains, “Think of your microbes as a kind of ‘neighborhood watch’ program. They actively patrol all the major ecosystems in your body, day and night.  These protective microbes can block pathogens from attaching to the lining in your gut, your airways, your skin or urogenital tract. They can block access to food, and can starve any pathogens at the site of the invasion. They can even produce toxins that inhibit certain invading pathogens. The more diverse and well-balanced your microbiome is, the more effective your body will be at colonization resistance.” In basic terms, a good probiotic helps prevent bad bacteria from taking up residence in your gut.

That being said, Ara warns that no probiotic or synbiotic will be a silver bullet in illness prevention, at home or abroad and she stresses the importance of taking additional protective measures such as travel immunizations, antimalarial medications, and using good old-fashioned common sense.

How should we take probiotics?

One of the popular misconceptions people have about probiotics Ara explains,  is that they need to ‘colonize’ you in order to be effective. In reality, the vast majority of probiotics don’t contain enough new bacteria to alter the composition of your microbiome. Even if they did, we still don’t know enough about the safety of introducing colonizing microbes.

Probiotics don’t hang around for long in your system so you need to take them daily if you want results. If you’re only planning to take a probiotic or synbiotic while you’re on the road, Ara recommends starting your ‘course’ a few days, or even a week, before your trip begins. That way, your body can acclimate to the presence of these new visiting microbes.

How do you choose a good probiotic?

Ara explains that many ‘probiotic’ products don’t do what they say on the tin. Many, she says are not actually probiotics, scientifically speaking. “In order to meet the scientific definition of a probiotic, the formulation must reflect the specific quantities and strains that have been studied in a clinical trial, and be proven to deliver specific benefits,” she says.

When you are buying a probiotic she suggests seeking out the scientific research of the brand (this also applies to probiotic supplements, yoghurts and kombucha). If it doesn’t exist, or if there isn’t enough information to find out (watch out for probiotics that only list the species of bacteria), then there’s a good chance it doesn’t meet the definition of ‘probiotic.’

Finally, she says, it’s essential that the microorganisms inside the probiotic are actually alive, and capable of surviving digestion. Our digestive systems are designed to neutralize microbes before they get to the colon. Seed’s probiotics are encased in a Chlorophyllin outer capsule that cleverly houses the prebiotics which will be released first into the system. The p casing will then dissolve to release the probiotics. This method has been extensively tested so that the probiotics survive digestion.

Do probiotics need to be refrigerated?

That probiotics need to be kept in the fridge is a misconception too explains Ara. In actuality, new technologies offer many innovative ways to maintain shelf-stability of bacteria.

How else can we prevent illness when travelling?

Probiotics are only one part of being well when you’re away. Before your trip, check the Centers for Disease Control, Travel Health Pro, or GOV.UK websites to get up-to-date information on potential outbreaks and immunization recommendations for the area you’re travelling to. Beyond that, make sure you stay hydrated (with filtered water), eat well balanced meals (that have been adequately prepared), get good sleep, and exercise.

Should we stay away from particular foods abroad?

Rather than focusing on the actual ingredients of food, it will serve you better to know how it has been prepared. Gabriella says, “When travelling I would avoid any foods that have been kept warm or reheated, try to opt for foods you know are being prepared freshly for you or that you can see being cooked. Avoid ice in countries that do not have a reliable safe tap water supply, and if you are particularly sensitive also avoid salads that will have been washed in tap water, or fruits that do not have a removable skin.”

Why we all need a Sleep Travel Kit

Whether you’re so jet lagged you don’t know night from day, or you’re in an unfamiliar hotel room with strange flocked wallpaper that’s weirding you out, we know all too well that being away from home can play havoc with our sleep. So what to do? Create a sleep travel kit.

Jane Chung, 30, is a software engineer in the San Francisco HQ of Calm, the world’s most popular sleep and meditation app. Jane also describes herself as a ‘sleep enthusiast’ and a ‘longevity expert’ and is on a mission to live to be 150. A self-confessed sleep geek, she explains that sleep is non-negotiable in her quest to live longer. “From the unfamiliar new bed, to the noise from the street or the next room, not to mention any time zone changes and jet lag, travel can up-end our usual sleep environment and routine,” she says.

According to Chung, we tend to sleep worst on our first night away because our body is thrown by the new environment it’s in. “Studies show that on our first night in a new environment, such as a strange new hotel room, only half of our brain sleeps,” she explains, “The other half remains alert, on the lookout for ‘predators’ (or their modern equivalent).” Fascinated and obsessed by the importance of sleep, Jane says that whilst she’s not a medical professional, she has a degree in bioengineering and likes to keep up with all the latest sleep studies. “I therefore know the fundamental importance of sleep on our general health,” she says.

With a very strict sleep routine when she’s not travelling, Jane takes sleep so seriously she sometimes wears sunglasses four hours before bed because of the role light exposure plays in regulating our circadian rhythms. She also fully monitors her sense of wellbeing when she travels and how her sleep is disrupted.

All this has led her to develop her own ‘Sleep Travel Kit’ that contains seven items that she now takes with her every time she travels. Thanks to this, she says, “I have been able to minimise the sleep disruption to my normal sleep routine and also avoid the drop in sleep quality on the first night away.”

What’s in a sleep enthusiast’s sleep travel kit?

35Thousand found out…
Sunglasses and Blue Light Blocking Glasses

“Light exposure plays a role in regulating our circadian rhythm,” says Jane, ”It’s important to get enough sunlight during the day and then to get less light – especially blue light, that comes from screens and digital devices – close to your bedtime. The decrease in light exposure helps your body produce melatonin, the so-called “sleep hormone”, which helps you fall asleep.

Whilst it might seem extreme to many of us, in order to block sunlight outside, Jane starts wearing sunglasses roughly four hours before her bedtime. She says, “Any sunglasses with dark lenses of reasonable quality should work.”

She then blocks out blue light inside, and dims the lights as well as wearing her blue light blocking glasses. Some that we are often recommended by experts are the Blublox brand. “I do this roughly two hours before bedtime. You can find these glasses online for $12.36-$98.91. I’ve found the cheaper ones work just the same; it’s the aesthetics of the glasses that change with price,” she says. “I realize that some people might consider this extreme or even weird but I find it a big help and know others who do too.”

sleep travel kit blue light blocking glasses
BluBlox Wayfarer blue light blocking glasses are available to order worldwide
Electrical Tape and Travel Scissors

When you stay in a hotel room, we discover all sorts of abnormalities such as a blinking red light on an alarm which keeps us up all night. For these sorts of lights, Jane travels with a small piece of electrical tape to put over it. (Make sure you take some nail scissors to cut it). She also uses towels or a pillow to block the light that seeps through the bottom of the door.

A Room Thermometer

According to Jane, the temperature your room is at is critical to falling and staying asleep and says that the room temperature that most people find best for sleep is around 18 °C (65°F).

She warns though that hotel room thermostats tend to be inaccurate, which is why she always travels with her own room thermometer. “Any thermometer will work,” she says, “I bought a standing one online.” Try this one from Lanhiem which is only $12.54.

sleep travel kit
A Pair of Sleep Socks

Jane is also a fan of wearing socks to sleep in because she says it is one way of lowering your core body temperature which again, can keep you awake. “Doing so helps your feet get more blood supply,” she explains “Which draws the blood and temperature away from your core.”

Any socks will do, some of our favourites are from who do some amazing recycled, super soft cashmere socks for £24.

White Noise and/or Pink Noise

Research shows that noise and pink noise have both been shown to deepen sleep. Never heard of pink noise? Pink noise is basically a sound signal that contains all the sound frequencies that occur in a human’s hearing from the lowest frequencies to the highest but favours lower frequencies.  It has even been shown to improve memory in older adults. Jane says that playing such noise while sleeping can also block any noise from the street and/or neighbouring rooms.

When travelling Jane uses the Calm app to play the pink noise soundscape during her sleep – but Calm also features a white noise soundscape, which some prefer.

“At home,” she explains, “I tend to prefer white noise (which is when all sound frequencies are played at the same time at the same density) over pink noise to sleep. But I’ve been experimenting with pink noise when I travel. If my sleep is not affected, I’d prefer to improve my memory as well.”

Jane also says that meditation is part of her sleep routine and that she usually plays the unguided meditation on Calm, before going straight to the pink noise soundscape.

A Sleep Mask and Ear Plugs

Key in Jane’s travel kit are also a sleep mask and earplugs in case she needs them.

“I’m not generally a fan of sleep masks,” she says, “Because waking up to natural light is best for your circadian rhythm. However, if the electrical tape does not do the job and the curtains don’t block out synthetic outside lights, I resort to the mask.”

“Personally, I find earplugs uncomfortable. But if there’s, say, construction or a loud party outside the hotel room and the white or pink noise at max volume doesn’t cover it, I then use them.”

A Pillow (optional)

Have you ever thought twice about hotel room pillows? We know that we have. And not just because of the idea that hundreds of people with colds and greasy hair have slept on them before you. “The key is to bring your own pillow, in order to minimise the change in your sleeping environment,” she says.

Jane says that it’s not just the gross factor that makes her take a pillow away with her. “The brand of pillow is not important but the “fill power”” she says is, “That’s the volume inside the pillow that one ounce of down will fill, which needs to be above 700 for back sleepers. Higher fill power tends to be both softer and better quality (and also, I find, lasts longer).”

After trying many pillows and taking advice from others, Jane has  ended up with a simple down pillow which works best for her. This one from Ringsted, $45.73 is feather and duck down and comes in a travel size.

sleep travel kit calm app

It goes without saying that Chung is also a fan of the app Calm which is the no.1 app for meditation, sleep and relaxation. With over 140 sleep stories, advanced mindfulness programs, a new meditation every day, and a new Calm Masterclass every month, it has been voted as Apple’s app of the year many times.

Sky High Nutrition

Long haul flights (and even short haul flights) can play havoc with our digestive systems and circadian rhythms. Shifting time zones, in-flight meals with foods you don’t usually eat, the potential of five meals in one day and the fact that your digestion doesn’t function optimally in the air, can leave anyone feeling totally out of whack. And that’s not mentioning the Magnums they bring round mid-flight and or the snacks you grabbed in the newsagent on your way through. Here, nutritionist Nicola Moore gives her advice on how to eat healthy while travelling.

Stick to mealtimes

In order not to disrupt our digestion any more than we have to, nutritionist Nicola Moore suggests we avoid constant snacking in the air. Our digestion, she explains, is slower in the air so her optimum advice would be to stick to allocated mealtimes instead so your system isn’t put under any more stress than necessary. “Some scientists are now advocating the benefits of fasting during long haul flights as a way of reducing jetlag,” says Nicola, which would make sense because it stops your system getting stuck in a particular time zone. However she says, if you were to practise this then it’s incredibly important to stay well hydrated with water.

If you snack, snack smart

If fasting really isn’t an option for you or you really can’t last between meals then she suggests packing healthier snacks, not just grabbing whatever you can in the departure lounge. “Nuts are portable and don’t take up too much room,” she says, “Also blueberries are helpful for supporting the gut microbiome as well as being hydrating. I also like the Deliciously Ella Oat Bars, $17.31 for 16 which are less sweet than her protein balls  – try the Cacao and Almond.” Others that are low in sugar but big on taste (and good for the sweet-toothed) are Livia’s Million Squares which are a healthier alternative to Millionaire’s Shortbread and use dates instead of sugary caramel

eat healthy while travelling deliciously ella baked oat bars
Deliciously Ella Baked Oat Bars are a healthy snack minus tonnes of sugar
Take on for take-off

If you can’t stand the idea of plane food in any shape or form, then don’t think twice about making your own homemade food but bear in mind the restrictions over taking liquids on board. You may get stopped at bag check if you’re carrying last night’s Chilli Con Carne for example. Sandwiches may be portable but Nicola suggests using pitta bread instead of heavy bread, which you can then fill with lots of goodness and they wrap up and store well in your hand luggage. “My ideas for fillings are: tuna and salad, chicken and avocado, hummus and salad or sliced falafel and salad leaves,” she says, “It’s amazing how much you can stuff into a pitta as an alternative to plane food.”

If you’re looking for a great non-spill lunchboxes and containers look no further than who have a fantastic array of steel and wooden ones.

The airport food edit

If you don’t have time pre departure to make yourself some food, then most airports in the UK now house a Pret a Manger which Nicola agrees sell a wide range of salads, often well balanced with protein, natural fat and fibre. “You can’t go wrong with them,” she says. Pret also offer healthier snack alternatives than many fast food outlets including nuts, fruit and pots of apple and nut butter.

For the bloat-prone

One fact of flying that not many people know about, is that your digestion doesn’t work as well at altitude. “The air pressure in the cabin appears to have quite an impact on your gut,” explains Nicola, “Most notably with regards to the Microbiome which can’t digest food as well.” If this concerns you, or if you suffer from bloating or just want to feel tip top on arrival, it could be beneficial to eat before you fly. “Consider having a balanced meal an hour or so before take-off,” says Nicola, “And eat again once you’ve landed.”

If you have to eat the plane food…

Often we are so hungry by the time the plane food comes round that we inhale whatever is put in front of us. However, it’s worth taking a minute to pause and think about making the healthiest choice. “I’d suggest going for the protein part of the meal first and avoiding too much of the bread-style elements,” says Nicola, “This should help keep you fuller for longer and reduce cravings for the rest of the flight.”

How bad is in-flight alcohol?

If you’ve ever had alcohol on a flight, you may well know that it goes to your head faster than on the ground. This is because our body and liver don’t quite function at full capacity when flying. Alcohol also, explains Nicola, has a big impact on the gut microbiome, which is a key area for performance and energy. Therefore if you want to be sharp for that meeting on arrival, it would be beneficial to steer clear of the G ‘N’ T’s  (it can also make jetlag worse), but if you do want a drink Nicola suggests having it at meal times only and drinking at least one glass of water to every glass of alcohol consumed. Her healthier drinks trolley alternative would be a Virgin Mary which is filling, nutritious, hydrating and low in sugars.

Hydration on high

We’re all aware of maintaining hydration in the air but do you know why? According to experts, drinking water actually helps to avoid the risks of deep vein thrombosis. Another reason for us to stay hydrated up high is because a well-hydrated brain works better cognitively. Nicola suggests travelling with a refillable water bottle – she likes Swell, £35 for 500ml bottle for keeping drinks hot or cold. ”I’d say that drinking water throughout your flight – especially if it’s a long one, is one of the most important things you can do.”

eat healthy while travelling swell bottles
Swell bottles can be emptied in preflight and then keep drinks hot or cold
And finally…

A nutritionist once told me a great piece of advice which was – if you can’t find anything good to eat whilst travelling, wait to eat until you do. It’s important to remember that you don’t have to eat an iced bun  just because it’s put in front of you.

Full Face Refresh

We don’t know about you, but we’re not a pretty sight right now. We set out at the beginning of the Corona crisis with the best of intentions beauty-wise, but have since let it all slip. What happens, when you need to look half decent for an important Zoom call (or God forbid a real life meeting or a date) when you have spent the last few months channeling your inner scarecrow? We asked Hannah Martin, Professional Make Up artist, and co-host of the Life & Lipstick podcast , for her mega-boosting skin and makeup tricks.


SOS skincare

You may have been stuck inside with nothing but a computer for company over the last three months, and if so your skin will look brighter and more rejuvenated if it is well hydrated – often fine lines can be reduced and glow enhanced just by upping skin’s moisture levels. Hannah is a fan of Drunk Elephant B Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum $49.46 which she also uses on flights when hydration levels are really low. “For an extra boost or if skin is really dry I apply a light layer of face cream on top,” she says “My favourites are Shiseido’s Benefiance  Nutri Perfect range and Beauty Pie’s Super Healthy Skin.” If her skin needs some intense nourishing she uses Votary oils who use natural plant-based oils to nourish the skin gently.” She tells us she always has Clarins Lip Perfector lip balms, $22.87 with her at all times to keep her lips soft and supple and add a hint of colour (without looking overdone.)

hide signs of jetlag nourish lips
Clarins Lip Protector Balms add a hint of colour and nourish the lips at the same time
For a Zoom-ready glow…

If you have a special meeting, a date or you just fancy giving your skin a treat, try a super hydrating sheet mask – preferably one that is packed with Hyaluronic acid – a key ingredient which can hold up 1000 times its weight in water. Hannah suggests applying to clean skin and allowing all the goodness to be absorbed for a good 10 minutes (great to wear while you sip your coffee), before you apply your makeup. “This will instantly plump up any of those surface dehydration lines and ensure makeup sits smoothly” Hannah says. One of her favourites is the Seoulista Gold Glow Instant Facial $17.31.

Good to Glow

If your skin hasn’t see the light of day since the beginning of lockdown, Hannah suggests packing a Vitamin C serum for brightening skin – she is a fan of Drunk Elephant C Firma Day Serum, $82.84 that she applies to cleansed skin every morning. If she’s particularly tired or jet-lagged from travelling (pre Corona) she also uses a Hyaluronic acid to plump up tired looking skin and does a little face massage to encourage lymphatic drainage and reduce puffiness. You don’t have to be an expert she says “Simply tapping your face in upwards motions using the tips of your fingers really gets the blood circulating, helping you look fresh.”

hide signs of jetlag vitamin c glowing skin
Drunk Elephant’s C Firma Day Serum is packed with vitamin C and antioxidants
Bright Eyed

If you spend a lot of your day at your computer, or your eyes are red and sore then rehydrate them with eye drops. Hannah suggests Optrex Eye Drops, $18.53 which not only refresh your eyes, but they can illuminate and reduce that scratchy feeling. If your eyes feel a little puffy then the Chantecaille Gold Energising Eye Recovery Masks $195 for 8 pairs can be great to apply to rehydrate the skin around the eyes. “They may not drastically reduce the appearance of bags but they feel wonderfully refreshing,” she says.


Back to Base

If your skin is on the dry side Hannah says she avoids a silicone based foundation as it tends to absorb moisture and make her skin look even more parched. Some of her favourite hydrating skin saviours are Trinny’s BFF Skin Perfector, $46.50 or Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturiser, $43.27.

If your skin needs more coverage however, Hannah likes IT Cosmetics Illuminating CC cream, $39.50 which, she says, will make your skin look bright and fresh whilst evening your squinting. She is also a big fan of Ciate London’s Matchmaker blush, $27.20 which she uses on all skin tones to bring life and glow back to sallow cheeks.

hide signs of jetlag tinted moisturiser flawless glow
Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturiser is a makeup artist favourite for delivering a flawless glow
Eye lift

Eyes can be a real fatigue giveaway. To put the sparkle back into yours, Hannah firstly suggests grooming your brows upwards with the Blink Brow Bar Brow build, $25.96 which will frame your eyes and immediately create a more polished look.  She then suggests lining the eyes (whether smudged, winged, subtle or strong) which is essential for making eyes look more awake. She loves Nars Long Wear Liner, $23.49 and adds a few coats of Hourglass Caution Mascara $29 onto curled lashes (she swears by Tweezerman lash curlers, $21.02).  She finishes with her favorite Clarins Lip Perfector (no 7 is her favourite, a toffee pink.).

On-the-go toolkit

You don’t have to buy lots of tools to create flawless skin, but Hannah suggests the following for an on-the-go perfected look: a foundation brush or sponge so you don’t make a mess or get lots of makeup on your hands; a powder brush that you can use for powder, blush and bronzer, and a simple shadow brush for eyes.

Finishing touches

Hannah says that hydrated lips can make a tired face look fresh, whilst dry, cracked lips can make your face seem less youthful. She always uses lip balm so her lips are ready for any lipstick. Finally, she has a tip for when we go out into the world again ,  “If at any point your makeup looks tired, carry a tiny bottle of facial oil and dab the smallest amount on cheekbones to bring your skin back to life.” We love Lixirskin’s Night Switch Essential Lipids, $29.67 which can be used as a treatment or as a travel-friendly boost for parched skin.

Hannah is a professional makeup artist and the co-host of the Life & Lipstick podcast @hannahmartinmakeup.

The Art of the On-the-Go Hairstyle

Well-travelled hair is often not happy hair. It’s normally been rolled around on, had some headphones knotted in it or squashed somewhere around a neck pillow and a rather nasty seat protector. But you don’t have to arrive at your destination in a tangle. Here’s our on-the-go guide to hair styling on the fly.

The In-flight Tousle

If you love the tousled look but can’t achieve it without your beloved hair tongs, then Jonathan Soons, Creative Ambassador for Headmasters salons, has the answer. For hair that’s below the shoulders, he suggests ‘the grown-up braid’ which he says, is a modern look that will also transform hair into soft waves on the go. The key he says, is “The bigger the braid, the better it is for creating waves, so you don’t get that crimping effect.” Jonathan suggests trying French braids or Heidi-esque braids as they’re comfortable on planes, trains and automobiles, and he explains, the messier they get, the better they tend to look.

With no need for styling tools or lots of product (just some clear elastics and some Kirby grips) you just need to know how to plait the hair.  Jonathan offers some help:

“For a Heidi braid, add a middle parting and then divide the hair into two equal sections. Secure each side into bunches behind the ear with a clear elastic.  Plait each bunch, then pull one of them over the top of the head an inch away from the hair line.  Secure the plait to the head by weaving pins underneath it and repeat on the other side.”

Twenty minutes before you are due to arrive at your destination, loosen your braids and brush through with your fingers or a Manta brush (which doesn’t damage the hair) for an undone wave.

On The Fly Hair Fixes

Different hair types react in different ways especially if you’re at 35 Thousand feet. Whilst some might stand on end, others lie down flat and refuse to perk up. Below are some tips for products you may want to stash in your carry-on.

If your hair is static

If your hair is prone to looking like it’s been electrocuted , then Jonathan Soons recommends using the Manta brush because it’s anti-static. He also suggests smoothing hair with a touch of serum to calm flyaways. One product we have discovered recently that is a hair travel essential is Hershesons Almost Everything Cream, $12.36  which you can use to style or tame hair, your choice.

in-flight hairstyle almost everything cream
Hersheson’s Almost Everything Cream holds, defrizzes and gives shine to hair
If your hair is greasy

An early morning start, a stressful long day and a long journey or day in the city can leave your hair greasy and dirty-looking. Modern hair brand Living Proof do great travel-sized versions of their clever products. We are fans of their Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo, $14 which is designed to absorb sweat, oil and odour. Weightless with a time release fragrance it’s the next best thing to a wash. Spray at the roots of hair and style as you would normally.  (The Instant De-Frizzer $18.55 is also great for taming wild hair on the go.)

You have those annoying flyaways around the hairline

If you’ve had a baby in the last few years you will absolutely comprehend the strange new hair flyaways that grow through like a weird tufty fringe. Thankfully there are products at hand specifically to tame them like the John Frieda Full Repair Touch-up Flyaway Tamer, $47.45

If your hair is flat

If you have the type of hair that loses volume instantly after styling then it will probably lie flat before you reach maximum altitude.  Jonathan recommends stashing some L’Oréal Professionnel tecni.ART Super Volume & Texture Dust, $15.10 in your hand luggage which he says will help give height to hair. Sprinkle onto the roots and massage in slightly. 

If your hair is frizzy around the hairline 

If your hair is prone to springing into frizz around the hairline the minute it gets sweaty or damp, I have a tip I once learnt from legendary hair stylist Eugene Souleiman. Take the inflight toothbrush (obviously if you’re not using it on your teeth) or one you know longer need at home and spray its brush with hairspray. Comb firmly through your hairline to fix the frizzies. Try John Frieda Frizz Ease Moisture Barrier Hairspray, 75ml, $3.09 which is handbag sized. 

If you need to wash and go

If you can’t face decanting your shampoo bottle, or if you have a layover and need a handy option then pack a shampoo bar instead of a liquid version. We are big fans of shampoo bars which use natural ingredients and beer (yes beer!) to leave hair not only super clean but incredibly shiny. And it won’t get taken away at back check.

The No-mirror Up-Do

One no-heat, no tool technique that’s guaranteed to leave hair with body and  a blow-dry worthy wave is the ballerina bun technique. Tried and tested successfully by the 35Thousand team, the key is to wash and blowdry hair smooth before you leave home, using a product such as Morroccanoil $35.11 Whilst it’s still warm, tie it in a bun at the crown of your head, leaving out the ends so they don’t kink under the band. “Take the hair down a few hours later or before the plane lands,” says Jonathan Soons,  “And shake from the root to help it fall properly and frame the face.”  

Switch Sides

As with most things, if it’s not working, try looking at it from different perspective. This is the case I find with hair – if your side parting isn’t working maybe try wearing it central for a change or switch it to the other side. If you usually wear your hair down, but its too flyway/ messy/ lank, then throw it up in a chignon for an instantly chic new look. You never know, it might even give you a new lease of life. Always keep a mini kit of see-through bands and some Kirby grips to hand just in case.

No Plug, No Problem

Who said not having a plug socket needs to hinder your hairstyle? Kiss goodbye to unaffective styling tools and say hello to the new wave of cordless power stylers. 

Babyliss 9000 Portable straightener $247.28 (

Once you’ve charged this new state of the art straightener, it will stay hot (properly hot) for 30 minutes. Full size, with ceramic plates, testers have reported it leaves hair just as mirror-like and smooth as their usual plug-in version.

in-flight hairstyle portable straightener
The recently launched Babyliss 9000 Portable straightener for frizz fighting on the fly
The Balmain Paris Hair Couture Universal Cordless Straightener, $272.01 (

This super stylish portable straightener is small enough to slip into your hand luggage but powerful enough to style the most difficult of hair. In white titanium it also doubles up as a curling iron when you want luscious waves. 

Sleep-in rollers, $3.71 Boots for 6

Ok, you may feel a little silly wearing rollers through Check In (and they may question you in passport control), but if you’re planning to sleep on a long haul flight you could do worse than to pop a few of these in cleanly washed hair and pass out. Expect to wake to soft, bouncy waves.

in-flight hairstyle accessories head band
Anthropologie’s Lorelia Head band is perfect for managing hair on the go or adding some flair on arrival

If all else fails, Accessorize

It’s worth stashing a few hair accessories in your hand luggage just in case your hair is past the point of no return.

Hair bands are still of the moment and look great whether you are attending a board meeting or are heading to New York’s hippest hangout. They also look great worn with hair scraped into a bun. You’ll find a great collection at Anthropologie and also Born in the Sun, both of which offer some very chic hair clips too which provide a great distraction for rebellious hair.  This Lorelia hair band is $34.62 and the hair clip in the main image are from

The In-Flight Facial

As if having to sleep in a space the size of a mailbox isn’t bad enough, the effects of flying can also take drastic toll on our skin, leaving us arriving at our destination not only feeling shattered but potentially not looking so fresh. Since you will be seat-bound for a long period of time, maybe think about using air time as facial time too. Here we talk to top skincare experts about their suggested in-flight facial tips…

1. Cabin Clean-up

After a potential early start/ a tube ride/ traffic jam en route to the airport/ delay in the departure lounge, nothing is quite as luxurious or refreshing as giving your skin a good clean. Whether you wash your face onboard or in the departure lounge is up to you, but one product I would recommend taking in your hand luggage is a good do-it-all Micellar Water. My favourite of all time is Bioderma Crealine H2O, $6.43 which you can get in a 100 ml travel size. Suitable for even very sensitive skin, it removes everything from waterproof mascara to heavy duty foundation. Alternatively, if you are a fan of natural products one of my favourites is Absolution L’Eau Soir et Matin $35.86 which is a certified organic cleansing water.

in-flight facial cleanser bioderma
Pack a travel sized version of Bioderma Sensible H20 which will remove will remove all makeup and refresh skin

If you prefer a wash-off cleanser then try Tata Harper’s Refreshing Cleanser, $84 which cleans skin gently but slightly exfoliates at the same time (plus the dreamy scent is the perfect aeroplane pick-me-up), but you will need to decant it into a travel-size bottle.

2. Sky High Scrub

If you are really serious about achieving a mega-watt glow then you may want to think about exfoliating your skin which will not only leave it silky smooth but will slough away dead skin cells so products can penetrate the skin better. A great product you can travel with without the fear of spillages is a dry or powder exfoliator. One of my favourites is Bobbi Brown’s Buffing Grains for the Face, $42.04 which contains Japanese Adzuki beans. Just put a bit in the palm of your hand and add water. Gently buff skin with circular movements and wash off.

3. Mid Air Masks

Humidity in the air cabin can be roughly a third of what it is on the ground, so it’s no surprise that your skin can look positively parched on landing. The dehydration is such that your normal skincare won’t cut it and therefore it might be worth investing in a hydrating face mask to wear on the flight. If you don’t have anyone to chat to for a few hours (and if you don’t mind looking like a Halloween extra) you can dose off with a sheet mask on. One of my favourites is CremorLab Aqua Tank Water-Full Mask, $37 for 5 which is full of hyaluronic acid (which holds 1000 its weight in water), as well as marine collagen and mineral water. Whilst it advises to leave it on for an hour, there’s no harm in doubling that time for maximum effect.

4. Mile High Hydration

Teresa Tarmey is one of London’s most sought-after facialists and regularly perfects the pores of a wealth of celebrity clients from Kate Moss to Sienna Miller. In order to counteract the effects of flying she is a huge fan of products containing Hyaluronic Acid. If you don’t fancy using one of the masks above, she recommends a serum instead to boost your skins hydration levels. We also love  Hyaluronic Marine Hydration Booster from Dr Dennis Gross, $84.08  or SkinCeuticals Hyaluronic Acid Intensifer, $111.28  both of which can be worn under your moisturiser to as a mega hydration boost.

in-flight facial skincare mile high hydration
Skinceuticals H.A. Intensifier will help put intense hydration back into parched skin
5. Airborn Aromatherapy

Anastasia Achilleos, is one of the world’s most in-demand facialists, who travels all the time to plump celebrity’s skin on film sets and backstage at fashion shows. For her, it’s extremely important that her skincare products treat her senses as well, “I need to hit the ground running straight into work and usually there’s a time difference, so for me it’s all about wellness before I can take care of others” she says. Anastasia therefore says she will use aromatherapy products wherever she can weave them into her flight. “Aroma rollers are the easiest way of using aromatherapy in-flight and are the least offensive way of using them to anyone sitting close to you.” Anastasia is a huge fan of the Speak the Truth roller, $34.62 from which contains rose and sandalwood for a comforting and uplifting scent. And for anyone slightly fearful of flying, then “Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax RollerBall is genius,” she says which contains peace inducing vetivert, patchouli and wild camomile, $34.62. Roll onto wrists, or temples and drift away on a cloud of aromatherapy heaven.

in-flight facial skincare tips wellbeing
Anastasia keeps the Ilapothecary Speak Your Truth Aroma Roller on hand for in-flight pick-me-ups
6. Facial Massage

Queen of facial massage, Anastasia says it should be non-negotiable during a flight. “We puff up, get sluggish circulation, and then there’s the dryness,” she says, “I apply face oils a lot  (almost every hour) and I massage the circle around the eyes upwards and downwards with firm pressure,  and massage my cheeks from the nose outwards toward the ears. I also spend time massaging my own shoulders.” One of her favourite oils to massage skin with is Le Prunier Plum Beauty oil, $94.82. Others we love are Aurelia’s Glowing Face Oil for its disappearing, non greasy texture and Votary’s Superseed Facial Oil, $29.67 for 15ml. The great thing about facial oils is also that they are nearly always under the 100ml liquid limit.

Facialist Lynn Rae uses facial Pilates techniques and suggests some of the following for keeping your complexion alive through a long flight:

Release the forehead by placing knuckles in centre, apply light pressure and glide out towards hairline.

Massage around back of head and neck

Release tension in your temples by placing finger pads on temples and slowly moving upwards and outwards. You should feel an easy movement with a slight grip but not so as to pull on the skin.

Massage the ears, and gently pull them in different directions

Gently squeeze the cheeks and lift

Massage around jaw with fingers or knuckles

Press or squeeze inner corners, middle and finally outer eyebrows 

Place thumbs under chin, curled fingers on top and squeeze, repeat below corners of mouth and squeeze, corners of jaw and squeeze, press under ears and glide down sides of neck.

To finish, rub palms together and place hands over the eyes feeling the energy and warmth.

7. Balmy Flights

Teresa Tarmey says she is never without a lip balm because she says ,”My lips get dry but also my nostrils do! I know it’s quite gross to share but I put a tiny bit up my nose to stop the feeling of dryness.” One of our all-time favourites is The Lip Balm from Crème de la Mer, $64.29,for super soft lips but it is also worth investing in a do-it-all multitasking balm which you can use on cuticles, lips, elbows, brows (or even nostrils! )We would highly recommend  travelling with Weleda’s Skin Food, at just $13.54. A rich blend of calendula, chamomile, natural oils and beeswax, it’s a mask, moisturiser, and balm all in one. With one sold worldwide every 23 seconds, no in-flight bag should be without one.

in-flight facial lip balm
The Lip Balm from Creme de La Mer is a firm beauty editor favourite
And finally…

Drink as much water as you can throughout the flight, and as every facialist I know says, don’t drink alcohol. Remember the state of your skin is as much about what you consume as what you put on it.

Style in a suitcase with Deborah Brett

The Fashion Editor-at-Large of Wardrobe Icons and contributing editor of Red Magazine, Deborah Brett, on the art of packing, the importance of accessorising and her love affair with cashmere tracksuits.

How I pack definitely depends on where I’m going and what I’m doing…

“When I go for short breaks or a mini trip of 3 to 4 days, I tend to pack really succinctly. Depending on where I’m going, I whittle things down to a one-tone colour palette and become an expert minimalist where everything works together with lots of mix ‘n’ matching.

However, when it comes to a longer break of anything more than a week, I suddenly want to take everything with me. As a fashion editor, I always want to wear all my new additions and old treasures.”

I’ve had every permutation of suitcase…

“I went through a phase travelling with my family with these very lightweight nylon duffel bags because it meant we could pack as much as we could for the kg allowance. But loaded up with five duffel bags and no trolleys to be found, my husband and I often resembled pack mules. So last year we invested in cases from Rimowa. We have the Classic Cabin S $950 and the Check-in L $1220 both in aluminium. I stroke them I love them so much. I thought I’d get upset when they got battered but they still look beautiful.”

deborah brett travel style rimowa suitcase
Deborah has invested in a set of Rimowa suitcases
I take packing very seriously…

“People think the job of fashion editor and stylist is incredibly glamorous but in fact you are just a glorified packer.

So much of what goes on behind a fashion shoot is thinking about what clothes you’re taking, how you’re going to put them together, and the things you’re going to really need. Then you take them away on location and dress a gorgeous model on a beautiful boat up a canyon. So with so many years of that training it’s invariably filtered into my own life.

I tend to lay my clothes and the clothes of my children on the floor in front of the cupboards and I leave them there for about four days. Slowly I add bits to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything.”

I’m definitely a flat clothes packer…

“I always feel that works best for me, especially in my Rimowa cases. They get compressed with the panel inside that flattens them down and holds everything in place.

I pack my socks and underwear in all the gaps and I always put my shoes in shoe bags.”

I always pack for my destination…

“Wherever I’m going it’s like I’m styling myself for a photo shoot there. For example, if I go to Ibiza my clothes tend to be more colourful and hippy like. However, if I’m going to New York they tend to be more elegant, and if I’m going on a winter ski holiday I will take Nordic knits, velvets and lumberjack shirts.”

I adore accessories – I’m definitely a maximalist…

“I take all my costume jewellery away with me – favourites include my Forte beads by Carolina Bucci, Marte Frisnes new bamboo bangles, my rings, Tilly Sveaas Gold Curb Link necklaces, and Dana Levy evil eyes. I love to wear rings on every finger, earrings, and bracelets as I feel they definitely make my outfits.

I also love shoes although when packing I do try to keep them to a minimum. In the summer I take a few clutches on holiday and use a basket by Rae feather as my carry on and a velvet cross body by Meli Melo in the winter. My current obsession with hairbands by Born in the Sun means that my number of accessories in my suitcase is on the rise!”

deborah brett style maximalist accessories
Deborah is a self confessed maximalist. Image
I try and limit my shoes when packing…

“In the summer I love a simple pair of neutral sandals by Ancient Greek sandals which go with everything. I also have a great pair of flats by Nupie. I got them from Koi Bird and I love the fact that they come with different fabric ribbons so suddenly you have three or four different pairs of shoes. I tend to take one pair of heels with me –  I love my Jimmy Choo strappy sandals –  and for winter I make sure to take a stack heeled boot from Isabel Marant as well as my Golden Goose shearling lined trainers which means I have a soft comfortable pair of shoes to walk around town in.”

For an important meeting I would pack a great dynamic coat…

“…and an elegant expensive bag. First impressions always count.”

I have curated a collection of eveningwear over the years…

“…some fantastic Stella McCartney and Preen dresses. But one of my favourite pieces is a black velvet jumpsuit by DVF with a satin band that ties around the waist. It’s very sleek, simple, sexy and cool.”

I don’t know what I did before the cashmere tracksuit…

“…which is my favourite thing to travel in. I have a lightweight striped version by Chinti and Parker and I also have just designed a Nordic knit cashmere tracksuit for Wyse. They’re so comfortable and they look elegant as well as being cosy. I then wear them with my shearling slipper shoes by Gucci.

Finally I wear a very lightweight cashmere baseball jacket by Zoe Jordan for an added layer of warmth and comfort.”

deborah brett style cashmere tracksuit
Deborah has a love affair with cashmere tracksuits. This one is fro Chinti & Parker
I wouldn’t travel without…

“…a wonderful lightweight cashmere shawl, which can double up as a blanket on the plane, or to wrap a child in on a long car journey.”

I always travel with…

“My customised denim jacket from The Jacket Bar in the summer, otherwise an eye mask from Bodas and earplugs to sleep in.”

When it comes to coats I have a wonderful khaki long sweeping trenchcoat…

“…lined in red and a black lumberjack check from Preen that is reversible that I love to take for cities. If I’m going somewhere cold I adore my Preen shearling lined biker jacket it has these panels of shearling that zip on and off which means it can transform from something lightweight to something warmer quickly.”

I remember the first time I came to Ibiza…

“I was told that the island (Deborah now has a house there) was so low-key and relaxed that I wouldn’t really need any heels or fancy dresses and that we would be going from beach to dinner in a kaftan and flip-flops.

However, on our first night we bumped into Tamara Mellon who at the time owned Jimmy Choo. We got invited to her party with Valentino and model Yasmin Le Bon. Everyone was wearing Valentino, YSL and Jimmy Choo and I turned up barefoot in my beach dress.

Ever since I have never listened to someone else’s packing advice and I always make sure I have one great party dress and a pair of heels with me.”

Follow Deborah at @deborahbrett on Instagram.

Jen Rubio, Co-Founder of Away

The luggage entrepreneur talks in-flight facials, the benefits of aisle seats, and jet lag breakfasts.With Jen Rubio, Co-founder and Chief Brand Officer, Away

The luggage entrepreneur talks inflight facials, creativity in the air and jet lag breakfasts.


What luggage and hand luggage do you travel with? Why do you like it?

“I’m usually reaching for Away’s Bigger Carry-On in Navy paired with The Everywhere Bag in Black Leather. I avoid checking my bags whenever possible, so this is the perfect duo. I’m able to pack for nearly two weeks of travel and comfortably carry everything I need.”

jen rubio away luggage
The Away Bigger Carry-on in Navy, $245
What’s your approach to skincare when travelling and flying? Which beauty products do you take?

“Packing the skin care products I love eliminates some of the stress that inevitably comes along with shaking up my routine while on the road, so I always pack travel-sized minis of my must-haves. My favorites are Aesop’s Fabulous Face Cleanser, $49.00, Glycelene Seatox Face Mist $70, IGK Dry Shampoo, and Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum $216.37.

I also always have a reusable water bottle—hydration is always crucial, but even more so when you’re travelling.”

How do you approach your wardrobe on the road?

“I’m usually traveling for both business and fun out of one carry-on, so I tend to gravitate towards items that are comfortable and versatile, can easily be dressed up or down, and in neutral tones that I can easily mix and match.

For me, that’s a black slip dress, my Chanel loafers, stretchy yet tailored trousers, woven tops and sweaters that won’t wrinkle in transit, and a vintage leather jacket. I keep accessories to a minimum so that they’re one less thing to think about, and only bring my most cherished jewellery.”

What’s in your carry-on / hand luggage that you never leave home without?

“I never fly without my noise-cancelling headphones and a Slip silk eye mask. They’re the two things that guarantee I can comfortably get some rest on long flights.”

jen rubio slip silk eye mask
Jen is never without her Slip Eyemask, $61.82
Do you have any in-flight routines? Are you a nervous flier?

“Luckily, I’ve never been a nervous flier. I actually enjoy my time in the air the most – it’s when I’m completely unplugged from the world that I’m able to do some of my most creative and concentrated thinking.”

What do you read, listen to and/or watch in flight?

“Usually I’ll use flights to catch up on my favorite podcasts or journal about some of the ideas my team and I have for Away.”

“I also love doing a mini inflight facial—I’ve gotten some strange looks while wearing a facial mask on the plane, but the air inside the cabin is so dehydrating so I’ll sacrifice some dignity if it means I can land with skin that’s glowing. Lately I’ve been loving the Estee Lauder Concentrated Recovery PowerFoil Mask $85.”

What is your seat preference and why? 

“I’m always in the aisle seat. I like to be able to get up and stretch my legs during a long flight to keep the circulation going without disturbing my seatmates, so you’ll rarely catch me with a window seat.”


What is the best experience you have had travelling for work and where was it?

“We recently launched Away in Australia, and to introduce the brand, we hosted Origin: Away, a campaign and experiential pop-up in Sydney to celebrate the country’s love of travel and its entrepreneurial spirit. It was all about highlighting local entrepreneurs whose travels had led them to build successful businesses abroad, and we brought them back home to Sydney to share their stories with the local community. I always love hearing how travel has transformed the way people live their lives, so it was such an incredible and fulfilling experience.”

What was a terrible travel experience that wasn’t funny then, but is now?

“It’s so ironic because it was awful at the time but it’s also what sparked the genesis of Away – my suitcase broke at the airport while I was traveling, and I literally had to use duct tape to get it back together before my flight. My clothes were everywhere. It was so embarrassing.

I was determined to find the perfect suitcase so that something like that would never happen again, but it turns out the perfect suitcase didn’t exist, so we created it.”

What do you do before a trip to ensure life at home runs smoothly whilst you are away?

“I’m on the road more often than I’m home these days, so I start by embracing the things won’t always run smoothly and I can’t control the inevitable bumps that will come up. Instead, I try to focus on the fact that everything will be okay.”

“I have a packing routine that makes last-minute trips feel less daunting, and an incredibly talented team that I trust to make great decisions for Away and our community while I’m not in the office. I know the company is in great hands even when I’m traveling or completely off the grid.”

How do you keep connected to loved ones whilst on the road?

“I make it a point to call at least one person I love before I go to bed. It’s a little routine I adopted years ago when I started traveling more often, and it’s something small that makes me feel grounded after a long day, and grateful for all the great people in my life.”

How do you make your hotel room feel like home?

“I travel with a few items from home that make any hotel or Airbnb instantly feel familiar and warm—that’s usually a sound machine to drown out any unfamiliar noises and help me fall (and stay!) asleep, and a travel-size candle in the same scent that I burn at home (Cire Trudon’s Balmoral is my favorite).”

hotel room candle cire trudon
How do you manage your wellbeing when away? 

I use apps like Glo so I can take a yoga class no matter where I am in the world, and I try to go for lots of walks to explore and unwind while I’m traveling rather than opting for a car. They’re small, easy ways for me to carve out time for myself that also keep me active and in the mindset for being truly present.”

“I’m also really mindful about eating nutritious meals when I’m travelling. Sometimes I find myself working straight through lunch, so I’ll make sure I have a big breakfast, like porridge with bananas and almonds, or eggs on avocado toast.”

“Being on-the-go can wreak havoc on your immune system, but staying active and eating well are things you can control.”

What are your tips for combating jet lag?

“Keep moving and eat breakfast. Once I arrive at my hotel, I’ll head outside for a walk or do a short yoga session at the hotel – something to keep my energy going before I can properly rest. And eating breakfast (or whatever meal is associated with the local time when you land) is a small but effective way to signal to your body that you’re shifting to a new time zone.”